Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 10

Christopher Walken/Panic at the Disco

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 05, 2008 on NBC

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  • Whoa! That's Dirty!

    This week for SNL, we had Christopher Walken host for his 100th or so time. Oh, it's 7 times. But, anyways, musical guest this week was "Fall Out Boy" sound alike, Panic At The Disco. All SNL fans knew they were guaranteed some twisted, funny humor.

    Clinton Campaign: Another Hillary sketch. Now, everybody is saying "another pro Hillary sketch?" SNL is not pro-Clinton! We don't have much on Obama, so Hillary is much easier to impersonate. Anyways, this sketch was a dudder to the max.

    Monologue: Very creative. Questions that Chris wrote. His reactions were great.

    Annuale: repeat. But the crowd seemed to like it more. I.E: after Casey's line, "That's All I have time for."

    Greased Lightening Rehersals: Creative. At first, I thought Christopher was playing a pervert who wanted the kids to whisper dirty things in his ears.

    Office Good-byes: Another creative sketch. The ending was funny, but it was longer than it should have been.

    Laser Cats III: Okay, we've lost it with Laser Cats. It was funny the first time around, and by the second time, the saliva was coming off the envelope.

    Sue: This was hilarious! Kristen once again was great! Jumping out the window, coming back in, and jumping out again!

    Update: Consistant tonight. Andy as Thomas Bettie was funny.Best joke of the night goes to Madonna on Vanity Fair.

    Walken Get together: All the impressions were good. It was a good way to get all the repertory players (sans Seth) in. The energy really never got climatic.

    Googly Eyes: It freaked me out at times with the googly eyes, and the sketch never reached all energy.

    Top Chef: Kristen was good at impersonating the host. Walken once again was hilarious. Buut, the writing was just plain lazy.

    Larry King Live: When I saw the logo come on, I was cheerful, because of how fine the Brian Williams version did. This sketch absolutely went no where. It wasn't funny, and there was really no joke.

    Christopher Walken had his eyes glued to the cue cards, but that's his reputation, so you kinda love him for that. Panic At The Disco performed some song I have no interest for, and another song that's about 3 years old now.

    Tonight's episode was underwhelming. While a few sketches, like Sue, Grease Lightening, and Chris's monologue, were hilarious, most of them had no energy. After the wonderful February/March episodes (save for Adams/Weekend), we had a dudder.

    Next week: Ashton Kutcher returns.... April Fools...? Gnarls Barkley also makes their debut on SNL. Excited for that!