Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 10

Christopher Walken/Panic at the Disco

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 05, 2008 on NBC

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    Pre-show: I'm really excited for this one. We haven't had Walken host in I don't know how long, but I'm glad to have him back after a series of unimpressive hosts. He has been the staple of SNL classics like The Continental & More Cowbell so tonight I'm not expecting any less. It should be a major relief from the last three unimpressive episodes. As for Panic at the Disco, I haven't heard any of their latest stuff but their first album was pretty good so I'm interested to see them live.

    Cold Opening: Yet another Clinton opening. They really need to change this up a little. The first couple Democratic Debate sketches were great, but they started to fall flat from the 3AM phone call from the Amy Adam's episode and tonight. I just don't thing Poeler is that great as Hillary. The only saving grace for this is Darrell's Bill. The emphasis on his "speaking engagements" had me laughing. I also chuckled at Hillary's "psych" about her dropping out of the race. But as for next week, I hope they get some new material for the Clinton's.

    Monologue: Well this is an interesting move. I was almost positive that there would be the usual Walken song/dance monologue, but instead he ditched it to take questions from the audience. Usually, this move is pretty lame, but I liked it this time. I got really into it once he admitted he had written them himself. His answers were hilarious, especially the flight/invisibility question, and him refusing to answer what he does when he's not on camera. I didn't mind the change in monologue format since it was equally funny as his previous ones.

    "Grease" Rehearsal: What a great start to the episode. Walken was great in this, especially with his "That's dirty" lines. I was cracking up the whole sketch. The editing was hilarious also especially Gene Rayburn & "flocks, flocks, flocks." Amy's frozen looks as Mrs. Hash and Walken telling the student to shut up were also highlights. I've heard people are comparing this to the Cowbell sketch, and I don't think it's quite to that level but it's easily the best sketch we've had in a while.

    Eric's Goodbye Party: It's the second sketch of the night and I've already determined that this is one of the best shows of the season. This is genius, and it was interesting to see Walken play this kind of role. I loved the portrait and him stating he did it from memory. The writing was great, and Walken was the icing on the cake. Sudekis was also at the top of his game on this. I loved seeing Walken as the stalker, and the whole thing had me falling out of my seat.

    Laser Cats! 3D: I've never really gotten into these, and tonight wasn't any different. It's the first sketch of the night that was a snoozer for me. If they had a little more Walken it might have brightened the horizons for me, but this didn't impress me much. Seeing Dodd cameo was cool though.

    Sue & the Surprise Party: Sounds like SNL is setting up another recurring character for Wiig. And just like the others, it's funny enough, but it just really gets old fast, and before you know it you cringe seeing it because it has gotten so annoying. Hopefully they won't overuse this because even just seeing this once, I can tell that it would fade out quick. But for a one-time character Kristen did alright, and she had me laughing a few times. I liked Sue jumping out of the window and breaking the glass against her head to shut herself up. Walken didn't bring in any laughs as the straight man, which was a shame. Overall it was nothing special, but it could turn into a real catastrophe if we start seeing this on a regular basis.

    "Nine in the Afternoon"-Musical Performance

    Weekend Update: With how good the show was so far, I really expected more from Update. Most of the jokes just didn't click with me and I wasn't laughing nearly as hard as some other Update's this season. Andy as the pregnant transvestite was not funny at all, and wasn't needed. I had a feeling they would do something about this story but I thought it would be more clever than this. I only smirked at the baby kick/dong part. But I won't leave out the good things about Update. I really liked the Madonna & homeless men joke, but that was about it.

    Walken Family Reunion: This was great. The different impressions really did it for me. It was fun seeing all the cast member's interpretations. It was really a one-joke thing, but it worked. I also like sketches that utilize the talents of every cast member, so this was really fun to see.

    Indoor Gardening Tips: This was brilliant. Walken had me laughing the entire time. This is exactly the kind of sketch I like to see him in. I also liked seeing the googly eyes on the plants, and Walken's bit about not trusting the grass because he couldn't put the eyes on it. I really enjoyed seeing Walken playing a character that fits his personality best.

    Top Chef: This was very weak. This opinion may be due, in part, to the fact that I don't watch the show, so some of the impressions or atmosphere may be over my head. That being said, I still think they could've done more with the premise. The only saving grace is anything Christopher Walken says has me cracking up, just with his unique rhythm of voice, so this wasn't entirely laugh-less. I do think this is one of the show's low points though.

    "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies"- Musical Performance

    Larry King Live: I know alot of people didn't like this, but I thought it was pretty good. I don't think it was the best sketch of the night, but it wasn't bad. I like Armisen's Larry King, and Hammond's impressions are always great, so that is probably one of the reasons why it clicked with me. It was kind of short though, so it didn't have time to go very far. I liked all the gags with Hammond admitting that probably no one has read his books. Overall, for the last sketch of the night, this was pretty good.


    Host: Walken is by far, the best host of the season. His roles made the entire show hilarious and his mere presence brought light to the darkest sketches of the night. He did an amazing job as always. I wouldn't say it was his best episode, but its right up there with his other appearances. It was great to have an SNL vet back since lately, the hosts haven't been anything special.

    Musical Guest: Panic did much better than expected. I heard they weren't much live, but they proved me wrong. I digged the acoustic performances and the throwback to their freshman album. I also hadn't heard "Nine in the Afternoon" before, but I really liked that, and it showed a new side tot heir music.

    Best Sketch of the Night: "Grease" Rehearsal or Office Stalker

    Worst Sketch of the Night: Top Chef