Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 10

Christopher Walken/Panic at the Disco

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 05, 2008 on NBC

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  • Walken was completely unprepared, but the sketches seemed a bit underdeveloped as well. Given Walken's illustrious history with SNL, this episode can only be thought of as a disappointment.

    Bill and Hillary cold open - So the joke is that the press is stupid because they didn't know the Clintons were wealthy all along? It was executed very clumsily and they only moment that was smirk worthy was Bill's remark, "nothing more," while casting sidelong glances at Hillary. Grade: C-

    Monologue – This was the best monologue of the year IMO. The question and answer sessions have been done numerous times before, but this was the first time they have had the host submit the questions to be asked. Walken milked the pregnant pauses so that you didn't know if he was going to berate or congratulate the audience member asking the question. Perfectly suited to Walken's style. The show looks very promising at this point. Grade: A+

    Grease Rehearsal – Grease is not unique among musicals in that it features racy lyrics, but it has always struck me as a little funny that so many high schools perform a musical which is essentially about getting laid. Obviously somebody at SNL thought that was a funny too. Unfortunately, not everything in life that makes you grin will be good enough material to fashion a sketch. This is one of those ideas better left alone. Repetitive and boring, this sketch never found its groove. Grade: C-

    Farewell Party – This is the type of sketch that gets written specifically for Walken. The "creepy guy" sketch. There were some good moments, especially the bathroom remembrances and the mix CD, but Walken seemed determine to tank this sketch by never looking Sudeikis in the eyes and staring only at his cue cards. Still, Walken is the ultimate "creepy guy" so it wasn't all bad. The tongue in the ear was definitely the highlight. Grade: B-

    Laser Cats! 3D digital short – Laser Cats is probably one of those things that you either love or hate. I fall into the former camp. This one was the best installment yet. All of kinds of references to the evil James Bond villain to the Star Wars impossible shot and subsequent awards ceremony. The horrible effects, cheesy costumes, literal names, and derivative story were all perfect. Sure it looks like the work of high school students. But, that's the point. Grade: A+

    Surprise Party – A feature for Kristen's ultra-excited personality. She does a great job with this type of character, but the sketch just got old very quickly. And with this type of sketch there is no good way to end it. Jumping out of the window twice is not really a great ending. Walken was still glued to the cards. Grade: C

    Weekend Update – A much shorter and improved WU. I really like that there was no guest commentator (or two) tonight and the jokes were very crisp. The appearance by Andy was enjoyable and much better than a Kenan-in-a-dress segment. My favorite WU of the year and I hope they keep this format. It clocked in at just 7 minutes, which is about half the time of some of the longer WUs. Grade: A

    Walken Family Reunion – An excuse to have the entire ensemble show off their Walken impression. I thought Amy did the best, but I couldn't even tell what Andy and Kenan were trying to do. Since it relied solely on impressions, and most were just so-so, this did not do much for me. Grade: C

    Indoor Gardening Tips – Walken always seems to get a solo piece and this was tonight's. I get the feeling that was written just so we could hear Walken say "googly eyes" over and over again. The writers probably heard him say Google and laughed their butts off and had to find a way to get him to say google on the show. Or maybe I'm just dreaming. Original? Yes. Good? Not particularly. It was really more in line with what they great Phil Hartman used to do. Even with poor material, Hartman could have slam-dunked this one. This Grade: C-

    Top Chef – Those cooking shows like Iron Chef can be somewhat entertaining to see what they create with the specified ingredients. Unfortunately, I think they are more entertaining than this sketch. I would have rather seen Walken at least attempt to create something rather than whine to everybody that he can't cook with those ingredients. He could have whipped up something that gave the arrogant judge food poisoning. The sketch would end with Armisen curled up on the ground clutching his stomach. Now THAT would be funny. Grade: C-

    Larry King – I guess President Carter writes a bunch of books that nobody reads. Who knew? Apparently nobody, since they are not being read. An OK sketch primarily because I think Armisen does a good job portraying the buffoonery that is King. Grade: B-