Saturday Night Live

Season 26 Episode 23

Christopher Walken/Weezer

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 19, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

A MESSAGE FROM THE MAYOR: New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani explains his upcoming divorce and his prostate troubles. (Dratch, Gasteyer, Hammond)

MONOLOGUE: Christopher Walken fails to make the correct pronunciations during the song, "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off." (Walken, Dratch, Fallon, Fey, Gasteyer, Rudolph)

LEON LOVES MANGO: Janitor tries to impress Mango with his new clothes. (Walken, Fallon, Kattan, Sanz(2))

HARDBALL: Chris Matthews questions guests about the increasing gas and oil prices. (Gasteyer, Hammond, Kattan, Parnell)

THE CONTINENTAL: The Continental returns a lost broach to another beautiful guest. (Walken)(ARCHIVED: Phil Hartman(voice))

WEEKEND UPDATE: In a terrible reenactment, Chris Kattan as Joey Fatone injures his foot at a concert; Kevin Nealon does a subliminal editorial on viewers thinking he's still on the show; with the help of Winona Ryder, Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey stage a season finale cliffhanger for next season. (Kevin Nealon, Winona Ryder, Fallon, Fey, Kattan)

"HASH PIPE": (Weezer)

PATIO LOVERS: Roger and Virginia Klarvin reminisce with their friend Walter and his guest about past romantic encounters. (Walken, Dratch, Ferrell, Gasteyer)

THE ANATOMINALS SHOW: Crude animation of animals with accurate genitalia cause Lorne Michaels to give up on the show. (Parnell(voice))

CENTAUR JOB INTERVIEW: Interviewer fails to ask applicant about his medical credentials, but questions him about him being a centaur. (Walken, Kattan, Parnell)

BADGER UP THE BUTT: Doctor informs coworkers that their fellow employee has a badger up the butt. (Walken, Dratch, Ferrell, Gasteyer, Minor, Parnell)

"ISLAND IN THE SUN": (Weezer, Ferrell)

MEMORIAL DAY GREETINGS: Castmembers perform a Christmas song for Memorial Day. (Fallon, Kattan, Morgan, Sanz)
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