Saturday Night Live

Season 26 Episode 23

Christopher Walken/Weezer

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 19, 2001 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The sign on Mango's dressing room (about the club not assuming any responsibility for lost items) has the word "assume" misspelled with one "s" instead of two. With the exception of the first time Garth Brooks hosted, all the Mango sketches have this typo.

    • In the Mango sketch, there are parts after Mango leaves "her" dressing room that the set is cheap and the door doesn't close all the way.

    • Christopher Walken says that this is the 505th show, though counting the Mardi Gras special this is the 506th.

  • Quotes

    • Tina Fey: Former President Bill Clinton has reportedly lost close to 20 pounds since leaving the White House. The pounds were taken from him by British whores.

    • Tina Fey: A new e-mail computer virus is sweeping across the globe that automatically opens a pornographic web site on the victim's screen. Authorities say they intend to track down the hacker responsible for the virus, just as soon as somebody complains.

    • Jimmy Fallon: Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift gave birth Tuesday night to twin girls, making her the first governor to have twin girls since Bill Clinton was running Arkansas.

    • Leon: Mango, I love you
      Mango: Oh Leon, I'm sorry, but things got pretty crazy with Jimmy Fallon last night and I think I'm a little spoken for.
      (Jimmy walks in with flowers)
      Jimmy: Hey Mango. Here I am.
      Leon: But Mango, I thought you didn't like Jimmy Fallon.
      (Jimmy gives Mango a sad look)
      Mango: Jimmy, could you go wait out in the hallway a second for me?

    • Mango: Leon that's so nice, but excuse me. I hafta go see "Shrek" with TV's Jimmy Fallon.
      Leon: Is Jimmy Fallon your boyfriend, Mango?
      Mango: Uh, Jimmy Fallon? (blows a raspberry) He's to squeaky clean for me. (imitating Jimmy with a funny voice) I have a hair thing.

    • Kevin Nealon: Thank you, Jimmy Fallon [lesbo].

  • Notes

    • Sketches cut after dress rehearsal: the voice immodulation victim Jacob Silj (Will Ferrell) continues to indirectly champion his cause; a sketch were the classic movies of Shirley Temple Black (Rachel Dratch) are discussed; Hans Christian Anderson (Darrell Hammond) is joined by his brother Dwayne (Christopher Walken) for adventures; Tina Fey discusses Viagra in this commercial spoof; "Goombahs"; 'Frat Brothers,' a short film about fraternity relationships; a cooking show where a Ukranian couple (Christopher Walken, Maya Rudolph) cook food from their homeland; and OJ Simpson (Jerry Minor) gives advice to Robert Blake during Weekend Update.

    • The sketches not included in the syndicated version were "Mango and Leon," "Hardball," "The Anatominals"/Lorne's Deal With Satan, "Memorial Day Song," and Weezer's performance of "Island in the Sun."

    • If you watch the closing credits carefully, you can see that Christopher Walken is shouting and gesturing for Lorne Michaels to come on stage and celebrate the end of the season. The credits are cut-off before Lorne shows up (if he ever does).

    • The establishing shot of the hospital in the "Dirty Centaur Job Interview" sketch is the same one used in a rejected sketch on a previous Chris Walken episode (the one from 2000) where Walken plays The Angel of Death.

    • An April Fools' joke that got out of control stated that Drew Carey would host this episode and that he had conviced Lorne Michaels to let him do an all-improv show. Many wire services even picked up on the rumor, but it was debunked a few days later by Drew Carey's publicist. After that rumor was over, word leaked that someone named Chris would be hosting this episode. Many people assumed it would be Chris Tucker, so it was a pleasant surprise to learn that it would be Christopher Walken.

    • Christopher Walken joins the Five-Timers Club as of this episode.

    • This was Chris Parnell's last episode before being fired and rehired. His next on-screen appearance was in February 2002.

    • Christopher Walken won an American Comedy Award for his performance last season a month before this episode.

    • A sketch was cut involving Christopher Walken dancing with Shirley Temple (played by Rachel Dratch).

    • This is featured performer Jerry Minor's last show.

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