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... Comedic actor and well-coiffed stud Jason Sudeikis is following in the footsteps of, oh, pretty much everyone else on Saturday Night Live and leaving the show. For those of you playing along at home, that's Fred Armisen, Seth Myers, Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, Jim the Janitor, and most of the audience who are departing or have already exited the sketch show in the last few years. Sudeikis dropped the news on Late Night with David Letterman, which will air tonight. But I used a time-teleporter to go into the future and get a clip of their chat just for you. I now have fly legs, but it was worth it. [The clip below]


... Ten African-American former American Idol contestants are suing the show for racism. According to the aspiring singers, Idol producers went out of their way to dig up arrest records and embarrass them on live television as a ploy to get ratings. They each want $25 million for their suffering. That's all, guys? [TMZ]

... We already heard this at Comic-Con, but it's worth repeating now that FX has sent out a press release and it's super official. Sons of Anarchy Season 6 will premiere September 10 on FX. It will be a 90-minute episode. People will get their brains punched in. [FX via press release]

... Shameless Bravo has ordered a beauty-pageant reality show and named it Game of Crowns. Laaaaaaaaame! [EW]

... Netflix still hasn't released any hard streaming numbers for its original programming, but it did drop one interesting nugget: each of its new original series has outperformed the previous one in its first week. Therefore: Orange Is the New Black > Arrested Development > Hemlock Grove > House of Cards. Take that, Fincher! [AllThingsD]


... Heidi Klum will guest-star on Parks and Recreation in the Season 6 premiere. The model and America's Got Talent judge will play the mayor of a small town in Denmark who meets Leslie at a meeting in London. [EW

... In even sexier Parks and Recreation casting news, Henry Winkler (The Fonz) will play Jean-Ralphio's dad in the season premiere. Y-ayyyyyyyyyy (thumbs up, smack the jukebox, jump a shark). [THR]

... Bates Motel is checking in former Alias star Michael Vartan for a recurring role. He'll play a recently divorced man who becomes a love interest for Vera Farmiga's Norma. [TV Line]

...  Revolution's second season will welcome Nicole Ari Parker as a recurring star. The Soul Food actress will play a secretary, but the government position kind, not the get-my-coffee kind. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Cary Elwes ("Aaaaaaaaas yoooooooou wissssssssssshhhh!"; also, Psych) has signed the appropriate papers to join USA Network's Horizon, a sci-fi piece set during World War II. In the drama, an FBI secretary (the get-my-coffee kind) looks for her missing husband and begins snooping through secret documents about aliens. Elwes will play a mysterious man who leads a double life. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Freddie Prinze Jr. will guest-star on Fox's Bones. He'll play a deep-cover FBI agent who's an old pal of Booth's in the Season 9 premiere, with the chance to return throughout the season. [TV Line]

... Michelle Forbes (The Killing, Battlestar Galactica) is joining NBC's Chicago Fire. Yes, that show still exists. She'll play a consultant to the office of the Fire Marshal in a multi-episode arc. [Yahoo]

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