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Saturday 11:30 PM on NBC
Bruce Willis hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time this past Saturday. It was Okay for the first part but then took a tumble. Here's my breakdown, sketch by sketch. (With letter grades)

Opening Sketch (B)

This sketch is just another reminder that Gravity is out. The question was, how were they going to make it funny? The answer? Government shutdown. Now two weeks old it still provides plenty of material for the writers. It was a good opening sketch, until Kate McKinnon came on.

Opening Monologue (C)

Good start. Bruce talked about his family and made a joke about the last time he hosted SNL and the number of Die Hard movies. It was rather enjoyable until the harmonica bit.

24 Hour Energy (A) Honorable Mention

Probably one of the best digital shorts I have seen. Well portrayed by everyone.

Black Ops (A) Best In Show

Needed a sketch that had over the top action sequences? This sketch is for you! Sort of, while there weren't any actual over the top action sequences it was described in great detail. Perfect.

Barber Shop (F)

Although it perfectly showcased barber shop back and forth, it just wasn't funny. Bruce Willis added nothing to the sketch.

Boy Dance Party (B)

I shouldn't like this sketch, I really shouldn't. However, I do. It was entertaining and funny.

Lady Gaga Talk Show (F)

I get the fact that Lady Gaga is over the top. And the joke about her over-the-topness was spot on. That was where the funny ended though. It's actually one of the only [Non Californians] sketches that I wanted to skip.

Katy Perry "Roar" (A)

Music is subjective. I did however like the theatrics of the performance. FUN FACT: Katy Perry made a joke on twitter about liberating the animals affected by the shutdown and making them be in her show.

Weekend Update (B)

The Chaplain segment was great. The news stories were great. Favorite news story: Sexual Harrassment Suit.

Armageddon (A)

I didn't like Kirby the last time he appeared on SNL, but for some reason this worked. The acting, especially Keenean Thompsons line about sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom.

Centauri Vodka (F)

I've watched this sketch three times and I still don't understand what's funny about it. Was it supposed to be the suffocating actor?

Protective Son (F)

Word puns, word puns are hard, they need to be well done and this wasn't well done. I like the over the topness of Taran Killam but this just didn't go well.

Beer Pong (F)

This was a disaster. A lot of talking with what was supposed to have been fun lines from everyone. But it never concluded and never had any sort of direction.

Katy Perry "Walking On Air" (B)

Enjoyable performance. The strobe lights did throw me off though.

eMeth (Rerun) (A)

This was a rerun from the Tina Fey episode. Loved the sketch though.

To put it in short, This episode started out alright, but went downhill fast. It wasn't because Bruce Willis was the host. The sketches just weren't as good.
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