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Miley Cyrus hosted the second week of Sarurday Night Live as well as being the musical guest shortly after the blunder of the VMA's. Suffice to say It could have been a disaster with her not being able to handle all of the Miley jokes that arose after her performance. Here's a breakdown, sketch by sketch. (With letter grades!)

Opening Sketch. (B)
It was quite the opening. Knowing that the SNL writers would put something together for the opening that has to deal with the Government shut down I was thrown for a loop when the VMA's were thrown in there as the "starting point" of the disaster. Some of the parts seemed drawn out but were still very enjoyable.

Opening Monologue- (A) It was fast, I mean really fast. I had to do a double take just to make sure I didn't miss part of it. Miley made some more jokes about her performance (Including the foam finger). What sold the monologue for me was Miley telling Bobby they weren't going to do the "Wrecking Ball" sketch.

50 Shades Screen Test (A)- Best In Show
This was easily the best sketch of the night. SNL does what it does best, parody's. The killer moment was the Anziz Ansari/ Mary Louise Parker test.

Girlfriends Talk Show (C)
This is a pretty weird sketch. I like the polarizing personalities and how they both try and control the conversation. Not a bad sketch just nothing really stood out as being really funny.

We Did Stop (A) A Miley Cyrus song reworked to commentate on the Government shutdown? Perfect. The execution was flawless. It does however make me miss Bill Hader as Boehner.

Piers Morgan (A) The headlines were true. A couple Clinton biopic ideas were shot down because the RNC threatened to pull the debates. This sketch looked into how the story would be told based on the stereotype of certain channels. I loved this sketch not because of the FOX version. (Face it, we saw that coming.) Although I did love the ABC Family version as well as MTV's adaption.

Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" (B) I mean, It's Miley. The music part is subjective I brought it down to a "B" because of a couple things. Miley's outfit and her backup vocalists were barely heard.

Weekend Update (A) I thought this was probably one of the best I've seen. I mean, it's the news segment. I Loser/Winner segment was probably my favorite. (Posted)

Cheerleader Alien Abduction (D) It was bad, really bad. The first part was fun. Then the abductions happened then it went downhill quickly and never recovered.

Mornin' Miami (A)
It is one of those "wait 'til the end" sketches. I loved it beginning to end.

Miley Cyrus- "We Can't Stop: (A) I mean, it's what I said before. The music part is subjective but it was a good acoustic version of the song.

Substitute Poetry Teacher (C) The teacher wasn't funny, the kids were alright. However, Miley's lesbian moment with the teacher is what kept this from being a complete failure.

Sex with Miley (A) Honorable Mention
Loved this sketch. The delivery from everyone was perfect. Miley performed very well in this sketch.

Overall it was a very good show and Miley was able to take and make jokes about herself.
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