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Dec 14, 2017
Early 2018 Predictions

Alright, for starters, I'm predicting that they will do four consecutive weeks so that they can bring the number up to 13 before they take three weeks off for the Olympics...It just sounds like what they'd do...

And now I shall go ahead and call the first show of 2018...

1/13/18: Daisy Ridley/Childish Gambino

They seem to have started a trend of opening each year with someone to promote the new "Star Wars" movie, and Ridley seems due for her turn...As for Mr. Glover, he's the only Grammy nominee for the 2017 "Album of the Year" who hasn't promoted the album in question on the show yet. (The only other big nominee who that leaves is Luis Fonsi for "Record of the Year", but I highly doubt they're going to book a foreign-language artist right now...) While "Redbone" isn't ...

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Nov 14, 2017
December Predictions
Listed from most to least likely...


Tom Hanks (The Post): With him starring alongside Meryl Streep in a Spielberg-directed movie coming out on Christmas weekend, David S. Pumpkins still fresh on people's minds (whether you liked that silly Halloween cartoon or not), and on the threshold of his tenth hosting appearance, Hanks seems like the prime candidate to close out the year...

Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect 3): I may not have been much a fan of her last hosting appearance, but I always acknowledged the possibility of her being brought back for a second go...If Hanks doesn't host the Christmas episode, it will probably be her...

Demi Lovato (Tell Me You Love Me): A Disney Channel actress and pop superstar who performed (surprisingly well) on the show before and has a pretty successful album out now? Seems due for the SNL double-duty hosting treatment...

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Oct 12, 2017
November Predictions

There are no guarantees for anyone listed here (though some seem like pretty strong possibilities). I'm just throwing some names in with varying levels of certainty...There's no need to debate the factors working for or against anyone...These are just notable names I found that have something to promote in the coming months...


Ben Affleck (Justice League)
Kristen Bell (A Bad Moms Christmas)
Steve Carell (Last Flag Flying)
Miley Cyrus (Younger Now)
Will Ferrell (Daddy's Home 2)
James Franco (The Disaster Artist)
Selena Gomez (New Album)
Tom Hiddleston (Thor: Ragnarok)
Demi Lovato (Tell Me You Love Me)
Blake Shelton (Texoma Shore)
Justin Timberlake (Wonder Wheel)
Mark Wahlberg (Daddy's Home 2)

Musical Guests:

Arcade Fire
Blake Shelton
Charlie Puth
Childish Gambino
Chris Stapleton
Courtney Bartnett and Kurt Vile
Demi Lovato
Foo Fighters
Imagine Dragons
Kelly Clarkson
Kendrick Lamar
Margo Price
Maroon 5 ...

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Sep 30, 2017
What To Know Before Gosling/Hova
With SNL's 43rd season premiere airing tonight, here is brief premier on what to know about the coming season:

Beck Bennett (fifth season)
Aidy Bryant (sixth)
Michael Che (fourth)
Pete Davidson (fourth)
Leslie Jones (fourth)
Colin Jost (fifth)
Kate McKinnon (seventh)
Kyle Mooney (fifth)
Cecily Strong (sixth)
Kenan Thompson (15th season; yes, that's a record)

Mikey Day (second season)
Heidi Gardner (first)
Alex Moffat (second)
Luke Null (first)
Chris Redd (first)
Melissa Villasenor (second)

Alec Baldwin (as President Trump)

Of the three new featured players, Redd is arguably the most familiar to SNL fans. He played Hunter the Hunted in the Andy Samberg movie "Pop Star" in 2016, and played Dank in the first season of the Netflix sitcom "Disjointed." A report in September 2016 announcing his joining the cast the later refuted. Redd is a St. Louis native who trained ...
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Sep 02, 2017
Weekend Update Thursday #3 (8/24/17)
Right after watching the last WU Summer Edition, I stumbled upon a Seth Meyers repeat. The original airdate was August 9th, and the “desk-ologue” included a joke about Stephen Miller praising President Trump’s oratory skills. Given what has transpired since that show and over the last three weeks, that gag almost feels quaint. Cojo and Che presided over maybe the worst August in recent memory, and came out of it burnishing their promising legacy. This show also aired during that portion of August where nearly every late night talk show is on a two-week summer sabbatical (“Conan” being the sole exception) so in a way, WUSE is for a fleeting moment the only show in town.

For a nice change of pace, the third and final summer special had a cold open, rather than jumping right into Update. Rote caricature or not, Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression was the ...Read more
Aug 22, 2017
Weekend Update Thursday #2 (8/17/17)
The exasperated look on Michael Che's face spoke volumes. The altercation in Charlottesville, VA dominated the news the second week in August, and lingered heavily on the minds of the the Weekend Update brain trust. The Nazi and white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, and our president attempting to justify their actions, was both a feast of false equivalency and a landmine for potential satire. Che brought a knowing energy into the material, while Cojo was at his deadpan observer best. Once again, most of the jokes landed.

Where last week's show had a generous number of appearances by the current cast, this week they took a backseat to cameos by SNL alumni. Two of the three commentaries were connected to Charlottesville: the latter of those two merits a thesis in its own right, but Jimmy Fallon playing George Washington was a gem. He deflected questions about being a ...
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Aug 21, 2017
Early Season 43 Predictions
So while we're halfway through the Thursday Update run for this year (which I'll briefly talk about after it's all over), I figured that now is about as good a time as any to make some early predictions for this season's hosts and musical guests...

I guess the first one to predict in BOTH categories before every season begins is whoever is the biggest breakout name of the summer (or at the very least, the biggest current name who hasn't done it yet...)

For hosts, at the top of the list is Gal Gadot, what with "Wonder Woman" being the big hit of the summer (and for several reasons, one of them being that it's one of the best movies of the year). Another notable breakout is Tom Holland from "Spider-Man: Homecoming", another movie in the higher ranks of the summer blockbusters...

That said ...Read more
Aug 12, 2017
Weekend Update Thursday #1 (8/10/2017)

Yay, I beat JM5K!

What a shear novelty to be watching new SNL in any capacity in mid-August. (For you history buffs, this now leaves June as the only month to have never had a live show.) The powers that be knew that the turmoil in the White House could not wait until late September to be thrown on the skewer, so Cojo and Che are treating us to four special late summer editions of Weekend Update. Between now and August 31st, here's hoping the well isn't tapped dry.

Even with the bounty of news, this first half-hour special was only a mild success. The first act was almost wall-to-wall Trump, and Cojo and Che's hot takes proving somewhat uneven. There wasn't really much that Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah et al. hasn't already covered on their respective nightly shows, so hats off to the WU ...
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Jul 27, 2017
Help finding a sketch
I cant find the Curse of the wolfman sketch on snl. It has Christian Slater. He hosted that night. 10/26/91
Id also like to find the Devil Simon and Garfunkel sketch
Jun 17, 2017
Season 42: Final Thoughts

So I was planning on going into a little more detail than I am going to about this season, but I think Stuart pretty much said everything there is to be said...This is the most effort I've seen from this show in a while! That said, I really do wish we could all move on from ripping on the same guy...Again, it's not SNL's fault, and for the most part, these disses on the president are not undeserved...I just wish we could find some time of peace from all this...But I'm sounding like a broken record here...

As for the turnover between this season and the next, I personally feel that they should keep everyone else (for now). Mikey actually does seem to be getting some level of establishment, and while Alex and Melissa still have a way to go, they both ...

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