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Apr 17, 2017
4/15/2017: Jimmy Fallon/Harry Styles
Last night, for the first time in its entire 42-season run, SNL was live all across the U.S. So let me say that it was quite surreal tuning in an hour earlier than usual from my home-state in the mid-west!

Jimmy Fallon seemed like a fitting enough choice to kick off this new schedule (regardless of how little reason there was to book him for the third time over other deserving talk-show hosts who haven't had a chance yet). If there's one thing he loves to do, it's entertain people...

That's why he and Justin Timberlake get along so well; Whenever either of them are on the show, they will do everything they can to please the crowd...On the upside, the show becomes bigger and more energetic...On the downside, it also becomes pandering...This has created a love-hate relationship with me and those ...Read more
Apr 09, 2017
4/8/2017: Louis C.K./The Chainsmokers
As wrong as this may sound, I was hoping for this episode to be good...but not as good as my Top 3 for this season (Chappelle, Ansari and Hanks). There's a slight bias I have against frequent once-every-one-or-two-seasons regulars, which is a pity, because the first time Louis hosted, I was pretty excited...But the more frequently somebody hosts, the more the novelty wears off...Not that they can't still be great hosts, just that the flare of seeing them on the show quickly disappears once their presence on the show becomes familiar...But when they host after years of...well...NOT hosting, it's very exciting to see them back, like John Goodman from a few years ago and Tom Hanks just this season...

So with my Top 3 best shows of the season including the return of an old favorite (and actor that I have ...Read more
Apr 08, 2017
80s Michael Bolton music commercial skit - Kevin Nealon
Does anyone remember an 80s episode of SNL with a "commercial" of Michael Bolton hits? I thought it was Kevin Nealon playing Michael Bolton but now, I'm not sure. The humor was that Michael Bolton remade classic songs but claimed these were his 'original' hits. Example, R-E-S-P-E-C-T-T, and instead of "My Girl" he switched it to "My Girlfriend." I can't find this anywhere so maybe I'm remembering it wrong. Ideas?
Mar 25, 2017
Remaining Season 42 Musical Guest Predictions
I decided to go ahead and make the remaining musical guest predictions now...

Once again, these will be listed from most to least likely:

Arcade Fire: These guys have a new album that's said to be released sometime within the next few months. But regardless of how much longer it takes, they have all of the songs recorded and a concert in Europe starting in June. I would say that they are almost a certain pick for the finale, although I guess it generally depends on timing...

Kendrick Lamar: His new album is said to be released on April 7th, so I can see him performing for any of the last four shows (except maybe the finale, since they never seem to promote an album that came out before then unless it's one of those critical smashes from an up-and-comer like St. Vincent or Courtney Barnett...)

Laura Marling ...Read more
Mar 12, 2017
3/11/2017: Scarlett Johansson/Lorde
Donald Trump has been a gift from the gods for SNL's writers...Every day brings a new controversy from his administration, and all SNL really needs to do is write a joke or premise based on said controversy, and chances are, it will be well-received by fans and critics alike...Well, except for the president and his supporters, but that's a whole 'nother can of worms...

As a humble fan of the show who has taken on the responsibility of posting the main review articles for this website after the shutting down of the forums, I will admit that I had no idea what I was getting myself into...You see, just last season, SNL was much less concerned with politics...Sure, they still had plenty of sketches regarding current events, specifically in Washington D.C., but they still balanced it out with plenty more self-contained, ableit incredibly ...Read more
Mar 09, 2017
April 2017 Predictions

First of all, I estimate that the next episode after this weekend will fall directly on April Fool's Day (either that, or they will have to take three weeks off, which is DEFINITELY too long to leave Trump unattended). I'm thinking the host could be someone reflective of the zaniness of the holiday...While I have considered a few names with nothing to promote but the event itself, I will only name the more likely, and much more safe and predictable, candidates.

The first of the two choices is Melissa McCarthy, who honestly could end up hosting any of the last six shows of the season what with her appearances as Sean Spicer...Of course, since she's arguably SNL's favorite host of this current era, and her next hosting appearance will make her a Five-Timer, I think her hosting anything other than an event episode (E ...

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Mar 06, 2017
3/4/2017: Octavia Spencer/Father John Misty

Apparently this show can't even take two weeks off anymore...

I really wish they DIDN'T have to churn out Trump joke after Trump joke, but as they say, Trump is the gift that keeps on giving...

Of course, a gift can also be a curse...People are starting to demand that the show take less breaks just so they could do more Trump jokes...Look, I enjoy a good Trump joke as much as the next guy, and I encourage SNL to keep doing what it's doing so long as Trump continues to provide such material...But at the end of the day, while each controversy is different, it all leads to the same punchline, which can get old after a while...I don't blame SNL for any of this...They just have very little choice in the matter because the president just won't shut ...

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Feb 13, 2017
2/11/2017: Alec Baldwin/Ed Sheeran

Anyone else getting sick of politics?

Well, unfortunately, on a show that tackles major political stories all the time, under a president who constantly makes bad decisions and likes to complain about the jokes they make at his expense based on said decisions, the topics concerning him are just unavoidable...

For months now I've been hoping for things to quiet down so that we could all move on to other topics, but Donald Trump just insists on being the center of attention...You know the old saying about bad publicity...By now, it's pretty easy to consider Trump as just another Hollywood headline news distraction from more serious issues...He is the Britney Spears of our time!

So it's time to bring in the big guns and hit that son-of-a-gun where it hurts! The man primarily responsible for his multiple therapy bills over the last half of ...

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Feb 09, 2017
March 2017 Predictions

My host predictions are pretty much the same as they were for this month...The only extra thing to consider is that we still haven't gotten our obligatory double-duty musician host yet (Mars and Gaga were good enough hosts the first time around to warrant another go, but I guess SNL had other plans), or our obligatory first time former cast-member host...Just thought I'd point that out...

Otherwise, the three most hyped movies of March are still "Logan", "Kong: Skull Island" and "Beauty and the Beast". My most educated guess is that either Hugh Jackman or Tom Hiddleston will host on the 4th, and then Emma Watson (who is also starring in the upcoming movie "The Circle" with Tom Hanks) will host on the 11th...I mean, Kristen Stewart was given a chance for no real reason other than some independent films, I don't see why ...

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Feb 05, 2017
2/4/2017: Kristen Stewart/Alessia Cara

Kristen Stewart was always quite notorious as that emotionless block of wood from the "Twilight" movies and various others, but she has made a better name for herself in recent years with her roles in independent films...Unfortunately, her Bella Swan persona was what triumphed throughout last night's show, leading to all sorts of awkward deliveries, botched lines and an F-bomb...I think her chances of ever returning to host a second time are now toast...

So how was the show itself...? Pretty good...Though it might have been better if the host didn't bring down the sketches with said awkward deliveries...(In fact, she wasn't the only one who flubbed some lines, which I'll get to...)

The cold opening was pretty standard Trump-bashing, complete with Reaper Bannon returning, though it did have some nice gags with the phone-calls...And a special shout-out to Alex Moffat ...

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