Saturday Night Live

Season 26 Episode 16

Conan O'Brien/Don Henley

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 10, 2001 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Also on the live show version of the "Napster Testimony" sketch, after Conan comes out in the beekeeper suit, he attempts to unzip the head of the suit. It does not come off. It's quite funny but was replaced with a tape where it does, because the sketch doesn't really flow afterwards.

    • There are several errors in the "Napster Testimony" sketch. Conan O'Brien is playing Right Said Fred, but Right Said Fred is a group, not one person. Also, Horatio Sanz plays Rico Suave, but "Rico Suave" is the name of the song, not the artist (the artist's name is Gerardo).

    • On the live show version of the Napster Testimony sketch, Jimmy Fallon accidentally identifies himself as Nigel Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys instead of Neil Tennant. The dress rehearsal version of this sketch doesn't have this mistake and is the one shown in syndication (The dress rehearsal version also has more lines from Rico Suave [Horatio Sanz], an alternate version of Jimmy Fallon's appearance as Neil Tennant, and removes an accidental cut to a wide shot near the end when Right Said Fred [Conan O'Brien] comes back as the beekeeper from The Village People).

  • Quotes

    • Jimmy Fallon: Michael Jackson arrived in London this week on crutches after breaking his foot in a "common household accident" in his Neverland ranch. "It could have happened to anyone," Jackson told a reporter. "See, my llama and I were chasing Liz Taylor around the elephant man's bones, and I tripped on my cape."

    • Tina Fey: After experiencing chest pains Monday, Vice president Dick Cheney was rushed to George Washington University Medical Center. When asked how Cheney's Angina would affect the administration, President Bush confidently told reporters, "Boys don't have anginas!"

    • Ted Brown: Honey, I'm going to the good McDonalds on Banesville for some fries.
      Mrs. Brown: That's an hour drive. Just go to the one across the street.
      Ted Brown: No, the one in Banesville is better.

    • Chris Fowler: (voiceover) Corcoran's victory established him and perhaps the very first trash-talker in sports history.
      James Corcoran: To the next fighter against whom I spar, let me just say this: I'll put corn in his muffin! I'll crimson his face! I'll butter his bean and serve it to him cold I will! Then I'll deliver a blow to the mouth area, the blood from which will issue most copiously!

    • James Corcoran: (with heavy Irish accent) The game of boxing requires a healthy diet and training regimen. That's why each day, I drink thirty-eight quarts of beer and eat eight pounds of salted pork. Of course I rigorously avoid all sunlight and ventilation. Finally each month, without fail, I make sure I move my bowels.

    • Mom: I came to see you on "Saturday Night Live", but I got lost.
      Conan O'Brien: Oh well, I found you, that's the important thing, Mom. I'm just taking all these wonderful people down to see my studio. You want to come?
      Mom: I'd love to!
      Conan O'Brien: Yeah, you've never seen it before - we're very distant, yeah! (Tracy Morgan puts his hand around Conan's Mom) Uh, get your hand off her, Tracy.. Alright, let's go, this is great.. (finally reaches the studio door) This is my studio! 6-A, where it all happens. This is really cool, you're gonna love it!
      (Conan opens the doors to his studio, only to find "Late Night" bandleader Max Weinberg straddled atop his desk making love to his wife)
      Conan O'Brien: Max!
      Max Weinburg: Oh, hey, Conan! Hi, Mrs. O'Brien!
      Conan O'Brien: Uh.. okay, yeah.. okay, great.. no, no, no, Max! You know, he does this on the weekends.. uh.. we'll take a little break. When we come back, Don Henley is gonna be here - musical guest... uh, stick around, we'll be right back! (Conan jumps on top the couple)

    • Moleculo: (repeated several times) The Molecular Man!

  • Notes

    • Sketches cut after dress rehearsal: a sketch where a man (Conan) checks into a hotel of prostitution; "DeMarco Brothers audition for Don Henley" (note: when this episode is rerun during summer 2001, this sketch replaces Don Henley's 2nd performance); "Terence Maddox"; a sketch where PBS lets the viewer write a war documentary; and "Corn Chip Nail Tips."

    • This is the 500th live broadcast.

    • The Napster Testimony sketch shown in syndication is from dress rehearsal (refer to Goofs and Nitpicks to see some differences between the live show and the dress rehearsal).

    • Sketches/segments not shown in the 60-minute edit: The SNL mini-film "Find The Black People At The Knicks Game," "Taint-less Ted," "The Democratic National Committee," "VH-1 Diva-Thon," and Don Henley's second performance. Also, the aforementioned second performance was cut on the NBC rerun and replaced with a DeMarco Brothers sketch where Chris Parnell, Chris Kattan, and Conan O'Brien audition for Don Henley.

    • Ben Affleck's character Donnie Bartalotti on the Boston Teens sketch returns when Affleck hosts in 2004 during a cold opening where Sully and Zazu (Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Dratch) go to Donnie's wedding and find out that he's marrying a gay man (played by Seth Meyers).

    • Conan O'Brien is the first former writer that was never a castmember to host.

    • During "Update," Tina Fey makes a joke about Arnold Schwarzenegger running for Governor of California 2 1/2 years before the fact.

    • In the NBC repeat of this episode, Don Henley's second musical number was cut and replaced with a DeMarco Brothers sketch in which the Demarco Brothers and their cousin (Conan) audition for Henley.

    • Ben Affleck was added to the end of the "Boston Teens Sketch" at the last minute. He was not in the dress rehearsal.

    • Max Weinberg's wife Becky appears in the scene where the crowd finds them lying nude on Conan O'Brien's desk.

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