Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 19

Dame Helen Mirren/Foo Fighters

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 09, 2011 on NBC

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  • It went a little bit like "AWWWWAHHHHHHHARRRGGGGHHHAHHHH!!!"

    After last week's sub-par Elton John broadcast, it is natural to be left thinking of it were just John that did that to the show's quality, or if the writers were just being plain lazy. I am almost certain that the stiffness of Elton John's persona was the reason for the weak broadcast. I didn't hate Elton John's hosting gig, but, clearly, we all knew he was not going to be the most versatile actor. I am open for a whole new show tonight.

    Our host tonight is Helen Mirren. I have much hope in her ability to host the show tonight. She appeared earlier this season as a filmed cameo in the second digital short of the season. Our musical guest are the Foo Fighters, who I am very excited about. They've appeared multiple times before as musical guests, and they always bring their A-game for the performances.

    Presidential Address: After the government shutdown was averted, president Obama talks about how most Americans are disappointed by it. It was not the worst Obama opening to date. In fact, it was one of the more pleasurable ones.

    Monologue: Another song-and-dance monologue, and this one was just as enjoyable as past ones. This just proved that Helen Mirren's stage presence would be very good.

    Mort Mort Feingold: So, are we going to do this every April for tax season? I don't mind this character, but, even tonight, the search for the right impressions once again failed. I've been very positive about this season. It's been a very strong one. But, one thing this season struggles to do is good impression sketches. They seem to be searching too hard, and they always choose stars that may not have a very comedic quirk to their personality, or a celebrity that half the audience doesn't know. The actual writing was pretty good, though. Paul Brittain's quick change in the middle of the sketch was very out of the ordinary.

    Helen Mirren's Bosom: This was a hilarious digital short. You had no idea where it was going up until the actual squeezing of the, erm, chest area. The random humor was a very nice touch, and it strengthens my opinion on how the digital shorts this season have been stronger than past seasons'.

    Fox and Friends: This was a very funny take on the sad FOX news show. Helen Mirren was somewhat awkward in this sketch, though. It almost seemed she was not confident in her white trash act, and she got nervous in the middle of talking. Nonetheless, it was not anything atrocious. I also loved how this was a sketch that stars 3 newer cast members. These, along with Jay and Nasim, are the cast members I hope who carry season 37, rather than the usual Wiig or Armisen.

    Frankenstein: This was a pretty run-of-the-mill sketch. Most of the jokes were seen coming from a mile away, so this surprised me that this sketch was put so far up in the show.

    Musical Performance: Foo Fighters perform "Rope", which was a very good performance on the single.

    Weekend Update: It was a strong Update tonight joke-wise, but the only commentary that thoroughly sold was the airline hostess Shelly Elaine. Kristen completely sold the performance, especially with her scared impression of what she was like while the plane was going down thousands of feet.

    The Best of Both Worlds: This sketch idea was a very funny idea. I hope that they only do this once, though. All four sold their impressions completely, and I could not get over how much Helen looked like Julie Andrews. The bloody murder involving Andrews and then Ice Cube was hilarious.

    Crunk Easter Festival: For me, this sketch has never been one of my favorites, and at this point, the joke is basically over.

    The Roosevelts: I thought this was a good way to take on The Kennedys. The inaccurate parts of the show were hilarious, but Paul as the historian had some awkward moments, when it almost seemed he was supposed to be delivering more lines.

    Perspectives Photo Shoot: This was an interesting commercial idea, and there were some gags that were hilarious.

    Musical Performance: Foo Fighters perform "Walk", with yet another solid performance.

    Bongo's Clown Room: Jason's voice in this was one we have never heard from him. The lines he used were absolutely hilarious.

    Tonight's show was more strong than not. There were some sketches that just didn't work, and were slow, but, overall, between the performances of the cast, host, and musical guest, it shaped out to be a vast improvement over last week's show.

    Helen Mirren was a decent enough host, with a willing to do a lot on the show. She had some nervous moments, but, otherwise, she was strong. Foo Fighters were yet another enjoyable musical guest this season.

    In a month, we will have our next broadcast. An article confirmed that Tina Fey would be the host, but, we have no idea who the musical guest is at this point. See ya then!
  • 4/9

    Not as good as last week's episode with Elton John, but this was another strong enough SNL tonight. They had some good material and some fun scenes. Seth Meyers actually appeared in another sketch! And the idea of him sending an inappropriate picture to Martha Stewart was pure gold.

    There were some good scenes littered throughout, some bad ones as well though. Hellen Mirren did not exactly excel in this environment, but she had no problem doing some demeaning sketches so I can't fault her too much.

    Keep up the good work SNL. Just keep Bobby Moynihan off the show as long as possible.
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