Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 14

Dana Carvey/Linkin Park

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 05, 2011 on NBC

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  • Dana Carvey returns for the first time since 2000.

    I had nearly forgotten about Dana Carvey. He was definitely one of the funnier actors in the cast during his seven year stint on the show, but can you name a single significant movie, TV show or anything in between that he's done in the years since? He's been practically invisible, and while I'd be lying if I said that "The Master of Disguise" wasn't a guilty pleasure movie I turn to in times of great sadness, he hasn't done anything to warrant attention. However, his return makes me forget all that.. it was a fun show filled with nice cameos (and one particularly lame one) and some callbacks to classic skits.

    The show definitely started off strong, with a slew of entertaining skits, monologues and classic characters. The cold open with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey as their Wayne's World characters was perfect, and tying the old in with the new by having them analyze the Oscar nominations was awesome. The monologue didn't really do it for me, but it was cool to see Jon Lovitz, a fellow cast-mate, pop out of nowhere to help out with the song.

    For me, the strongest sketch was definitely Carvey as Church Lady. Whenever he adopted the roles set up for him by the new SNL cast, he seemed to struggle a little bit. However, jumping back into comfortable roles such as Church Lady and Garth found Dana Carvey being as classic as ever. Even though I knew it was coming, hearing Dana Carvey say "Well isn't that special?!" was just as funny as the other times I've heard it.

    As I said before, the moments when Dana Carvey stepped away from his comfort zone was where his discomfort was noticeable. When he was doing Mickey Rooney, it seemed to fall a little flat, and his Regis, despite being spot on, was marred a bit by some mistakes he made in the delivery. In a way, Kristen Wiig outshone him when she entered as Kathie Lee Gifford (Wiig pouring Chardonnay into the cup via her microphone was just awesome).

    Not a bad episode by any means, especially considered some of the trash we've gotten as of late.
  • Carvey Breathes Old, Fresh Air into SNL

    When I heard about a month ago that Dana Carvey would be hosting "Saturday Night Live" I immediately became the most excited I've been to watch an episode of 'SNL' in a very long time.

    Carvey is one of the all time great cast members in the great and illustrious history of "Saturday Night Live" and has always been a personal favorite. In my opinion, after Will Ferrell, he might be the best cast member ever. Just having Carvey back on 'SNL' made this week's episode one of the best of the season and in recent memory.

    The biggest surprise of the night came at the very beginning of the show during the cold opening when Mike Myers joined Carvey for a new episode of "Wayne's World." Many fans predicted this would happen, but I wasn't 100 percent sure myself. The "Wayne's World" opener was likely the best sketch of the night as Wayne (Myers) and Garth (Carvey) talked about this year's Oscars nominees. The sketch was an absolute flash from the past and totally awesome. Myers wouldn't be the only former 'SNL' cast member to join Carvey on the famed Studio 8H stage. During Carvey's monologue where he sang about his cast from 1986-1993 being the greatest in 'SNL' history, he was joined by Jon Lovitz. It was certainly special to see both Myers and Lovitz both back on the show, as well. The other highlight of the show was the return of Carvey's beloved Church Lady, who had some memorable quotes about today's smutty TV shows like MTV's new series "Skins" saying: "Skins" it's like "SportsCenter" for pedophiles." Church Lady also admonished the three Kardashian sisters (played by Nasim Pedrad, Vanessa Bayer and Abby Elliott) and "Jersey Shore" star Snookie (played by Bobby Moynihan) on the show, before having to conquer her own sexual demons during a cameo by pop superstar Justin Bieber. Other highlights by Carvey included his wonderful impersonations of Mickey Rooney during a VH1 Teen Crisis Center sketch and of Regis Philbin. Carvey is hands down one of the greatest impressionists in comedy.
  • 2/5

    Dana Carvey returned to host SNL and he definitely led to one of the best episode in awhile.

    Wayne's World: The much-revered sketch returned and while it was not terrible and I was glad to get a break from the awful political ones as of late, this did not do it for me. Decent at best.
    Monologue: Dana Carvey is a D list celebrity, but the crowd loves SNL vets and he was able to get them behind him in a fun monologue concept. Then Jon Lovitz had to ruin things.
    Black Noise: Re-air of that lame commercial.
    Church Lady: Church Lady returned, and while Dana Carvey did a good job, Moynihan was there and Bieber was there. Recipe for disaster. Celebrity Teen Crisis Hotline: Jay Pharaoh returned with his unbelievably spot on Eddie Murphy impression. Abby Elliott did her good Anna Faris one too. Fred Armisen's Ice-T? Not so much.
    The Roommate: A parody of the movie with Justin Bieber and one of Andy Samberg's weird characters.
    Weekend Update: Not bad, but nothing really stood out here tonight.
    Live With Regis And Kelly: Of course Dana would bring back his great Regis Philbin impression, although I'm not sure what Nasim was doing.
    Pageant: Horrible.
    Bad News: Abby Elliott finally gets a sketch as a woman who breaks news to people. Safe to say the writers ran out of ideas.
    Bar Band: Another Fred Armisen band sketch, although the song will be stuck in your head for a few minutes.
  • I felt better after she apologized..

    Yes.... it's been on SNL's agenda for two months now as far as fans know... Dana Carvey is gearing up to host SNL. It's expected he'll bring back some characters, but I'm not expecting anything beyond my dreams. Musical guest is Linkin Park. I'm not too excited for them. I don't know their new album too much, but, yeah, I'll be positive about it!

    Wayne's World: You know when I said I'm not expecting anything beyond my dreams? This exceeded my expectations. I was so surprised to see this sketch. This was a great sketch, and a great way to open the show. Wayne and Garth have gotten somewhat older, though... or maybe it was just me?

    Monologue: This was a really good monologue, and I was surprised to see Jon Lovitz out of all of the late 80's cast to be there. Then again, he doesn't really have a career anymore, so I guess he has spare time. But, this was good, especially with the interactions with all the current cast members.

    Black Noise: I was glad to see this commercial being repeated. It held up just as well as the first time.

    Church Chat: I was more expecting a Church Chat sketch than a Wayne's World sketch, so I was glad to see both! This was a little bit lengthy, but I still enjoyed it. I was glad to see the Kardashians back, and I knew, right when Dana was talking about MTV at the beginning of the sketch, that Bobby would be on as Snooki. And, then, Justin Bieber showed up. A little left-fieldish, but, he didn't ruin it, so it's all good.

    VH1 Celebrity Hot-Line: This was a good way to show-case impressions. Abby's Anna Faris was hilarious to see tonight, and I really enjoyed Dana's Mickey Rooney. Fred's Ice-T was a new one too, and he actually hit it right on.

    New Roommate: Justin Bieber... part 2? Okay. Well, this was pretty funny, just because of Andy's creepy performance. Bieber didn't ruin it, so thumbs up!

    Musical Performance: Linkin Park performs "Waiting For The End". Yeah... the lighting effects were pretty freaking awesome.... they distracted me from the song... coincidence?

    Weekend Update: The jokes tonight were really good, and Paul's commentary/random appearances as James Franco were really funny. Kristen's disco character could have been completely voided, and I don't think anybody would have minded, but, oh well.

    Live With Regis and Kelly: I was surprised to see this, and I thought "Oh, they'll bring Amy back?!" but it was Nasim. Nasim's Kelly Ripa was actually really impressive if you pay attention. People are already complaining about it, because she's not Amy, but her mannerisms, hand movements, and, to a much, much lesser extent, voice, were spot-on. Oh, yes, I already foresee people complaining about Kristen playing Kathy Lee, but it was kind of called for. It was a funny twist.

    Pageant: This was just such a bizarre sketch that it was funny. The twist with them actually being people who were disqualified was funny too. The sketch's actual writing was par, at most, but, the performances made up.

    Deidra Wurtz: Wow... a thorough commercial starring Abby! Now, this some-what bombed with the audience, and it wasn't all too special, but I have to say that I found the repetitive speeches by Abby hilarious. I enjoyed the reactions, and I thought this was more of a silly thing, rather than funny.

    Musical Performance: Linkin Park goes all 1950 on us and performs "When They Call For Me"... this really wasn't anything too good. The special effects were cool, again, but the song was actually not a good song at all.

    Band At The Bar: Dana's character reminded me a lot of his feminine character, Lyle. The sketch was alright, but it was more of your typical 10-to-1 sketch.

    Tonight's show was an all-around good show, no thanks to our musical guest. Dana was a great host, and it was nice seeing a few of his famous characters back once more. Linkin Park performed a so-so song for their first performance, and a less-than-so-so song for their second. The show kept its hilarity throughout the whole thing, minus some deflations in comedy here and there, but, it's whatever. It was a good showl

    Next week, Russell Brand hosts with musical guest, Chris Brown .................