Saturday Night Live

Season 31 Episode 7

Dane Cook/James Blunt

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 03, 2005 on NBC

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  • Super Finger, Activate!

    A Review by “HelloStuart,” the Amateur Critic of Rage

    It appears that lately wherever I go, controversy follows. After allegedly blindsiding my readers three weeks ago (I’m still not sure what that was all about), it appears that I may unwittingly insulted an entire web site. In my last review, I compared the quality of the show’s writing to, a web site where SNL diehards can write and submit their own sketches. Shortly after I submitted my review, I received some more heated feedback stating that I shouldn’t be insulting snlyou on the merits of its writers. I wrote a prompt rebuttal to these e-mails, and if I have insulted anyone connected to snlyou I do wholeheartedly apologize… again.

    This week’s host is Dane Cook, an observational comedian that has developed a devoted grass roots following on college campuses across the country, thus earning him that fateful “next big thing” status. While I do think Cook is funny, I just don’t think he’s worth the hype. This week’s musical guest is James Blunt, an up-and-coming British singer-songwriter but a relative unknown in the states. His leadoff single “You’re Beautiful” is getting some radio play, and there is a possibility you’ve seen the clip at least once on MTV, so don’t get the idea that the show is pulling random people off the street.

    And now, the sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: Live from Rockefeller Plaza, it’s the Tree “Re-Lighting,” complete with a religion-neutral agenda that unveils the general absurdity of political correctness. Even The Donald (DH) can’t seem to find a way out of the ambiguous nonsense as he butchers a heavily-censored telling of the nativity.

    MONOLOGUE: Like most comedians that host, the monologue consisted of a sampling of Dane’s stand-up schtick, and for seven minutes he covered a lot of ground, traveling from taking vacation photos to the concept of legacies to something I’m gonna try later tonight with a cashew.

    “West Bedford Drama Club”: The high school theater geeks “perform” the morning announcements because, quite frankly, they have nothing better to do. Maybe my memories of high school are still relatively fresh, but this was a sketch that I wasn’t expecting to be funny, and yet I laughed out loud a couple of times.

    “Taco Town”: After the technical gaffe from Heder/Simpson, I was happy to see this ad spoof in its entirety. I don’t why I’m a sucker for illogical humor, I just am.

    “The Long Ride Home”: Taking a topical jab in the seemingly seldom-touched sports world, Giants kicker Jay Feely (Dane) loses whatever credibility he had before his double-choke at last week’s Seahawks game while flying back to Jersey. A potential disaster in the “Airport” vein turns Feely into a hero for about ten seconds, so at least this guy earned some sort of redemption.

    “Wool Sweater”: An Average Joe (Dane) discovers that his big, hot sweater has proven to be a very foolish purchase, especially when his pride gets in the way of his general wellbeing. Cook turns out to be uniquely acclimatized at slapstick, but that’s not enough to save this sketch.

    FILM: As a somber talk between Forte and Samberg has told us, when life brings you down, you can always eat head lettuce. I’ll stick with the cashew thing, thank you very much.

    “Target Graceland”: Kristen channels the spirit of Cheri Oteri’s fading acting career as the slow-witted cashier at a sprawling superstore, as she and her trainee (Dane) create delightfully awkward moments with their customers.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Surprise, surprise- Mr. Blunt follows the MTV hype with his only hit to date, “You’re Beautiful.”

    WEEKEND UPDATE: Tina sure loves her criticism of the war in Iraq, doesn’t she? At least she can brag that she hated Bush before hating Bush was cool. Otherwise this was a so-so Update; Rachel’s expose of living in a fat suit avoided the normal “chubby chaser” clichés yet didn’t feel earnest, while Michael Irvin’s (KT) response to his latest drug bust went the other direction and came off as pacified drug humor.

    “44-Hour Coma”: A party animal (Dane) learns that a heck of a lot has happened since he was put into an induced slumber for a broken toe nearly two days beforehand. Like so many other sketches recently, the weirder the concept, the funnier it is (a rule learned from “Mr. Show” so many years ago). Plus, Dane’s latest demonstration of versatility (as the beleaguered straight man, no less) is what really seals the deal.

    “Fight Back with Victor Ramos”: Whenever you see the name “Horatio Sanz” combined with the phrase “street guardian,” you know you’re in for a really bad sketch. No matter how hard he tries, I just couldn’t see anything worth meriting in this five-minute snooze.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Jimmy rides the piano for the ballad “Goodbye My Lover.”

    “Morgan Stanley”: Wait a minute- did they just air this ad spoof four times in seven shows? Is this the “Show Us Your Guns” of a new generation, or perhaps the second coming of “Huggies Thong”?

    After the Eva Longoria mess of two weeks ago, this turned out to be an enjoyable show. Solid acting on top of hints of emergent chemistry overshadowed a high-water point for the show’s perpetually inconsistent writing staff. Perhaps this is what SNL needs; when stand-ups host, they provide an obvious knowledge of comedy that not only strengthens the show but also fortifies a flawed ensemble. Also of note tonight was Kristen Wiig’s performance; she’s only in her third episode yet she coasts through sketches like she’s been on the show for years.

    Sketches/Segments That Will Probably Be Removed in Repeats: the entire last half-hour of the show.

    Next Week: From one pleasant surprise comes another- Alec Baldwin returns to host for the twelfth time with hip-shaking musical guest Shakira.

    Contact “HelloStuart” at Please don’t hurt him.
  • Merry "Holiday" wishes from SNL and Dane Cook...

    After watching Saturday night’s Season 32 premiere, I had a good time reviewing it and decided to revisit some older episodes that I still have and where better to start than Dane Cook’s previous hosting stint, with musical guest James Blunt? Cold Open: Megan Mullally (KW), Harry Connick, Jr. (JS) and Al Roker (KT) host the tree-relighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center where the NBC Peacock choir (the rest of the cast) sing religiously neutral “Holiday” songs before the Donald (DH) stumbles through a censored version of the nativity story. Monologue: Dane was great albeit a bit too long. I particularly enjoyed his jabs at taking vacation photos.

    West Bedford Drama Club: A bit too long but there were a few laughs there.

    Taco Town: A re-air that was just as funny the second time around.

    The Long Ride Home: The Jay Feely Story: Giants Kicker Jay Feely (Cook) takes heat from his teammates (KT, FM) for missing three game ending field goals before having to land the plane between two radio towers (how ironic?). Feely’s redemption though funny, doesn’t last long…

    The Turtleneck: Keith (Cook) is meeting his date Carrie (AP) at a party hosted by their friends (SM, RD). Carrie is running late and Keith is sweating to death in the $800 turtleneck he bough to impress her. Cook proves he can do slapstick as he “is raped by a wookie”.

    Digital Short: Two guys (AS and WF) mourn the loss of a friend and are consoled by lettuce and that’s all I’ve got to say.

    Target: An annoying salesclerk (KW) and her trainee (Cook) succeed in annoying their customers (RD, BH) with their suggestions, comments and leaving in the middle of sales. I expected less from this sketch but the pure awkwardness made it work. Musical Performance: I’m not fond of James Blunt’s voice but I can’t help but like the lyrics to “You’re Beautiful”.

    Weekend Update: Bush is planning for victory by 2047 and Amy finds it humiliating to be paid in change. Take out Rachel’s trip undercover as a fat woman and the visit by Michael Irving (KT) discussing his drug bust and this was a pretty funny Update. One Day Coma: Jerry (Cook) awakes from a medically induced coma to find out that his girlfriend (AP), married another guy (KW) and sold his ‘65 Mustang for a dollar. His incompetent doctor (CP) puts him back into a coma and he awakes 15 minutes later to find out the doctor got the girlfriend pregnant. This was one of my favorite sketches thanks to Dane and Amy. Fight Back with Victor Ramos: Watching this made me even gladder that Horatio is gone.

    Musical Performance: Blunt sings “Goodbye My Lover” and I hit the ff button.

    Morgan Stanley: Unlike “Taco Town”, this sketch is losing its appeal, though rightly so considering it’s the fourth time its been shown.

    This was a better show then I remembered and while I’m not familiar with Cook’s work outside of the show, I’m becoming a fan and will have to keep a look out his future work, after that ridiculous looking movie with the elder Simpson that is.
  • Dane Cook and James Blunt were awesome! Cook gave the show a "new funny" outcome. They need to consider hiring Cook to bring the show back! Wiig's new character from Target is hilarious!!!!

    Dane Cook and musical guest James Blunt were awesome! I actually saw the rerun on E!, and laughed out loud with my husband! We don't watch the show like we used to, but we are enjoying the reruns on E! The "Target" sketch was our favorite! We are looking forward to seeing that character (Wiig) again! Cook also made the show! He adds a "new funny" sense to the new skits. We are a fan of the "old school" skits, but enjoy some of the new ones, like the "Target" skit and "Debbie Downer". We use the sound effect after something negative we say or hear! Wiig also brought new meaning to the word "Cash!!" Loved it!
  • Dane Cook: No Steve Martin

    Dane Cook is a stand-up but will he equal the talent of the great Steve Martin?

    Cold Opening: The cold opening was a politically correct when it comes to the holidays and it seems like it was the first to feature the whole cast say "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" Jason Sudeikis played Harry Connick, Jr. Kenan Thompson was NBC weatherman Al Rokeer. Newcomer Kristen Wiig played Megan Mullaly.

    Monologue: Dane Cook seems rather long in the monologue. Usually, they go 5 minutes tops but he's gone like ten minutes right now. Sure, he is a stand-up comedian. Hey, I used to be one! It seemed like he wouldn't stop.

    West Bedford High School: Chris Parnell has the Drama Club perform the morning announcements. This sketch features Amy Poehler, Dane Cook, Seth Meyers, Kenan Thompson, Rachel Dratch, Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen. This sketch was not that funny.

    Taco Town Commercial: Is awesomer a word? That's a big taco! However, it's not kosher.

    The Long Ride Home: The Jay Feely Story. Dane Cook plays Jay Feely. Kenan Thompson, Finesse Mitchell, Chris Parnell, Rachel Dratch and Jason Sudeikis are also in this sketch. Chris Parnell's character said wind doesn't help. Cook tries singing, and is forced to shut up. Gets interesting now, the pilot passes out. Safe landing for Jay Feely. Scratch that, the landing was bad.

    (Next week: Alec Baldwin with MG Shakira)

    Wool Sweater: The next sketch features Dane Cook, Seth Meyers, Rachel Dratch, and Amy Poehler. One of the new guys is in the sketch in a supporting role...Samberg.

    Digital Short: Will has a beard in this one. Andy Samberg is the other guy. Lots of lettuce in this one. This was sponsored by the lettuce growers association.

    Target Graceland: Rachel, Dane, Kristen, and Bill Hader are in this one. I don't get the point of this sketch at all.

    Weekend Update: Bush speech on Iraq. Victory By 2047? Thirty-five pages on victory in Iraq. The Pentagon paid for stories in Iraqi newspapers? Rachel wore an obesity suit. World Aids Day was observed with some terms I missed. The tree in Boston was renamed a Holiday tree. A joke about the Xbox 3260. Ronald McDonald was charged with hamburgularly at Wendy's. A British man made a jazz record to chase away teens. The most literate city: Seattle. Michael Irvin (Kenan) talks about the latest incident. Wal-Mart poll: 56% think it is bad. The other 44% work there. Tree lighting joke.

    Good Samaritan Hospital (44 Hour Coma): Dane, Chris, Amy. Dane woke up from a coma from a karaoke accident after 24 hours. Amy's character married Will Forte's character. She sold his car for $1. Oy, I'd hate to be that guy.

    “Fight Back with Victor Ramos: Horatio Sanz, Amy and Dane in a sketch that I missed the name of.
  • Dane Cook .. what more can I say?! I'm sure that that show got soo much time on EVERYONE and their mom's tvs!! ..all i gotta say now is: SWEATER SKIT!!

    Dane Cook .. what more can I say?! I'm sure that that show got soo much time on EVERYONE and their mom's tvs!! If Dane was on there every night, I'd put money on it that everyone would tune-in. ..oh, and ps. ..all i gotta say now is: SWEATER SKIT!!
  • Dane Cook made the SHOW!

    I haven't watched SNL in a very long time! Dane Cook made the show! If he was on there every week I would definitely start watching the show again! His performance on there was fantastical.
    I especially loved the sweater skit and the 24 hour coma. Bring him back again SOON!
  • 1 Host I've never heard of + 1 musical guest I've never heard of = an average show.

    This week on SNL was two people I had never heard of until a few weeks ago. The show has showed some improvement, a slight improvement from weeks prior. It wasn’t one I was looking forward to, but I watched. I had to. Let’s start going over the main points.

    This week’s host was Dane Cook, a comedian supposedly popular on college campuses that I had never heard of until it was announced 2 weeks ago. Then after that, I found out that everyone else knew who the hell he was. I also saw that he was voted one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive of 2005, making me think, “Him? Really? Him? Why don’t I see that?” His monologue was stand-up, and it was way too long. WAY TOO LONG!!! I found it boring and annoying, and it was barely funny. I laughed only a little bit. It was almost 10 minutes, and I felt that it could have been cut down to a 5-minute routine. In his skits, he was tolerable. He wasn’t what I would call funny, but he wasn’t bad either. And he wasn’t that annoying either. C-

    This week’s musical guest was new British singer James Blunt. I was watching something not to long ago, and discovered that he was previously a captain in the British Navy (or Army. One of the two). He performed the songs “You’re Beautiful” and “Goodbye My Lover.” I feel that these songs could be interconnected. To tell the truth, I didn’t watch. And I barely listened. I don’t really listen to that kind of music. SO to be nice, I will score highly. I am sure he did well. I could be wrong, but it is my fault. B-


    The Tree Re-lighting: On my god, this was hilarious!!! I loved the fact that they couldn’t make fun of the fact that they couldn’t say Christmas Chunakka, or Kwanza. I loved The Trump in it. This is one of the best cold opening I have seen in a while. A++

    West Bedford Drama Club: Okay, I’m sure they were thinking during the writing process that this would have been good. And I thought it would be too. The Drama Club acted out the announcements. Sounds like a good idea, but did not turn out that way. C-

    Taco Town: YAY!!! IT CAME BACK!!! I love this skit. A Taco that has like 7 layers, one being a pizza. And the taco is completed in a blueberry pancake, and dipped in batter. Taco Bell must be upset that SNL found out their new taco. But I love this skit, and it is still funny. Love it! A+++

    The Long Ride Home: The Jay Feely Story: So, this is a football player that messed up in the game, right? Well, to prove he is worth it, he tries to land a plane. And can I say, they had amazing special effects for this. That plane was so realistic looking! I loved when Jay (Dane) started singing, and Kenan and Finesse’s character told him to shut up. That was great. B-

    Wool Sweater: Okay, some dude wore a hot and itchy sweater during beautiful winter weather. If he was in Milwaukee, he would have been probably nice and warm. This skit made me realize one thing – Dane has got to work out. He didn’t exactly have the nice stomach I’m used to seeing on most Hollywood guys. I thought this skit was just dumb. Why he didn’t wear a T-shirt underneath is beyond me. D=

    Lettuce (Film Short): This was a skit where Andy lost some dude in his life, maybe his father I guess, and Will talks to him, and they both eat a head of lettuce. And some guy that passes him on the street does the same. Supposedly plastics make it possible, and lettuce makes you better. I can’t relate because I don’t eat lettuce, and watching them eat the head of lettuce was making me sick. But I did like the concept, and it was kinda funny. C+

    Target Graceland: This doesn’t happen at the Target that I go to. And I never bought pants there either, but I cal tell you they’d cost more than $11.99. I think that this was annoying and unfunny. D

    The 44-Hour Coma: All I can say is that Amy is efficient. She got married in a day, divorced the next, and got pregnant the next. Wow. And after Dane’s character did so much for her. Poor guy. I liked the plot twist at the end, Amy having a baby with the doctor. Not bad. C

    Fight Back with Victor Santos: I have to be honest. I missed this one. I was busy yelling at this dude who called me a dunce at the Chappelle’s Show forum. He was pissing me off, and this skit didn’t make me turn to watch once. I did listen to it though. C

    Morgan Stanley: I’ve seen this one so much this season. I still think it is funny. A

    BEST MOMENT: Well, Taco Town for once. I love that skit. And the Cold Opening was hilariously great too. I enjoyed seeing my address during WU. It was a year. And Finnesse and Kenan telling that guy to shut up while singing was great. I think that a lot whenever someone sings.

    WORST MOMENT: I’m mad that no skits got U’s this week. I enjoy doing that. That Target skit was bad, and so was the Sweater skit.

    SURPRISING MOMENT: I was surprised that SNL did have someone go out in a fat suit and walk around the street. And she got no stares. That is probably because she was in NY and not LA, where if you don’t loom like a skeleton with clothes on, you are fat. I liked the whole thing where all the black dudes were asking her out. I didn’t expect that. I was also surprised to see Taco Town again. It was also surprising to see 3 skits in a row. Haven’t seen that since Year 29.


    RATING: 6/10 Sparkling Diamonds
  • Exactly why I stopped watching SNL.

    Ok, so to tell you how bad the show was, the host's monologue was the best part! Granted Cook was great, but he could only do stand-up. The cast just went through the motions during the show. If you TiVo'd it, watch it again and listen to the audience not laugh. I mean, come on guys, weekend update wasn't even funny and sadly most of the time its the highlight. I don't blame the cast b/c they have proven themselves over the years, but that's the main point. They need to bring in new writers and by the season's end, half of the cast needs to move on to greener pastures. Look at all the other SNL stars who have gone on to better things. The stars end up being cast in a movie with other SNL alumn. To add on to the lack of viewers, it seems the best celeb they could find to host next is Alec Baldwin.
  • dane cook hosted.. james blunt performed.. (opening skit was the most funniest i have ever seen on SNL) weekend update bombed.. lettuce skit was terrible.. the rest of the skits were outrageously funny thanks to dane

    it just goes to show you that dane cook is
    SNL has been so bad lately and not funny that dane cook stole every scene with his humor..
    the opening skit was great!
    yes it was some old material, but there are so many people who have not heard of him ..
    i cant believe he mentioned the "cashew" piece on SNL..
    it's been so long since someone got "gutsy" on that show!
    SNL writers need to wake up and realize that many people have stopped watching the show but with all of DANE COOK'S fans out there the ratings went up..
    dane cook brought back something that SNL forgot how to do..
    it made people actually laugh til their stomach hurt ..
    i did leave when the music came on
    im not a blunt fan .. and i didnt like the lettuce skit.
    it was stupid humor that didnt make sense..
    why did SNL bring those 2 new guys on? they are not funny!!
    i am a dane cook fan .. i actually was excited to see some good skits and new humor on SNL..
    maybe it's a lesson learned for SNL writers and lorne michaels needs to get some new members..
    or bring some old ones back for special appearances..
    im sure some people disagree with me.. well that's what a review is all about ..
    i can't wait til they ask dane cook to host again .. or maybe the SNL writers should take some pointers from him . (ha)

    su-fi forever.....
    dane cook fan
  • Dane Cook Was Terrific!

    It was a pretty funny show, but it had the usual lame parts to it. Poehler and Fey need to be removed from the Weekend Update desk - glib, cool, but not at all funny. What a slide from the Aykroyd/Curtin era.

    Week after week there is never enough of Darrell Hammond. A talented comic performer.

    Why is the Morgan Stanley parody ad shown every week? Surely there must be some more worthy material at hand.

    Kenan Thompson was great, as usual. That guy knows how to make me laugh.

    Dane Cook was a terrific host, as expected, and should be a regular cast member. He brought energy to this sometimes tired show.
  • dane cook is one of the funniest people alive. Best guest host so far this season. loved the entire show. manbey a more upbeat preformer would have been better but james blunt still put on a good show.

    very funny show that i would watch again. the sweater skit was priceless and i enjoyed every bit. I would like to see new skits for the
    'adds' but letuce was pretty funny. the monolog was excellent and finally someone just stood up there by the selves. very original and i think dane did a fantastic job.
  • A new month, a new idea and a new man reviewing it. I am's newest correspondent Chris Whitfield. This is my review.

    Hello This is my first review on I will review the Dane Cook/James Blunt show.

    Rockefeller Tree Re-Lighting: Finally a non political opening. This is by far my favorite sketch this season. I love Kristen's Megan Mullally and Kenan's Roker. Plus I loved how for once someone other than Darrell or Will said Live From New York. It's cool to see that SNL is back with a vengence. 5/5.

    Monologue: Comedian Dane Cook killed in the monologue. I especially liked when he said he ate a cashew off his boner. 5/5

    Drama Club: What's to discuss, this was a bad choice for them. Sounds like something from season 6. sure it was cute but if it wasn't for Fred, this sketch would have bombed. 3/5

    Long Ride Home: Pass 1/5

    Taco Town: Good thing a picture of the Wilson Brothers funeral home wasn't in the shot. Good all around. 3/5

    Wool sweater: insert insult here 1/5

    SNL Digital short: What is this about? For being 3/5

    Target: Wiig, in my opinion will be bumped up to full with Hader and Sudeikis by the Olympic break if this keeps up. 4/5

    James Blunt: didn't see it

    Update: Short and shotty. 'Nuff said. This is worse than Horatio would do. They can put me on the Update desk and it would be much better. Still i\\\'m going to be generous since it's "Chanukahah", "Kwanzoo" and Christmas and give it a 3.5/5

    44-hour coma: Call me retarded but his didn't make sense. 2/5

    Fight back: It was a strong show until they put Horatio in a sketch. Good thing he didn't laugh during the sketch like he does 2.5/5

    Blunt #2: Again didn't see it.

    MorganStanley: AGAIN????!!!! 1.5/5

    Next week the legendary Alec Baldwin will host with the sexy Musical Guest Shakira. For, I'm Chris Whitfield. That's just my opinion, I might be wrong.
  • Saturday Night Live - Saturday Night Dead. Rest In Peace. What a terrible terrible show! Painful to watch, to hear, to endure. Brutally bad.

    Rarely do I tune to shows that have zero talent but I wanted to see if Dane Cook could do CPR on this awful show. He was funny but no new material. He acted like a gay Will Farrell in all the skits. The news and show was predictable. Bash Bush, bash Christmas. Give ourselves a handjob and/or reach around and feed off the brilliance of John Belushi and Gilda Radner for one more season. This show is washed up, poorly written and not ready for anytime nor prime-time. Don't even bother with this show, stick your finger in a light socket instead. Like Warren Zevon said, " It is better to feel pain, than feel nothing at all." On a high note....James Blunt was awesome, out of nowhere, and worthe the pain and agony of the rest of the cast.
  • One of the worst episodes ever.

    I have to agree with gm0n3y on this one. The only thing I liked about this episode was the stand-up Dane Cook did at the beginning. The skits were just weird and not very funny. I was surprised that Weekend Update was so short and un-funny. That's usually the thing that does it for me.
    I really cannot recall anything else I liked in this episode. I'm not a fan of the musical guest so that was just a 5 minute computer break for me.
    Usually- when I'm not a fan of the musical guest, I sit and listen to whatever they're performing. If I like it, I'll stay and listen. But trust me, the 2 songs he did sounded like average elevator music.
    Not very entertaining!
  • The last couple seasons of SNL have been pathetic to say the least, this episode is not much different.

    This was, as most SNL episodes these days are, an absolutely horrible episode. The only good part was Dane Cooks opening. The rest was pathetic. It's just so sad that SNL has hit such a disgusting low. The writing is horrible, the acting is painful to watch and the whole show has gone to hell. I hope they get rid of this trash soon because it's just gonna get worse.