Saturday Night Live

Season 31 Episode 7

Dane Cook/James Blunt

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 03, 2005 on NBC

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  • Merry "Holiday" wishes from SNL and Dane Cook...

    After watching Saturday night’s Season 32 premiere, I had a good time reviewing it and decided to revisit some older episodes that I still have and where better to start than Dane Cook’s previous hosting stint, with musical guest James Blunt? Cold Open: Megan Mullally (KW), Harry Connick, Jr. (JS) and Al Roker (KT) host the tree-relighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center where the NBC Peacock choir (the rest of the cast) sing religiously neutral “Holiday” songs before the Donald (DH) stumbles through a censored version of the nativity story. Monologue: Dane was great albeit a bit too long. I particularly enjoyed his jabs at taking vacation photos.

    West Bedford Drama Club: A bit too long but there were a few laughs there.

    Taco Town: A re-air that was just as funny the second time around.

    The Long Ride Home: The Jay Feely Story: Giants Kicker Jay Feely (Cook) takes heat from his teammates (KT, FM) for missing three game ending field goals before having to land the plane between two radio towers (how ironic?). Feely’s redemption though funny, doesn’t last long…

    The Turtleneck: Keith (Cook) is meeting his date Carrie (AP) at a party hosted by their friends (SM, RD). Carrie is running late and Keith is sweating to death in the $800 turtleneck he bough to impress her. Cook proves he can do slapstick as he “is raped by a wookie”.

    Digital Short: Two guys (AS and WF) mourn the loss of a friend and are consoled by lettuce and that’s all I’ve got to say.

    Target: An annoying salesclerk (KW) and her trainee (Cook) succeed in annoying their customers (RD, BH) with their suggestions, comments and leaving in the middle of sales. I expected less from this sketch but the pure awkwardness made it work. Musical Performance: I’m not fond of James Blunt’s voice but I can’t help but like the lyrics to “You’re Beautiful”.

    Weekend Update: Bush is planning for victory by 2047 and Amy finds it humiliating to be paid in change. Take out Rachel’s trip undercover as a fat woman and the visit by Michael Irving (KT) discussing his drug bust and this was a pretty funny Update. One Day Coma: Jerry (Cook) awakes from a medically induced coma to find out that his girlfriend (AP), married another guy (KW) and sold his ‘65 Mustang for a dollar. His incompetent doctor (CP) puts him back into a coma and he awakes 15 minutes later to find out the doctor got the girlfriend pregnant. This was one of my favorite sketches thanks to Dane and Amy. Fight Back with Victor Ramos: Watching this made me even gladder that Horatio is gone.

    Musical Performance: Blunt sings “Goodbye My Lover” and I hit the ff button.

    Morgan Stanley: Unlike “Taco Town”, this sketch is losing its appeal, though rightly so considering it’s the fourth time its been shown.

    This was a better show then I remembered and while I’m not familiar with Cook’s work outside of the show, I’m becoming a fan and will have to keep a look out his future work, after that ridiculous looking movie with the elder Simpson that is.
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