Saturday Night Live

Season 23 Episode 21

David Duchovny/Puff Daddy featuring Jimmy Page

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 09, 1998 on NBC

Episode Recap

THE X-FILES: Fox Mulder realizes that Janet Reno's letters were actually for her love of him. (Duchovny, Nicholas Lea, Ferrell, Shannon)

MONOLOGUE: David Duchovny plays his guitar while reminiscing of his father. (Duchovny)

SPARTANS SUMMER CAMP: Craig Buchanan and Arianna perform at a special competition. (Duchovny, Paula Abdul, Ferrell, Gasteyer, Hammond (voice), Oteri, Shannon)

THE AMBIGUOUSLY GAY DUO: Ace and Gary go to their fortress of privacy to find out why they are there to protect the people. (Steve Carell (voice), Stephen Colbert (voice))

JEOPARDY!: Sean Connery, Minnie Driver, and Jeff Goldblum compete for charity. (Duchovny, Ferrell, Hammond, Shannon)

"COME WITH ME": (Daddy, Page)

WEEKEND UPDATE: Dominican Lou is upset with Wilfredo about his broken arm; Cinder Calhoun sings "Unshackle My Legs." (Gasteyer, Morgan, Quinn)

DAVID LOVES MANGO: David Duchovny falls in love with Mango after saving his life. (Duchovny, John Goodman, Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Breuer, Ferrell, Gasteyer, Kattan, Morgan, Shannon)

OPRAH: Oprah Winfrey reunites Goat Boy with his genetic brother. (Duchovny, Breuer, Meadows)

INTERBANK: Retrievers of stolen traveller's checks will rough up the thief who took them, and destroy his and his family's possessions. (Ferrell, Hammond, Kattan, Shannon)

FROM THE EARTH TO THE AREA AROUND THE EARTH: THE STORY OF THE SPACE SHUTTLE: Technicians impersonate Bill Clinton while talking to astronauts on another boring shuttle mission. (Duchovny, Breuer, Ferrell, Hammond, Meadows)

THE GO-LORDS: "King of the World" James Cameron unleashes his army of Leonardo DiCaprios on The Golords. (Ferrell (voice), Gasteyer (voice))

DEEP THOUGHTS: On making baby traps, but not to hurt them.