Saturday Night Live

Season 20 Episode 11

David Hyde Pierce/Live

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 21, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

ALLOWED EVIDENCE: Judge Lance Ito's allowed evidence both irks and excites the defense and prosecution evenly. (Farley, Kightlinger, McKean, McKinney, Meadows, Myers, Nealon)
MONOLOGUE: David Hyde Pierce sings, along with sailors, "I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General." (Pierce, McKean, McKinney, Meadows, Mohr)
AMAZIN' LASER: Laser's lawn maintainence is the least of its capabilities. (Elliott)
POETRY Students take lyrics from c rock tunes in hopes of fooling their poetry teacher. (Pierce, Elliott, Farley, Garofalo, Mohr, Sandler)
TALES OF LITTLE WOMEN: Proper children use harsh language after falling through ice. (Pierce, Farley, Garofalo, McKean, Spade)
SCOTTISH SOCCER HOOLIGAN WEEKLY: Degenerative soccer fans welcome a nerdy tennis hooligan. (Pierce, Garofalo (VO), McKinney, Myers)
"I ALONE": (Live)
WEEKEND UPDATE: Tim Meadows, along with the entire African American community, are glad that the hockey strike is finally over; crudely manipulated videotape is the basis of Jay Mohr's wacky sports bloopers. (MacDonald, Meadows, Mohr)
WHO'S THE ROBOT?: Space crew must identify who the deadly robot is on their ship. (Pierce, Cleghorne, Farley, McKean(VO), McKinney, Sandler, Spade)
NERVOUS HABITS: While going over another proposal, lawyer annoys his colleague by unconsciously shearing a sheep. (Pierce, McKean, Nealon)
FOREIGNERS AND JERSEY KIDS: Jersey kids play tricks on a foreigner's jittery English vocabulary. (Pierce, Franken (VO), Sandler, Spade)
PERSPECTIVES: Lionel Osbourne's very-late-night talk show is for the black community. (Cleghorne, McKean (VO), Meadows)
INTERNET CHAT: Darryl encounters a pervert disguising himself as a woman on the internet. (Elliott, Garofalo, McKinney)
MOVIE NEWS: Patrick Van Horn hypes an array of Disney films and movies that aren't. (Pierce)