Saturday Night Live

Season 1 Episode 12

Dick Cavett/Jimmy Cliff

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 31, 1976 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • During the third "H&L Brock" sketch, Lorne Michaels sneaks under John Belushi's chair and ties his shoelaces together. This would explain Belushi's breaking character during the sketch.

  • Quotes

    • Chevy Chase: (Talking on the phone): No. Remember that night on the freeway? That truck that passed us? I swear they could see your head. Honey, it did not look like you were napping...

    • Lowell Brock: Hi, I'm Lowell Brock, for H&L Brock, with more of my seventeen reasons why you should bring your taxes to us, insa- instead of H&R Block. [he sits in the chair]

      Reason number one: [SUPER: "REASON #1: WE CHEAT FOR YOU"] we are willing to cheat for you. Take for example, this little item [indicates folder]- reason number two: [SUPER: "REASON #2: BOGUS RECEIPT SERVICE"] our bogus receipt service. [Spreads folder to show various fake receipts]. We can fabricate entire business trips using our collection of all the standard receipt forms used by [points to various receipts] legitimate restaurants, airlines, car rentals, or any expense remotely related to your business. [closes folder]

      Why pay costly taxes [removes his glasses] when you don't have to? [SUPER: "H&L BROCK: THE TAX FRAUD PEOPLE"] Bring your taxes to H&L Brock and don't you be a chump this year.

    • Chevy Chase: Well, the popular TV personality known as "Professor Backwards" was slain in Atlanta yesterday by three masked gunmen. According to reports, neighbors ignored the Professor's cries of "Pleh! Pleh!"
      (groans from the audience)
      Chevy Chase: I'm sorry . . .

  • Notes

    • Dick Cavett ends his monologue by shooting a life-size stuffed cow out of the sky. The cow-dropping bit is a take-off on Monty Python's "16-ton weight" gag, designed to end a sketch without having to write an actual ending.

    • The NBC rerun on 8/30/80 cut the H&L Brock segments, the second Dick Cavett school ad (Hydroplane Operation), and Our Town. The Bee Heritage was added from Cavett's second hosting gig.

    • The show ran long and the goodnights cut off after the Delta Airlines and Brooks Van Horne credits. Reruns use the credits from Cavett's November '76 show.

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