Saturday Night Live

Season 39 Episode 11


Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 18, 2014 on NBC

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  • Drake Hosts

    Not a fan of Drake's music, but give him credit for bringing energy to the show, trying different characters, and helping produce one of the season's strongest episodes. No sketch was really memorable, but I found myself laughing throughout the program.
  • Drake pulls it off!

    Drake was great. I knew about his Degrassi background but he made fumn of that in the monologue along eith a few self effacing jokes about rap, his multi-cultural upbringing , etc.

    He was in the opener as A-Rod, which was a shock as most hosts don't do the opening, but he nailed it. His other characters were great, Lil Wheezy and sleep over Dad were my fave.

    His musical numbers were okay. I still holn janell Monae as the standard to hit for a live performance, so it seemed a little laconic.

    But all in all it was a great episode. I know this season could have been an easy one to ignore, but the cast has really been funny. New ast member Sasheer was prominent in her first episode. I am sure that will eventually slow doen, but clearly they had a lot of ideas they couldn't use without at least one black woman in the scene.

    Also her thigh tattoo may or may not be reall from the resolution revolution skit, but damn she has great legs!!!!!