Saturday Night Live

Season 29 Episode 12

Drew Barrymore/Kelis

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 14, 2004 on NBC

Episode Recap

GORE'S ENDORSEMENT: Presidential candidate John Kerry fears Al Gore's endorsement will bring him bad luck just like so many others from him. (Hammond, Meyers, Poehler)

MONOLOGUE: Drew Barrymore meets her childhood co-star E.T., and others who she has never worked with. (Barrymore, Dratch, Forte, Hammond, Meyers)

A VERY SPECIAL VALENTINE'S VERSACE: Destructive Courtney Love crashes Donatella Versace's mansion on Valentine's Day. (Barrymore, Poehler, Rudolph, Sanz)

JARRET'S ROOM: Jarret has a fantasy of having sex with his best friend Gobi's sister. (Barrymore, Fallon, Meyers, Sanz)

ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Charlize Theron introduces her ugly side on film, as well as some of her newer roles. (Barrymore, Fallon)

OCTANE: Poor script and bad special effects are shown in TV spot for new action movie. (Meyers, Mitchell, Parnell(voice), Rudolph, Thompson, J.B. Smoove)

"MILKSHAKE": (Kelis)

WEEKEND UPDATE: Diana Ross is frightened of her new jail life and is harassed silently by her bunkmate. (Fallon, Fey, Mitchell, Rudolph)

MIKE'S BAR, 1968: Bill Clinton, John Kerry, George W. Bush, and Hillary Clinton all cross paths on this fateful day in 1968. (Barrymore, Forte, Hammond, Meyers, Parnell)

LARRY KING LIVE: Larry King interviews bubblebrained Anna Nicole Smith on her recent weight loss. (Barrymore, Fallon)

SPY GLASS: Segments include scooter riding Jenny Belvedere and the hosts dish out more from their own personal lives than celebrities. (Barrymore, Fallon, Meyers, Poehler)

THE WORLD OF SCOTT WAINIO: Scott Wainio interviews people with no microphone. (Scott Wainio)

THE WHITE STRIPES: Crime fighters The White Stripes sing their long theme song and in the process fail to foil a bank robbery. (Barrymore, Fallon, Parnell, Thompson)

"TRICK ME": (Kelis)

PRINCE SHOW: Prince talks with punk rocker Pink and king of funk George Clinton. (Barrymore, Armisen, Rudolph, Thompson)