Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 3

Drew Barrymore/Regina Spektor

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 10, 2009 on NBC

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  • Drew Barrymore guests. No, it is not 1999.

    Cold Opening: This must have been a last minute addition as it was way shorter than usual, and not even worth doing.

    Monologue: I guess it was clever, but is Drew Barrymore's annoying voice really a known thing? Gilly: A bit more clever this time, but I cannot believe this got a huge round of applause when it was confirmed to be a Gilly sketch, even more than when Kramer would walk in the door on SNL. Celebrity Ghost Stories: Kind of funny, but a bit MAD TV-ish. Mainly a sketch for the show to test out some new impressions. Abby Elliot's Anna Faris was dead on though so I have to commend her for that. Vinny Vedece: Another recurring sketch brought back to fill time. Weekend Update: Seth Meyers downhill struggle continues, but Bill Hader was funny as James Carville again.

    ESPN: Filler sketch.

    Cooking al fresco: Childish, reminiscent of something we'd see on All That. Andy Samberg's response to Drew Barrymore's jokes was the only highlight. We need to keep Bobby Moynihan out of all these sketches though. It is starting to get ridiculous.

    Larry King Live: Oh, I get it...they wanted to use the word weiner a lot, but mockingly use it during Larry King, a supposedly "smart" political show. Ha ha, that is hilarious...not really though.

    Digital Short: Lame.

    Hamilton: I wanna make love in this this club in this club. I can't believe they actually gave this random Will Forte character from past sketches a name and his own sketch. Kind of funny by last sketch of the night standards. Nasim Pedrad needs more screen time.
  • That's a terrible name for a slow, fat man

    Star and director of the independent film, "Whip It" Drew Barrymore hosts and piano pop starlet Regina Spektor performs

    Cold Open - President Obama (Fred) talks about winning the Nobel Peace Prize and a $70 million jackpot. I like that it was short and direct to the point.

    Monologue - Drew announces this is her sixth time as a host (shows a quick image of her first in 1982), then profiles the history of her family in movies each with an accent similar to her own. I guess it was fun having the cast imitate her voice. Although, I think it veered a little to far into Valley Girl-esqe territory. Gilly - The mischievous preteen (Kristin) causes more mayhem, now with help from her Italian doppelganger (Drew). I like the addition of Drew's character to this increasingly absurd sketch and Bobby and Kenan's characters have great lines. With that said, I think the well has run dry for this one.

    Celebrity Ghost Stories - On the Biography Channel, Billy Bob Thornton (Andy), Anna Faris (Abby), Sharon Osbourne (Drew), Matthew McConaughey (Justin Long), Ray Parker Jr (Kenan), Charlene Yi (Nasim) discuss their terrifying encounters with ghosts. Even though it was an excuse for everyone to do a great (Abby's Faris) or not that great impression (Andy's Billy Bob), the dialogue for the most part was delightful.

    University of Westfield - In a spoof of online colleges, various workers try to hide the fact of where they went to college. This was great. I especially loved the lies each told about the school they attended, the online school diploma coming out of the printer, and Kenan's falling asleep to avoid answering the question.

    La Rivista Della Televisione con Vinni Verduci - The wisecracking Italian talker (Bill) interviews Drew, gets interrupted by his son (Bobby) who gets offended by Drew's comments on his drinking, then Verducci apologizes a la David Letterman for his office flings with staffers via a funny on screen crawl, then sings the Devo song that is a pun of Drew's new movie. I usually like these and this was no different. Regina Spektor performs the sparse Anti-Folk of "Eet". Classy tune.

    Weekend Update - Seth opens Update with more great jokes; The skeletor looking Democratic Strategist James Carville (Bill) stops by again to talk about the reaction to President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize; Scrooge McDuck (Andy) talks about the price of gold; Maya Angelou (Kenan) recites poem to counter Internet rumors that she had died, then takes a few jabs at gossip blog TMZ. Overall solid Update, though no more Andy as a talking bird.

    Tampax to the Max Pool Championship - On ESPN Classic (some writer really loves cable television), two commentators (Jason, Will) blatantly advertise Tampons and emcee the action at a billiard tournament between two androgynous competitors (Kristin, Drew) in 1991. I think that is the most times I ever heard Tampon said in....well, anything. With that said, this didn't go anywhere.

    Cooking Al Fresco with Fran & Phil - while trying to cook outside, hosts (Andy, Drew) and Guy Fieri (Bobby) contend with attacking ravens. Though, I enjoyed the quick technical difficulty screen shots, this didn't really go anywhere. Larry King Live - King (Fred) has panel (Kristin, Jason, Drew) discuss what exactly causes various affairs of celebrities. All agree on one thing: men like to stick their "wieners" in things. The most I've ever heard "wiener" said in...well, you get the idea.

    Brenda & Shawn (Digital Short) - Somewhere in the 1980s, two weirdos (Drew, Fred) go around spreading cheer with brightly colored thumbs. It was so absurd it worked. I also like the continuation of the 80s scratched video tape affect from the digital short, Body Fusion, in Drew's previous hosting stint. Though, I don't believe Ford Crown Victoria's of the make shown existed in the 80s nor did; however, leaving plausibility behind worked in the end.

    Ms. Spektor performs the sprite piano pop of "The Calculation" At a Barnes & Noble book reading, an author (Drew) takes questions from a man who turns out to be her ex- (Will), whom repulses her, only for her to sprawl on a table ready for lovemaking after he croons a few bars of an Usher song. This was a great 10-to-1 sketch.

    An improvement over last week. However, only slightly. 6/10
  • Why bring up 1982?

    Saturday Night Live,
    Drew Barrymore/Regina Spektor, - Drew Barrymore hosts tonight for the 6th time. While Regina Spektor is the musical guest. I have never heard of Spektor so going into this episode is a surprise for me. Drew has been here for the 6th time. Edging her way deep into the 5 timers club. And if you count your self a fan of the show and dont know what i am talking about than your not a fan. Lets start

    Cold Opening: The show starts with (Fred) Obama talking about winning the Noble Peace Prize. Fred's impression is getting worse as he appears not to be trying anymore. Is that a sign? The sketch goes on to see that Obama won the Lottery and is the luckiest man alive. While a citizen (Wiig) is angry that this was Obama's first time playing and he wins. Overall this was to short, i would have liked to see more. But this is worth a watch

    Monologue: Drew comes on stage and declares herself the most used women on the show. I dont know why but like past hosting stints she brings up her famous 1982 show. She thens "shows" past performences of her "family". This is worth a watch as Drew makes fun of herself and the cast makes fun of her too.

    Gilly: Before the sketch even began i knew this was going to be another Gilly sketch. Gill was first seen in the horrible Rosario Dawson episode. But after that the sketch has moved forward and has got laughs and "love" from the audience, sorta. The sketch plays out the same, Gilly does something bad and the teacher asks the students if they did the bad thing before coming to Gilly. You would think the teacher would have learned by now. However a new student named Gigli (Drew) from Italy brings new terror to the class. Acting like Gilly until Gilly gets her to kill her self by putting a cigarette in explosives. Overall, even those this is the best one of the Gilly Sketchs i would pass on this one. And the others.

    Celebrity Ghost Stories: This one is about Celebritys telling Ghost Stories. A real show on bio. It's stars tell stories that make me wonder if they are on acid trips, but then i remember who the "Celebritys" actually are. Overall, this was a great sketch that was funny and worth a watch.

    University of Westfield: Probably the best part of the night that features an internet school that teaches you to lie about going to college. This sketch is better than how i explained it. La ricista della televisione: The recurring sketch comes back to haunt us. It's the same thing again, i cant speak italian. Dont watch

    Musical Performance 1: Regina Spektor performs eet. For some reason i really did not like this. A weird sounding song that made me want to go back and watch it again thinking i missed something the first time around.

    Weekend Update: Seth tells some really great jokes. Hader comes out and makes the night with his James Carville impression that was the best part of Update tonight. Andy as Scrooge McDuck, it started slow but picked itself up after his money gave him a disease that turned him into a duck. That's what you get for playing money. Kenan as Maya Angelou was probably the worst part of the update. As her poems making fun of TMZ fell flat.

    Billiards Champion Games 1991: Wiig and Drew are two horrible pool players will Jason and Will are two announcers. Will's character knows nothing about pool while Jason's character keeps making tampax jokes. Which was actually funny, this is worth a watch. Cooking Al Fresco: Andy and Drew play chefs that are cooking on the top of the building. What ever they do abounch of smart crows mess up. Taking bread crumbs then dipping break into sauce and killing Guy Fieri, you know the guy froms those TGI fridays commericals. Worth a watch but it will grow old soon.

    Larry King Live: Larry King and friends talk about guys who cheat and want to put there weiners where they are supposed to be. While the Tampax sketch worked earlier this dragged on. Dont watch

    SNL Digital Short: Drew and Fred play two dancers( think) who can come to about anything and make it better. Like and eye exam or jail. Not the strongest digital short but it was better than Body Fusion

    Musical Performance 2: Regina Spektor performs the calculation. And once again i didnt like her performance.

    Book Reading: The last sketch finds Drew has wrote about a book about a past lover. That past lover is Hamilton. The unamed guy from the hugh laure and Will Ferrell episode. The sketch find a foursome in a book store. Worth a watch

    Overall it was an allright episode. Nothing special and nothing will be remembered in the furute. Something tonight will probably be used in the TBO of Drew Barrymore. I didnt like Regina Spektor's performances on this episode. I will go back and watch her again. Alot of Bash against Italy tonight, There was also 6 Blue Man Group commericals, i guess they sponser SNL. Next week we have Gerard Butler and Shakira.
  • This was sooo special.

    Drew Barrymore hosts for her 6th time tonight on the show, and whenever she hosts, it's always a treat to have her on. Drew is always pure energy to the show, and livens up the cast, and she's a joy to watch perform. Our musical guest is Regina Spektor. Regina's album, "Far" is an amazing album, that has deep lyrics, and fun tunes. I definitely recommend this album to anyone.

    Obama's Nobel Prize: Obama also wins the lottery in this sketch, which proves he's very lucky. This sketch was a little less punchy than last week's Obama sketch, and a little more weak. It was short, and the 3 AM line, even though I saw it coming right when he said "in the morning", was still a really funny line.

    Monologue: This was actually really funny. It reminded me a lot of that Chris Walken sketch a year and a half ago, which some succeeded at, and some failed at. This time around, everyone did the impression pretty good.

    Gilly: Another Gilly sketch... don't worry everyone, soon enough this sketch will [hopefully] disappear like Penelope or the A-Holes did. BTW, I miss the A-Holes. Anyways, this sketch was still worth a few laughs. Drew made me laugh. Abby's character was borderline annoying though.

    Celebrity Ghost Stories: I love when they do the impression sketches, but tonight's impressions were either completely random, and not that funny, or just bad impressions. Abby and Nasim stood out in this, even though nobody knows who Charlyne Yi is. But, man, I know this is random, but I'm having a late Amy Poehler withdrawal. Last week we had Abby's Nancy Grace, which was okay, but nothing more, and this week we have Drew doing a pretty sloppy Sharon Osbourne. If they do a Rosie Perez impression, or a Dakota Fanning impression next week, I'll snap. Just kidding. But, anyways, this just wasn't all there.

    University of Westfield: Look! A funny commercial parody! This actually gave me a lot of laughs, and it was nice to see most of the cast in this. Jenny made me laugh with her mumblin. at the end.

    La Revista Della Televisione: I've grown to love this sketch. I absolutely hated it back in 2007, and the Jon Bovi sketch was the one that started turning me around. But, tonight was a little weaker than usual. There were some funny parts, and even though they tried doing something different with Bobby, they've got to go a whole new direction with Vinni's son. I don't exactly know what right yet, but, the alcohol/smoking problem he has is starting to get old.

    Musical Performance: Regina performs "Eet" which is a great song, and Regina's voice is so beautiful live.

    Weekend Update: This Update seemed a little bit on weak knees. I guess that's what the Weekend Update Thursdays have done, and the damage will have to wait to be fixed until the hiatus after next week, I guess. Bill's Carville was a pleasure to see back, and made me laugh. After that, we had Scrooge, which was okay, but nothing more. Then, we had Kenan's Maya Angelou, which made me laugh at first, but that was it. The poems weren't funny.

    Pool Tournament: This was just one big tampon joke, and it didn't pay off. I really can't say anymore. Even the 90's looks weren't making me laugh.

    Cooking al Fresco: First off: Is this the millionth Italian reference of the night? Second off: This was almost like an attempt for "Wake Up and Smile" from 1995 with Will Ferrell and Nancy Walls. But, it didn't come off that well. And, there was a bunch of technical gaffes, like Drew messing up her hair too late when the camera got back to her.

    Larry King Live: What was this? This was bad. I may have chuckled. MAY have chuckled. I can't remember. But, this wasn't good. This is below All That. Wow... I just don't know what this was. And it's a damn shame, because that Larry King Live sketch from 2 years ago with Amy as J.K. Rowling was so funny, and it had potential to be the new go-to news sketch, like Hardball used to be.

    Musical Performance: Regina performs "The Calculation" which is a huge pleasant surprise. "The Calculation" is a great song that's upbeat and happy, and not [yet] a single. I was expecting "Laughing With" which is another great song, but, this was great too.

    Book Reading: This was a really funny 5-to-one sketch, that should have been placed much earlier in the show. Even right down to the beginning with Jason pointing out how Drew read the whole book made me laugh. And I was surprised that we were doing another "funeral/wedding" but, but it actually just centered around Will's anti-obama character, which really made me laugh.

    And that's our show. This was a pretty middling episode, which averaged out to average. The actual writing was below average, but Regina really bumped this episode up. It was definitely a disappointing Drew Barrymore episode, because Drew's episodes, minus the 2004 one, are usually always delights. Her 2007 episode is probably one of the funniest ones from that year. And, Drew definitely didn't phone tonight in. She was there, and you could tell she was loving it. She almost seemed a little off tonight, though. But, otherwise, she, once again, was pure energy, and it's always a treat having her on. And, as I said above, Regina rocked. I don't want to be bias, but she really was great.

    I'm liking what I see from Nasim. Nasim seems like a naturally funny actress, and I can't wait for her to really get stuff going. I was proud of Abby tonight. Abby really got some good stuff out, and it's about time. Jenny, though, really needs to get on. I'm not sure if it's her inability to pursue writers to write for her, or if it's because Lorne is scared of her F-bomb the other week, but, seriously, it's old news now, and it's about time she gets stuff on. I really want to see her succeed on this show.

    And, by the way, no Darrell!

    Next week: Gerard Butler hosts with musical guest, Shakira. The history of the 4-episode runs in the past 2 years have shown that the 4th episode is usually the best (Jonah Hill, Anne Hathaway), so I have hope. Hopefully Gerard will be a funny guy. (I really don't know his work). Shakira will be interesting.
  • A hugely disappointing episode especially after following two incredibly weak episodes to start the season.

    Cold Open - Very rushed without any surprises. Just poking fun at the Nobel prize isn't enough. Watercoolers around the world had better jokes than this. Grade: D

    Monologue - Drew is likable, but has been a surprisingly inconsistent host. Like the Walken sketch a few years back, everybody gets a chance to do their impression of the host. Abby was the best, Andy was the worst. Grade: C-

    Gilly - There are some SERIOUS problems in SNL land if the powers that be actually think this sketch is funny, let alone funny enough to be the first sketch. Repetition can be funny but, does not guarantee laughs. I hate it when the audience applauds a character merely because they RECOGNIZE the character, not because the sketch is any good. Seems to be SNL's MO these days. Pathetic. Grade: F

    Celebrity Ghosts - Gee, an impression sketch. How original. The "stories" were completely forgettable so we were left with moderately bad to awful impressions of "celebrities". Grade: D

    Vinny Vedecci - Another recurring sketch with nothing new added. Fill in the blanks with the script. Grade: C-

    Weekend Update - Pretty much par for the course: Some decent jokes followed by at least one watchable guest (Hader) and a couple of crummy guests (Samberg and Thompson). Grade: C+

    Pool Tournament - 90s retro. A chance for Drew to do an eccentric character. Her character was funny, but unfortunately the focus was on Sudeikis and Forte as clueless commentators. Missed opportunity. Grade: C

    Larry King Live - Truly a one-joke sketch that was funny for about 10 seconds. The Urigro/Bladdivan writer continues his obsession with penises, this time focusing on the other thing they can do. Grade: C-

    Digital Short: Magicians - When Drew hosts, the Lonely Island bunch seems to go 80s retro. Remember the 80s exercise video? This one was just mildly amusing and not nearly as annoying as another rap video. Grade: C

    Book Reading - Wow, another character we have seen a few times before. This time we learn his name his Hamilton and we get to learn a little of his back story. As it turns out, it is a story best left untold. Grade: D
  • I've stumble across "Bazooka Joe" and "Pud" comics that were funnier than this episode's skits.

    This episode of Saturday Night Live, with Drew Barrymore was not funny. I recall only a few chuckles while I watched the episode, but it was really nothing to praise. The only saving grace was from Keenan Thompson. Even the Digital short was not funny, and I found that hard to believe and very disappointing.

    What happened writers? did you run out of time? it happens, but you need to shake off what has been a slow start to your season and bring back a veteran host, one that always does something memorable. Justin Timberlake perhaps? No? Alright then, but something needs to be done before you need another overhaul like they did back when John Lovitz was on the show.
  • Drew Barrymore hosts but doesn't do too much

    So far, there hasn't been a standout episode this season on SNL, but there have been some pretty standout sketches. If only they could come up with some new skits that didn't seem so tired and boring..

    The cold open and narration were both sort of lame, and there was actually a lot of skits that fell WAY short of their mark.. and the Al Fresco and the birthday party one with Fred Armisan and Drew Barrymore was only a couple of them.
    I did enjoy the Vinne Verdeci skit with Bill Hader, as well as the new Gilly.. as stupid as Gilly is, there's something about the way Kristen Wiig plays her that's hilarious. If you're looking for a ridiculous but entertaining sketch, watch this one. Also, speaking of Bill Hader, he was on his game tonight, whether it was Vinne or James Carville, an always classic impression (the only person to one-up Bill Hader with impressions was Justin Long, who did a pitch perfect Matthew McConahagy.. man my spelling is off).

    The show has been good for some laughs, but it's not the same as it's been, and probably never will be. But until then, I guess we'll have to deal with sub-par skits and the occasional laugh out loud moments.