Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 3

Drew Barrymore/Regina Spektor

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 10, 2009 on NBC

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  • Drew Barrymore guests. No, it is not 1999.

    Cold Opening: This must have been a last minute addition as it was way shorter than usual, and not even worth doing.

    Monologue: I guess it was clever, but is Drew Barrymore's annoying voice really a known thing? Gilly: A bit more clever this time, but I cannot believe this got a huge round of applause when it was confirmed to be a Gilly sketch, even more than when Kramer would walk in the door on SNL. Celebrity Ghost Stories: Kind of funny, but a bit MAD TV-ish. Mainly a sketch for the show to test out some new impressions. Abby Elliot's Anna Faris was dead on though so I have to commend her for that. Vinny Vedece: Another recurring sketch brought back to fill time. Weekend Update: Seth Meyers downhill struggle continues, but Bill Hader was funny as James Carville again.

    ESPN: Filler sketch.

    Cooking al fresco: Childish, reminiscent of something we'd see on All That. Andy Samberg's response to Drew Barrymore's jokes was the only highlight. We need to keep Bobby Moynihan out of all these sketches though. It is starting to get ridiculous.

    Larry King Live: Oh, I get it...they wanted to use the word weiner a lot, but mockingly use it during Larry King, a supposedly "smart" political show. Ha ha, that is hilarious...not really though.

    Digital Short: Lame.

    Hamilton: I wanna make love in this this club in this club. I can't believe they actually gave this random Will Forte character from past sketches a name and his own sketch. Kind of funny by last sketch of the night standards. Nasim Pedrad needs more screen time.
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