Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 3

Drew Barrymore/Regina Spektor

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 10, 2009 on NBC

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  • That's a terrible name for a slow, fat man

    Star and director of the independent film, "Whip It" Drew Barrymore hosts and piano pop starlet Regina Spektor performs

    Cold Open - President Obama (Fred) talks about winning the Nobel Peace Prize and a $70 million jackpot. I like that it was short and direct to the point.

    Monologue - Drew announces this is her sixth time as a host (shows a quick image of her first in 1982), then profiles the history of her family in movies each with an accent similar to her own. I guess it was fun having the cast imitate her voice. Although, I think it veered a little to far into Valley Girl-esqe territory. Gilly - The mischievous preteen (Kristin) causes more mayhem, now with help from her Italian doppelganger (Drew). I like the addition of Drew's character to this increasingly absurd sketch and Bobby and Kenan's characters have great lines. With that said, I think the well has run dry for this one.

    Celebrity Ghost Stories - On the Biography Channel, Billy Bob Thornton (Andy), Anna Faris (Abby), Sharon Osbourne (Drew), Matthew McConaughey (Justin Long), Ray Parker Jr (Kenan), Charlene Yi (Nasim) discuss their terrifying encounters with ghosts. Even though it was an excuse for everyone to do a great (Abby's Faris) or not that great impression (Andy's Billy Bob), the dialogue for the most part was delightful.

    University of Westfield - In a spoof of online colleges, various workers try to hide the fact of where they went to college. This was great. I especially loved the lies each told about the school they attended, the online school diploma coming out of the printer, and Kenan's falling asleep to avoid answering the question.

    La Rivista Della Televisione con Vinni Verduci - The wisecracking Italian talker (Bill) interviews Drew, gets interrupted by his son (Bobby) who gets offended by Drew's comments on his drinking, then Verducci apologizes a la David Letterman for his office flings with staffers via a funny on screen crawl, then sings the Devo song that is a pun of Drew's new movie. I usually like these and this was no different. Regina Spektor performs the sparse Anti-Folk of "Eet". Classy tune.

    Weekend Update - Seth opens Update with more great jokes; The skeletor looking Democratic Strategist James Carville (Bill) stops by again to talk about the reaction to President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize; Scrooge McDuck (Andy) talks about the price of gold; Maya Angelou (Kenan) recites poem to counter Internet rumors that she had died, then takes a few jabs at gossip blog TMZ. Overall solid Update, though no more Andy as a talking bird.

    Tampax to the Max Pool Championship - On ESPN Classic (some writer really loves cable television), two commentators (Jason, Will) blatantly advertise Tampons and emcee the action at a billiard tournament between two androgynous competitors (Kristin, Drew) in 1991. I think that is the most times I ever heard Tampon said in....well, anything. With that said, this didn't go anywhere.

    Cooking Al Fresco with Fran & Phil - while trying to cook outside, hosts (Andy, Drew) and Guy Fieri (Bobby) contend with attacking ravens. Though, I enjoyed the quick technical difficulty screen shots, this didn't really go anywhere. Larry King Live - King (Fred) has panel (Kristin, Jason, Drew) discuss what exactly causes various affairs of celebrities. All agree on one thing: men like to stick their "wieners" in things. The most I've ever heard "wiener" said in...well, you get the idea.

    Brenda & Shawn (Digital Short) - Somewhere in the 1980s, two weirdos (Drew, Fred) go around spreading cheer with brightly colored thumbs. It was so absurd it worked. I also like the continuation of the 80s scratched video tape affect from the digital short, Body Fusion, in Drew's previous hosting stint. Though, I don't believe Ford Crown Victoria's of the make shown existed in the 80s nor did; however, leaving plausibility behind worked in the end.

    Ms. Spektor performs the sprite piano pop of "The Calculation" At a Barnes & Noble book reading, an author (Drew) takes questions from a man who turns out to be her ex- (Will), whom repulses her, only for her to sprawl on a table ready for lovemaking after he croons a few bars of an Usher song. This was a great 10-to-1 sketch.

    An improvement over last week. However, only slightly. 6/10
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