Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 17

Dwayne Johnson/Ray LaMontagne

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 07, 2009 on NBC

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  • Did I say trainer? I meant choreographer slash roommate!

    Wow, talk about burn out eh? In the past 5 episodes on the 2009 calendar, we've had two episodes that weren't widely considered disappointments. One of them being really good, while the other one middling to a decent broadcast. The other three, two of which were hosted by legends on SNL, were nearly forgettable. I don't know if it was just the fact that the writers didn't try, or if they just really didn't care. If tonight's broadcast is good, then maybe it will prove the fact that the writers can't do a 5 episode arch in 6 weeks in the middle of the season.

    The host tonight is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Wierd thing is when he was pegged to host late 2007 (which was cancelled due to the writers' strike), he was announced as "The Rock" simply. But this time, it was strictly Dwayne Johnson. Our musical guest tonight is one that nobody had guessed when we were speculating (U2 was the top contender). Ray LaMontagne is our musical guest tonight.

    A Message From Secretary of Treasury: In what you thought was just going to be a sit down announcement from Timmothy Geithner blaming everything on the Bush administration, turns into a phone-line for help. This was a decent opening, and the Nigerian Prince thing was great.

    Monologue: The Rock tries to prove he's tough, which turns into him being compared to 4 girls and his gay trainer. Pretty funny monologue.

    MacGruber: MacGruber has kind of lost respect from many fans since he sold himself to Pepsi, but tonight wasn't that. It was actually a real sketch. By the way, did anybody else notice the fact that the first 20 seconds of the conversation between MacGruber and MacGyver was the exact same as it was during the Pepsi commercials?

    The Rock Obama: Rahm Emanuel tries to convince Obama to get angry, which all plays out great in his head. This was a pretty funny sketch, but there were some parts when it was moving very very slowly. They could have mixed it up more than just throwing them out the same window. Maybe this would have been better later in the night.

    MacGruber: MacGyver and MacGruber are happy together until MacGyver wants to leave him again. The little segueways between the MacGyver and MacGruber explosions were great.

    Activia Yogurt Shoot: Okay, so this wasn't a total carbon copy, but pretty close. This was somewhat a better sketch than the Ashton Kutcher one, but since it was already used, it cancelled this quality out. At least do something diffierent.

    Hawaiian Bar: When this started, I was worried that it was going to be this sketch when the singers annoyed the customers, and it would move slowly, but it actually turned out to be a pretty funny sketch.

    MacGruber: This time, Grubs threatens to poop on his dad's ashes when he dies. I've gotta say, this sketch gets more and more out there every time it airs. But that's not a bad thing.

    Musical Performance: Ray LaMontagne performs "You Are The Best Thing". A pretty nice song.

    Weekend Update: After last episode's crap of jokes and commentaries (leaving out Joaquin Pheonix and B**** Please Blogger) the Update desk finally found it's way back. This time, the jokes for the most part had the edge over the commentaries. Okay, so the Kenan commentary got worse as it went on, but hey, it's a Kenan commentary. And, right when Seth talked about Jessica Rabbit being the sexiest cartoon, I knew instantly that Andy was coming out to do Cathy. This was a much better commentary than it was on the Michael Phelps show. Justin Timberlake cameo was great, and Jessica Biels as Jessica Rabbit was hilarious. Then there was the Jon Bovi, remember that sketch? It was from the weaker Jaime Pressley episode from two seasons ago? Well, if you didn't notice, the first minute and 30 seconds was the EXACT same thing as the sketch with Jaime Pressley. But, it got a tad funnier and a tad less painful than it originally was on the Jaime Pressley episode.

    Game Time with Dave and Greg: It would have ben funnier if Bill was playing a real creepy sportscaster, but this sketch was a pretty decent one.

    Apprentice Commercial Shoot: Man the last time they did one of these Donald Trump shoots was, like, 4 seasons ago. This was really funny. Especailly Dwayne, Fred, and Michaela as Dennis Rodman, Tom Green, and Joan Rivers.

    Musical Performance: Ray performs "Trouble" which is the really nice song. I also loved the blue lighting that went with this. Random, I know.

    Lighthouse Date: This was actually a pretty funny 5 to 1 sketch. The way Dwayne set every conversation he had with Kristen turning it into a sexual comment was hilarious, and all the guys yelling from below were hilarious.

    Wow. A good show. An actual firm, good show. Dwayne has always been a great host, and tonight was no exception. Instead of being all before Update and leaving Post-Update down, good sketches were sprinkled all throughout tonight's broadcast. There were some middling effort sketches, but the only actual weaker sketch was the Activia commercial. My only other complaint is the fact that, maybe it was just me, or that the cast seemed to be cue card staring a lot more than normal. I don't know. Maybe it was just me.

    But, both Dwayne and Ray were great tonight. Our 3 cameos tonight (Richard Dean Anderson, JT, and Jessica Biel) were all delights.

    Next week: Tracy Morgan returns to host with musical guest Kelly Clarkson. As long as Tracy takes it easy on the recurring characters, I know this should be at least a decent show.
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