Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 17

Dwayne Johnson/Ray LaMontagne

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 07, 2009 on NBC

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  • There were a couple of slow spots, but not enough to sink this episode. The Rock Obama and Game Time with Dave and Greg are instant classics.

    Geithner Address – Turbo Tax Timmy has done nothing yet to instill confidence in the markets and this sketch did a fairly good job of mocking Timmy's cluelessness, but could have perhaps made a better point by taking it in a different direction. Not a bad open though. Grade: B-

    Rock Monologue – I usually hate singing monologues, but this one was actually funny. Dwayne did a good job of mocking himself and the Abby and Kristen were enjoyable as the Broadway dancers. Grade: A-

    MacGrubers – This series has run its course and I wouldn't be surprised if this were the last episodes. How can you top crapping on the real MacGyver and flushing him down the toilet? Will has become the new king of SNL crackage besting even Ackroyd and Ferrell. Grade: A-

    The Rock Obama – A very original sketch that managed to get laughs while lampooning Obama's unique version of "bipartisanship". I almost busted a gut when Rock Obama replied to the request for $40 billion more for AIG by smashing the phone. Great job by Rock, Samberg, and Armisen. Grade: A

    Activia Commercial Shoot – It's too bad they decided to include this sketch in the show. Not only is it almost a complete repeat of the previous Activia sketch, but the one-joke premise fell flat and just didn't live up to the rest of show thus far Grade: C

    Hawaiian Singing Waiters – Rock and Fred dish it out to a group of unsuspecting and undeserving patrons at a Hawaiian restaurant. I always enjoy a good dose of sarcasm and this sketch did the trick. The Rock is very good in these goofy types of roles and can make the most of a slim premise. Grade: B+

    Weekend Update – A very long WU, but still pretty good. At least one of the guest commentaries could have been removed. I would have dumped Cathy and JT. The jokes were pretty decent for the most part. Kenan as Michael Steele was OK and much better than Oscar Rogers. The Cathy segment is now getting pretty old. The return of Jon Bovi was unexpected and not a whole lot funnier than the first sketch they appeared in. WU is always better when it remains under 10 minutes. Grade: B-

    Game Time with Dave and Greg – Easily the best sketch of the night and maybe the best of the season. This was all about Hader and boy did he ever deliver the goods. I always knew that Hader had the talen to really do some great things on the show, but I have been somewhat let down by Vinny Vedecci, Vincent Price and his usual gaggle of Jersey characters. Not tonight. We got to see a side of Bill that has been hidden from view until now. Show us more. I've got a fever and there's only prescription: more Hader. Grade: A+

    Celebrity Apprentice – This must be Hammond's last season. He has been rolling out some of his most famous characters this year almost as a kind of farewell such as Clinton, Cheney, and Trump. Sadly, the Trump impression stopped being funny years ago and is now just old hat. Not even Michaela's fine impression of Joan Rivers could save this turkey. The Rock did nothing more than just stand there. Grade: C-

    The Lighthouse – Another original concept that reminded a bit of the Carvey years in the way that it was so strange and yet still managed to amuse. The best part was easily the stranded sailors killing Sudeikis. Not a great sketch, but easily good enough for the 12:55 slot. Grade: B-