Saturday Night Live

Season 1 Episode 20

Dyan Cannon/Leon and Mary Russell

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 15, 1976 on NBC
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Live from New York, it's... Chevy Chase! Sketches include "Chevy Repeats the Fall," "Dyan's Dream," "Sugar-Free Zing," "Hearing Test," "The Adulterer," "Vacationland Adventure," "Next Week's Host," "Minister with Hiccups," "Anita Bryant for Orange Juice," "Marine Corps Commercial Shoot," "Johnny Angel," "Affair Investigation" (film), "Bathwater of The Stars", "Cresk Toothpaste," and "The Hubcap Thief" (film). Leon and Mary Russell performed "Satisfy You" and "Daylight" (featuring John Belushi as Joe Cocker).moreless

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  • Dyan Cannon hosts with musical guests Leon & Mary Russell. ...who?

    Ahhhh, Dyan Cannon. You may be asking yourself, "Just who in the hell is Dyan Cannon?" I will answer with, "I have no clue." Yes, usually I go do a bit of IMDB searching on a host I'm unfamiliar with but with this one, I didn't remember her from anything really so I don't have too much to say. Uh, she was a judge in "Ally McBeal" much later on I guess. As for the Russell singers, I don't know either. ...I'm sorry.

    Host: Dyan Cannon

    Musical Guests: Leon & Mary Russell

    Cold Open: Doing the Fall Again (Chase)

    --Chevy starts to say the line, but the director tells him that they mistimed the sketch so he needs to do the fall again. 'The fall' is a weak premise supported by Chevy's slapstick talent, but this felt thinner than usual.

    Monologue: Dyan's Dream (Cannon)

    --Dyan comes out and tells everyone about herself and also a dream of being carried away by a man on a white horse, so Paul Shaffer gets overzealous and carries her off. Meh.

    Commercial: Sugar-Free Zing (Chase, Newman)

    --A random person (Newman) prefers Sugar-Free Zing to Phlegm after a taste test. Decent parody of those "Not an actor/actress" commercials.

    Hearing Test (Cannon, Aykroyd, Belushi, Curtin, Morris, Radner)

    --Several participants (Curtin, Morris, Radner) in a hearing test act normally when the teacher (Cannon) is accosted by two bandits (Aykroyd, Belushi). Too short and it felt pointless.

    Affair Cover-Up (Cannon, Aykroyd, Chase)

    --A woman (Cannon) gets caught with a man (Chase) by her husband (Aykroyd) and makes up more and more ridiculous reasons for why the man's there. It goes from lamp delivery to swine flu innoculation in this deliriously funny romp.

    Vacationland Adventure (Belushi, Curtin)

    --Jane Curtin interviews a man (Belushi), who introduces everyone to some footage from a Bulgarian winter and tries to make it seem fun and festive for vacation. Not bad, but it was a little dull.

    Dyan's Dream I (Cannon, Aykroyd)

    --Danny misinterprets Dyan's dream as a "man with a hoarse voice." Dan gets to be himself in a rare moment.

    Leon & Mary Russell sing "Satisfy You"

    --The two performers croon out a decent tune that has some good kick to it I guess.

    Laraine Newman and Gilda Radner announce that Buck Henry, who lurks in the backgroun, will be hosting next week while Laraine has her doubts ("HE'S DISGUSTING!").

    Weekend Update with Chevy Chase (also:

    --Starting out on a good Ford joke, Chevy then gets into the controversy surrounding Howard Hughes' will which then segues into Laraine Newman interviewing Maynard Spees (Morris), who claims to have the real will. Another "artist's rendering" this week as Chevy reports on the weather and then does a funny bit with the camera repeatedly changing shots. Chevy finishes by combining the last two stories in hilarious fashion and then Garrett repeats the top story for the hard of hearing. Pretty weak edition of Update, probably the worst of the season thus far.

    Commercial: Orange Juice (Aykroyd, Belushi, Curtin)

    --Anita Bryant (Curtin) advertises for orange juice in Beirut, while her torturers (Aykroyd, Belushi) prepare to execute her. Darkly humourous.

    Hiccuping Eulogy (Cannon, Aykroyd, Chase, Radner)

    --A euologist (Chase) delivers on his speech, but hiccups throughout the whole thing, despite the best efforts of the relatives (Cannon, Aykroyd, Radner) around them, which almost end up seeming a bit sinister. This sketch highlights Chase's comedic talents and has quite a funny ending courtesy of Ms. Radner.

    Dyan's Dream II (Cannon, Morris, Newman, Radner)

    --Garrett misinterprets Dyan's dream as "whores" as he brings out Newman and Radner dressed skankily.

    Weis Film #13: Affair Investigation

    --Just as it sounds. A private investigator speaks of having a job to look into whether or not a husband or wife was cheating on each other. The P.I. looks a lot like Nicolas Cage. This was whatever though.

    Commercial: Bathwater of the Stars (Cannon, Aykroyd)

    --Cindy Cleavage (Cannon) bathes in the bathwater of the stars including James Brolin, Cher, Fernando Lamas, etc. while Roy Waddmaker (Aykroyd) advertises for it. Danny tried, but Cannon's wooden performance and the technical miscues hindered this.

    Marine Corps Commercial Shoot (Aykroyd, Chase, Morris)

    --The marines shoot a commercial about themselves, but the spokesman (Chase) keeps getting abused by the captain for making miniscule mistakes. Chevy almost cracks up, which is understandable because Aykroyd's performance is quite funny. The sketch, though, is kinda weak.

    Leon & Mary Russell (with some help from "Joe Cocker" (Belushi)) sing "Daylight"

    --Good performance here that is helped by the greatness of John's Cocker impression.

    Johnny Angel (Cannon, Aykroyd, Belushi, Chase, Morris, Radner)

    --A girl (Cannon) shows her parents (Belushi, Radner) her new boyfriends (Aykroyd, Chase, Morris), members of the Hell's Angels, who ransack the house in the meantime while the young girl sings an uplifting tune about it. Amusing and also funny that the Hell's Angels put up quite a tiff about it.

    Commercial: Cresk (Belushi, Radner)

    --A clerk (Belushi) asks a customer, Claire (Radner), about how her dead son's teeth are and then sells her some Cresk. "Now with fermeldahyde!"

    Dyan's Dream III (Cannon, Belushi)

    --John misinterprets Dyan's dream as a man "riding a white Horace."

    Home Movie: The Hub-Cap Thief

    --A man attempts to steal someone else's hub-cap, but the man drives off and, still being connected to the hub-cap, he goes along for the ride thanks to the "magic" of stop-motion animation. This was creative to some extent I guess, but felt rather vacuous.

    Dyan's Dream IV (Cannon, Aykroyd, Belushi, Chase, Curtin, Morris, Newman, Radner)

    --Chevy comes out with just his underwear and riding a white horse, so Dyan gets taken aboard and they ride off.

    The rest of the cast say their goodnights, but then pair off as Gilda rides Danny, Garrett rides John, and Jane and Laraine just stand there with their arms folded looking at each other.

    Best segment: Affair Cover-Up

    Worst segment: Weis Film #13: Affair Investigation

    Host: Dyan Cannon - 5/10

    Musical Guests: Leon & Mary Russell - 7.5/10

    Well, I started this off by having no clue who Dyan Cannon was and I end this with not having a great idea as to who she was as her performance was rather weak (save for maybe the "Johnny Angel" sketch) and she was pretty forgettable. Leon & Mary Russell were fairly forgettable as well, but at least they were still somewhat enjoyable and it definitely didn't hurt to have Belushi help them out. As for the cast, Chevy stands out yet again as he proves it in the "Hiccuping Eulogy", the "Johnny Angel" bit, and his good performances in "Affair Cover-Up" and "Marine Corps Commercial" as well. Passable episode.

    Rating: 5/10moreless
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Dyan Cannon


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    • (After being caught in the act by her husband she makes up a wild story about who he is and how he died.)
      Husband: Alright, just wait a minute, now. Who is this guy? Let's start from the beginning. How is he here, how did he die?
      Wife: Well, he's, uh.. he's a delivery boy. He, uh.. I guess - I don't know. I guess he just had a heart attack or something, I don't know. What happened, he just fell on top of me gasping, and the next thing I knew, I couldn't move.
      Husband: Well, what was he delivering?
      Wife: [ looking about the room ] That lamp.
      Husband: That lamp?
      Wife: Yeah.
      Husband: We've had that lamp for twelve years.
      Wife: Yes, I know, honey, and I know how much you love that lamp. and this afternoon, when I was in the kitchen, ironing your socks, uh.. the lamp - I was ironing it, and the board fell over, and the thing fell on top of it, and, uh.. well, I went to have it fixed, you see, and he came to deliver it. He delivered it.
      Husband: That lamp looks the same as it's always looked. It doesn't look any different.

    • Chevy Chase:  Good evening, I'm Chevy Chase, and that's the news. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow - just kidding. And you're not.

  • NOTES (2)

    • NBC never reran this episode in its original timeslot. However, it later appeared twice on Classic SNL.

    • The "Johnny Angel" sketch would prompt two Hell's Angels from New York's Lower East Side to storm into NBC a few days later. They didn't like the idea of some comedy show wearing the winged-skull insignia. Dan Aykroyd insisted he give the costumes—with merely a traced insignia—to the Angels at their headquarters. SNL got along fabulously with the Angels after that.


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