Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 21

Ed Helms/Paul Simon

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 14, 2011 on NBC
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Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis! Sketches include "The Situation Room," "Corn Syrup Producers of America," "What up with that?," "The Ambiguously Gay Duo: The Dark, Clenched Hole of Evil," (cartoon/film) "Wild World," "One-Take Tony," "Ann-Margret Tries To Throw A Wad Of Paper Into A Trashcan," and "A Republican Candidate." Paul Simon performs "Rewrite" and "So Beautiful Or So What."moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Decent episode with Ed Helms

    The Situation Room: Funny sketch making fun of how Obama is cocky about killing Osama Bin Laden. More like a pep rally than a speech, there were even T-Shirt guns. Usually cold opens are one of my least favorite parts of the show but this one was pretty good. 7/10

    Monologue: Hilarious! Ed Helms swirls his flag around in a laugh infested monologue. 8/10

    Whats up With That?: Never been crazy about this sketch. I'm still not. 3/10

    The Ambiously Gay Duo: Very average. I was really hoping for a digital short. 5/10

    Weekend Update: Seth had a lot of good jokes. Unfortanetley The guests weren't up to par. Anthony Crispino( yawn), Will Smith( ughh!), Garth and Kat( Oh god!). 7/10

    Song Memories: Classic sketch. Usaully Will Forte would be in the skit but Andy Samberg replaced him. 8/10.

    One Take Tony: First perfect sketch of the night. Andy Samberg is Tony Tuluca, a man with only one line in the whole film but he can't get it right. 10/10

    Anne Margaret throw away a wad of paper: God awful sketch. Here is a summary of the sketch, Ed Helms asks Anne Margaret(Kristen Wiig) to throw away a wad of paper, the rest of the sketch Kristen dances and dances and dances and dances. 0/10

    Republican Ad: Funny parody of how they all look the same

    Best Cast Member: Andy Samberg Runner Up: Fred Armesian

    Worst Cast Member:Kristen Wiig Runner up:Paul Brittain

    Best Sketch:One Take Tony Runner up:Republic Candidate

    Worst Sketch:Anne Margaret Throws Away a Wad of Paper Runner up:Whats up With That?moreless
  • "Killlllll Bin Ladan!"

    Tonight's host has appeared in The Hangover and The Office: Ed Helms! SNL fans have been asking for him to host since 2007, and the day is finally here. Musical guest has appeared on SNL since the beginning, Paul Simon.

    Obama's Stand-Up: It was a pretty funny opening to the show. This makes me realize how I like the writing staff this year making sketches when things get more and more ridiculous. Obviously this is not a new formula, but they seem like they're better at doing it this year. They think outside the box, and they think of great stuff to add.

    Monologue: The build-up to this took a little too long, and the actual punchline of the baton twirling wasn't anything too funny. But, it was entertaining, I guess.

    Corn Syrup of America: A repeat commercial, but a great commercial to repeat. I laughed at Bobby, and Nasim's rant just as much as the first time.

    What Up With That?: I knew we were going to see this one more time before the season ended. It was a pretty well done sketch, and I laughed at the real Lindsey Buckingham showing up. Maybe that means this is a conclusion to the sketch? ...Probably not.

    The Ambigiously Gay Duo: I was surprised to see a Smigletoon back... but I was even more surprised with the real-life twist in the middle. It was hilarious seeing all these random comedic stars appearing in it. Especially since Carell and Colbert are the voices, but they played different characters. It was an overall pretty funny sketch.

    Musical Performance: Paul Simon performs "Rewrite". This isn't really right down my alley, but it was still a good performance.

    Weekend Update: Update was okay tonight. The jokes were right where they have been this season, but watching Jay's Will Smith commentary just reminded me of how much he's gone into hiding this season since about February or so. Bobby could do the Anthony Crispino over and over again and I still laugh at it. Meanwhile, Garth and Kat are pretty standard at this point.

    Song Memories: I was surprised to see this sketch back with Forte gone, but I guess Andy will take over. Forte, in my opinion, was always the best part every time we had this sketch. His were so bizarre, and they were almost believable because he was that bizarre of a person to begin with. The sketch was okay, though. It definitely was worth some laughter.

    One Take Tony: The sketch was a pretty one-joke premise, but it was still worth laughing at. I must comment on how unbelievable Bill Hader can nail anything. I really would think he was a 1940s actor. The end with Louis Armstrong was so random, it was funny.

    Musical Performance: Paul Simon performs "So Beautiful Or So What", which was another okay performance for me.

    Ann-Margaret Tries To Throw Away Paper: This was such a random bit. It reminded me of the Al Pacino bit back in 2006 with Dane Cook. It was well done, though.

    Random Republican Ad: This was a pretty funny last sketch of the night, and it made a good point about all the similarities between the republican candidates this early election season.

    Tonight's broadcast was about above average. Ed Helms almost seemed like he was just there the whole night, but he did a decent enough job. It was definitely more of a cast night. Paul Simon didn't do much for me, but I can't complain. He had two solid performances.

    Next week, Justin Timberlake hosts the season finale with a musical guest Lady Gaga. Should be interesting.moreless
  • What does my Rating tell ya?

    I Don't watch SNL wanting to hate it. I always want to get some chuckles and charm from the show. Did tonight Work? What does my Rating for the Show tell you.

    Cold Open

    - Sloppily put together and ran in circles without a real idea or goal. Isn't it sad that you have 2 black cast members and Fred Armisen does the Most Black Impressions?


    - Spinning in Circles with not enough Of the Dance. I Won't spoil it here.

    Corn Syrup Producers of America

    - I Liked this because Nasim got to call Kristen on her BAD No-Acting Self.

    What Up With That?

    - I HATE THIS SKETCH CAUSE IT DOES NOTHING AND IS JUST LAZY!!!!! This should been over with DeNiro (That was the only WUWT I liked)

    The Anbiguously Gay Duo

    - I Thought this was gonna be a LIVE Sketch but Oh Well. I was never a fan of the AGD Due to the Laziness of Gay Jokes (Something SNL Does way to many times lately) but this was worse cause it ran WAY TOO LONG for just 1 sketch (My Soul turned to dust seeing Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and Steve Carell reduced to this)

    Weekend Update

    - A Few Good Jokes By Seth

    - Anthony Crispino is an Excuse to Drag out Update when They don't have much to Say

    - Jay's Will Smith has the Sound and Attitude but not the Look IMO

    - Garth & Kat (Why Jimmy couldn't do his song parodies is beyond me)

    Song Memories

    - One of my Favorite Recurring Sketches they do. This is why it was a 1.0 than a 0

    One Take Tony

    - More Like One Joke Johnny

    Ann Margaret throws something Away

    - I Thought Lorne Didn't allow Ad-Libbing. This Whole Sketch felt like a "Oh dang we're under. Kristen Dance."

    Political Message

    - I'm Thankful this wasn't a "Pat Finger" Sketchmoreless
  • 5/14

    Ed Helms hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time and hopefully the last time. While the show started with yet another bush league Wolf Blitzer parody the show just got way worse after that. Ed Helms monologue was downright terrible, from the lines he messed up to that weird baton sequence.

    And none of the scenes on the actual show were anything to write home about. A random reference to the Human Centipede film? Poor Weekend Update that featured the return of Garth and Kat, something no one was looking forward to.

    Hopefully next week's episode is not this bad.moreless
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    • Anthony Crispino: I forgot about the biggest news of all: we killed Oksana Baiul! Nancy Kerrigan finally got her revenge! (starts whooping and cheering) U-F-O! U-F-O!

  • NOTES (4)

    • With this episode, Paul Simon becomes the first musical guest to perform on SNL in five different decades.

    • Sketches cut after dress rehearsal: An Obama Oval Office Address cold open, where the president (Fred Armisen) speaks about shredding office documents and burying them at sea; aging reporter Herb Welch (Bill Hader) continues to hit interview subjects with microphone and play dead; at the prom, two guys (Ed Helms, Taran Killam) sing repulsively for their respective dates; a chef (Ed Helms) showcases sea salt and all its health benefits in his cuisines; a sketch where animal hand puppets make prank phone calls; a man's (Andy Samberg) job interview is thwarted by the HR manager's (Ed Helms) constant ribbing of his name; and on Weekend Update, a valley girl (Abby Elliott) discusses her high school's prom.

    • Abby Elliott did not appear in this broadcast.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of the Ambiguously Gay Duo (and a Robert Smigel cartoon in general) since Year 33.