Saturday Night Live

Season 37 Episode 20

Eli Manning/Rihanna

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 05, 2012 on NBC

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  • Eli Manning...on SNL...WTF?!? I loved it!

    Eli Manning was surprisingly really good and hilarious.

    "Fox & Friends" started out amazing. Loved the "Barak Obama" "That doesn't work this time!"

    "" was fine. The best part was in the bathtub.

    "EA Sports Motion Capture" was hilarious. Eli Manning was such a dork! Kenan Thomson was hilarious! "I'm not wearing them funky-ass pajamas". He is my favorite SNL cast member.

    "Chad Keven Jeremy's Trial" was funny, but took too long. The picture was the best part.

    "Little Brothers" was so funny. "I said 'Isn't this fun?'" "Yes! It's fun!" and the best line of all: "My name's not Payton!"

    "WXPD at Occupy Wall Street" was funny but got old fast.

    WEEKEND UPDATE. This episode's Weekend Update was good at first, but then that dictator came along and ruined it by being over-obsessed with testicles.

    "What is This?" had a funny idea to it, but wasn't really that funny.

    "Helga Lately" was stupid.

    "Miss Drag World 2012" was not the best.

    "TCM Essentials: Cheech & Chong" was funny but got old fast but ended good with the funny line "...and he changed his name to Mitt Romney"