Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 7

Ellen Page/Wilco

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 01, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

MSNBC Democratic Debate: Obama and Clinton debate again. This time Brian Williams hosts as questions are asked from Tim Russert. Once again, Hillary feels ganged up on. After the debate ended, the real Hillary Clinton gave an editorial with help from Amy.

Ellen Page's Monologue: Ellen Page gets hectored by "Juno" screenwriter Diablo Cody.

The Dakota Fanning Show: Dakota Fanning hosts with Reggie running the musical band. Miley Cirus is today's guest. Dakota has a segment called "Kids Speak!" where she interviewed random kids earlier in the day. She also welcomes back her writers.

The Obama Files (Cartoon): The Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson try to help Senator Obama.

The College of Excellence: A cheap commercial hosted by a man tells us about this "College" that "smart" people go to.

The Other Boyelyn Girls: King Henry VIII wants a new mistress. Two sisters compete against eachother to get the king's love. A new ugly sister tries for him too.

Nightmares (Digital Short): Ellen has a dream about an un-dead Andy and then the nightmares segue into Dracula and Debbie Lieberstein.

Musical Performance: "Hate It Here" performed by Wilco.

Weekend Update: Amy and Seth co-anchor. Guests are Rudy Giuliani, and Nicholas Fehn.

Shopping with Virginica: Virginica Hastings and her step-daughter are at Baby Gap where they can not ruin the baby shorts by a store clerk.

The Continuing Adventures of Peter Pan: Peter Pan charms the crew members on Captain Hook's ship.

Musical Performance: Wilco performs "Walken".

Marty's Gay: Rico's girlfriend Marty thinks she "went gay" at a Melissa Etheridge concert.
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