Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 7

Ellen Page/Wilco

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 01, 2008 on NBC

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  • Hmm... looks like we have two good episodes in a row... oh wait.. never mind

    Last week Saturday Night Live came back live after the writers strike. Lorne pledged he'd do 4 episodes in a row. This is episode 2 out of four. Juno's own Ellen Page is hosting this week with musical guest Wilco. After last weeks show, I'm expecting another hopefully good show, if not at least decent.

    Democrat Debate, Week 2: Another great Downey sketch. Downey himself said "I don't want to write any other debates after this, but he actually does a better job writing Debate sketches other than George W. Bush sketches. Haha, I laughed so hard when They didn't change Obama even after all that controversy. Pretty good writing, as I just said. Looks like we haven't focused on the republicans yet. But then again there's no pub-pub drama. But there's a lot of Crat-Crat drama between Hillary and Barack. But, maybe next time, let's not copy the EXACT same premise.

    Hillary's Editorial Responce: I already knew it was coming. There was an article two hours before the live show saying that she was spotted in Dress Rehersal. She actually did a good job. She should have done this a long time ago.

    Monologue: This was a very long monologue which didn't pay off as much as I hoped. I laughed when Andy first stepped on stage, but asides from that, the language kept on going on. We get it, Juno's language made little sense.

    Dakota Fanning Show: I always find this sketch joyful.The Kids Speak segment was hilarious, and Kenan's response was great. Ellen kind of layed down the line on how she was going to be for the rest of the night when she appeared as Miley Cyrus...

    Cartoon: Obama Files: Another Smigel cartoon that didn't pay off. Just little snid-pits were worth giggles, but the whole cartoon was slow.

    The College Commercial: Another cheap commercial for a cheap education. This whole "It's so bad, it's good" premise that they used for this and Laser Cats is getting old. This really had nothing funny in it, except for Kristen mouthing Kenan's lines nervously, and Andy peeping in and acting all scared.

    The Other Boleyn Sisters Promo: This was actually a really funny spoof. Kristen always knows how to make me laugh, and this was no exception. Kenan and Will were also pretty funny, but it was all Kristen.

    Nightmare: I always love these Lonely Island Digtial shorts that can go off the edge with randomness.

    Musical Performance: Wilco performs "I Hate It Here" which was just AWESOME with the horns.

    Weekend Update: The effort this week for Update dropped significantly, with Nicholas Fehn who was an alright 1 time commentary, and Guiliani was great in this. But, most of the jokes were just a miss.

    Virginica Shopping: Same old Virginica. I didn't get the point of the introduction by Don at the beginning, but whatever. This was probably Ellen's best effort of the night.

    Peter Pan Adventures:The sketch premise was predictable, while the pay off was a mixed bag. Funny? I guess. Ironic? No. The audience interaction was interesting, though.

    Musical Performance: Wilco performed one of my favorite songs of theirs, "Walken". Once again, the horns just complement this song greatly.

    Coming Home From the Concert: Okay, at, I was saying how I thought this was standing for both the character and both from the player. (her being a lesbian, I mean) And everybody was disagreeing. That's how Ellen Degeneres did it. She came out on her tv show, as both her character and self. I really liked that harmonious note at the end. It was a good way to end the episode.

    The effort this week was mixed. It was a fair, and about average show, but the glass was half empty. Not full. Ellen's performance was very much so what I wasn't expecting. She was slacking her deliveries at times, and I'm not sure if she was even having fun. Wilco, on the other hand, was a very enjoyable musical guest.