Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 7

Ellen Page/Wilco

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 01, 2008 on NBC

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  • This episode had some really good stuff (Peter Pan, the debate, and the digital short) mixed in with some real dreck like Virginiaka, the Dakota Fanning Show, and the Lesbian.

    Democratic Debate - One new impression and Hammond's rarely seen Russert impression. Forte really nailed Brian Williams with the unique cadence of his voice. This sketch was definitely a continuation of last week's, but came off quite a bit better, probably because of the decent Williams and Russert impressions. I did see most of the MSNBC debate and the writers did pick up some of the funny bits, especially when Hillary mispronounced the name of the Russian successor to Putin. I guess the cameo was from Law & Order but I can't say for sure since I don't watch that show. The Editorial Reply by Hillary was actually quite funny and I didn't think in any way was a plug for Hillary. A very well done debate that recalled some of the great Bush-Gore debates. Grade: B+

    Monologue - I'm not familiar with Juno, but still got a kick out of the Juno-slang. Samberg looked good in drag as always. ;-) Short and sweet. Grade: B+

    Dakota Fanning Show - This talk show continues to disappoint. Amy's impersonation has too many aspects of her Hillary and Kelly Ripa impersonations. This recurring sketch has been given a number of different chances but still hasn't improved. Grade: D-

    The Obama Files - Nice idea for Obama to try to find ways to minimalize the potential negative impact that Al and Jesse could have on his campaign. Grade: B-

    The College for Excellence - The same thing as was done as the School for Computer Skills. Not great, but kind of amusing. The best part was definitely seeing Kristen mouthing the words as Kenan spoke the lame phrases. A template sketch that probably doesn't need to return. Grade: C

    The Other Boleyn Girls - I've only seen the trailer for this movie, but this sketch captured the spirit of that cheesy trailer perfectly. The horniness of the girls escalates which obviously reaches the climax with Kristen. The sketch could have been better if they would have stopped with Kristen's character and just had her do more obnoxious things to try to seduce the king. As usual, nice job with the sets and costumes. Grade: C+

    Horror Digital Short - I'm not sure if this is referencing a specific movie or just the stereotypical horror movie scene in general. But regardless, it was well done with a nice twist about the ghost being haunted by the girl. Not sure about the Dracula scene, but that's OK. The scene of Andy licking his lollipop in the mirror more than made up for any weaker parts. The stupid orchestral hits were dead on too. Grade: B+

    Weekend Update - Again the jokes were pretty hit and miss. Nice cameo by Giuliani. His remark about the strong beginning and weak ending for the sketches was funny and all too true. The Nicholas Fehn bit was identical to his last appearance so came across a bit weaker and it was far too long. Three and half minutes are way too much time to devote to a Fehn segment. They will need to change this up a bit if they plan to continue using him. Grade: B-

    Shopping with Virginiaka - Why does Kenan seem to star in some of the worst recurring SNL sketches of all time? Deephouse Dish and this obnoxious mother are truly awful. This sketch never gets any better and is always painful to endure. Deep six this this turkey for good. Grade: F

    The Continuing Adventures of Peter Pan - A lost sketch from 1991? It really does hearken back to better days of SNL when they would take an improbable idea and explore the sillier aspects of it. Everybody did very well and Hader as Hook was just obvious and perferct. I would love to see more sketches in this vein that are non-recurring and somewhat bizarre. Bring it on! My only true laugh-out-loud moments of the entire episode. Grade: A+

    Maybe a Lesbian - Not quite sure what they were going for with this one, but it didn't have much impact. Just a chance for Ellen to crazy for a few minutes. The audience seemed confused and only clapped at the end because the Applause sign was lit. Grade: D