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Saturday Night Live

Season 6 Episode 1

Elliott Gould/Kid Creole and the Coconuts

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 15, 1980 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Elliott Gould/Kid Creole and the Coconuts
Live from New York, it's... Denny Dillon! Sketches include "Elliot Gould and the Glory Days," "Highway Education," "Jimmy Carter's Libido," "Billy-Gram," "What's It All About?," "Foot Fetish" (film), "Gail Matthius's Breast Exam," "At One With..." "Nose Wrestling," "The Accordian Killer," "Vicky the Valley Girl," "Heart to Heart" (film), "Gidget Goes To Hell" (film), and "Speed Listening." Kid Creole and the Coconuts performed "Mr. Softee" and "There But For The Grace of God Go I."moreless

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  • NBC brings back Saturday Night Live without Lorne Michaels, without Bill Murray or Gilda Radner. In their place are Jean Doumanian's cast of cast offs. Elliott Gould hosted a lot with the old cast, can he help out these new folks? Probably not.moreless

    Cold Open:In Bed With Elloitt To start things off the cast buries itself for the rest of their run by comparing themselves to former cast members. Charles Rocket says he's a cross between Chevy Chase and Bill Murray, wanna have big shoes to fill, eh?

    Monologue: Elliott Gould shows his underwear collection, I liked it better when he would do a song and dance as his monologue in early seasons.

    Highway Education: Signs on the highway allow people to read a novel as they drive. You would think that the writers could come up with something better than this for it's first filmed piece.

    Cheering Up Jimmy: A pretty good piece with Piscapo doing his Carter impression. Jimmy is depressed after losing the election. This might be the best piece of the night.

    Billy-Gram: A woman who is "living in sin" with her boyfriend get a message from her parents via Billy-gram, as in a Billy Graham telegram. Charles Rocket actually does a really good Billy Graham impression, but as with most of this season's sketches, when something starts off good it cannot sustain itself. If they would have just had Rocket do Billy Graham would have been funny, but he sung the telegram, which doesn't make sense Billy doesn't sing. But not much did make sense in the Jean Doumanian year. American Cancer Society: Gail Matthius touches her breasts with a black bar covering them. Not sure what the joke is supposed to be.

    What's It All About: This is one those sketches that seems like a good idea but there isn't any real joke. Just your standard interview skit that is supposed to be funny because they ask Elliott Could about everything except about himself. Stupid.

    Foot Fetish (film): A funny filmed piece that is funny because it didn't involve the 1980 SNL writers.

    Kid Creole "Mister Softee": I don't know who Kid Creole is and it is not great. I would have thought that they would have had a bigger name for the first episode of the season, especially considering the musical guests later in the season.

    Weekend Update: Charles Rocket shows no discernible charisma as the new Weekend Update anchor. Gail Matthius interviews Piscapo as John B. Anderson who apparently ran for president but has been lost to time, the audience didn't seem to recognize him either; Wait a sec, The Rocket Report? Charles Rocket actually has some personality as he goes looking for John Lennon and Yoko Ono, why didn't he use that character as the anchor. Gilbert Gottfried tries to prove Reagan has already died, but no one thinks its funny. Really bad stuff. At One With...: Piscapo as a drill sergeant introduces a gay soldier played by Rocket. I have never really liked Joe Piscapo that much, but he is acting circles around everyone else in the cast. This was a pretty good sketch. HEART TO HEART (film): Worthless

    SNL Sports: Piscapo does a good job as the announcer for nose wrestling championship. This is not the type of sketch SNL should be doing, but it is not terrible. Wendie Malick can be spotted in the background with Rocket. Vickie's Date: I've heard a lot of people that liked Gail Matthius' character here, but I thought she did a terrible job as a high schooler, she sounded more mentally challenged than young. Maybe she seems worse because I am comparing her to the way Laraine and Gilda played young girls. This could have been funny but I was distracted by her bad acting.

    The Accordion Killer: Charles Rocket shows off his accordion playing as a man who kills women by playing Lady of Spain. Not sure why that is funny, because its not.

    "Grace of God": (Creole/Coconuts)There's some sort of voodoo keyboardist, more weird than good.

    Gidget Goes To Hell (film): Future Oscar winner Jonathan Demme directs this music video, which a girl is eaten by a shark. Remember this was a year before MTV existed, so I guess this was the only place you could see these things. Speed Listening: Denny Dillon listens to records at really fast speeds. This is something, but not funny.

    Goodnights: Elliott reintroduces the cast and lies about that they will be there forever. This wasn't horrible, but it wasn't good. It apparently gets worse from here. The problem is that Joe Piscapo was far and away the most talented actor in this cast and yet Jean Doumanian wanted to focus mostly on Charles Rocket who was not an interesting nor charismatic actor. Eddie Murphy will show up soon and then the next few years become the Joe and Eddie show, but start out coming off the classic first 5 years this cast had to be a surprise of how worthless it was.moreless
  • i don't remember how good the rest of this show was, but i loved kid creole's 2 musical numbers

    i have not been a fan of saturday night live, tho my brother never misses the show. in november 1980 when this show aired, i had had my first video recorder for about a year and a half and i recorded this episode for some reason. i don't remember any of the skits or comedy pieces but i don't think they were any more or less entertaining than usual. this first season of the new "not ready for prime time players" is widely disliked and i cannot disagree. why this episode stands out is solely due to the musical act, kid creole and the coconuts. they were extremely fun to watch! the coconuts backup singers were attractive women wearing bikinis! the keyboard player was a short black man acting like a witch doctor, waving a stick with a shrunken head on the end! the 2 songs were very good. i intended to keep the tape, i watched the videos a couple dozen times, but 4-hour vcr tapes were $25 each at the time, and i accidently taped over it. i never forgot it tho, and hoped that some day i'd get a copy of the 2 numbers, what mtv, born the following year, would call "videos," from this show...and haven't seen them in 27 years.moreless
Kid Creole

Kid Creole


Guest Star

Wendie Malick

Wendie Malick


Guest Star

Suburban Lawns

Suburban Lawns


Guest Star

Elliott Gould

Elliott Gould


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Andy Murphy

Andy Murphy


Recurring Role

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    • Elderly Husband: You know, me and Evelyn decided that when we retired, we'd spend the rest of our days just driving around the country and catching up on our reading. Yeah, America sure is quite a library.
      [ they drive by sign that reads, "...and so they lived happily ever after. The end." ]

    • Jimmy Carter: It was either the erection or the election.

    • Elliot Gould: (to the cast during the goodnights) We're going to be around forever.

  • NOTES (9)

    • Kenny Vance's first episode as leader of the SNL Band. Vance previously appeared as as musical guest in 1977.

    • Denny Dillon previously appeared as a special guest in the third episode of the first season.

    • The music video "Gidgette Goes to Hell" was written and directed by future Oscar-winner Jonathan Demme. The song of the same name was a minor hit in 1979 for the punk band Suburban Lawns, who also appear in the short film.

    • This season was considered unfunny by many, and NBC vowed never to repeat episodes from this season. The last time a 60-minute edit from this season was ever rerun was in 2003 on Comedy Central, though the full version of the Curtis/Brown episode appeared on "Classic SNL" in April 2005. Additionally, the Comedy Network in Canada reran this show in full in 1998. However, Gould/Creole was not issued as part of the 60-minute syndicated package that ran on Comedy Central.

    • Though he ends the show by saying of the SNL '80 cast, "We're gonna be around forever," Elliott Gould will never host the show again.

    • The show is renamed "Saturday Night Live 80" in the opening credits.

    • The first episode featuring an all-new cast. Denny Dillon, Gilbert Gottfried, Gail Matthius, Joe Piscopo, Ann Risley and Charles Rocket are the new "Not Ready For Prime Time Players." This episode also featured a new producer and an entirely new writing staff (with the exception of former cast member Brian Doyle-Murray, who stuck around in a limited role).

    • This is the first episode featuring "Weekend Update" with Charles Rocket, who at one point was billed as "The next Chevy Chase."

    • Elliott Gould agreed to host this episode because he assumed he would be working with the old cast. He was shocked when he reported for work and discovered that it was a different group of performers.