Saturday Night Live

Season 1 Episode 22

Elliott Gould/Leon Redbone, Harlan Collins & Joyce Everson

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 29, 1976 on NBC

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  • Elliott Gould and Leon Redbone make their second appearances on Saturday Night Live as host and musical guest.


    From it's strong opening sketch to Elliott Gould and the cast wishing the audience "Happy Trails", the laughs don't stop in this memorable season one episode of this long running series. The staples of the episode, the musical guests and Weekend Update, deliver as usual. What makes this episode particularly memorable is the classic sketch "The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise." The late John Belushi gives his best performance of his entire run on the show as Captain James Kirk. Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd are excellent as well as Spock and Dr. McCoy. Make time to see this excellent episode. A good time is guaranteed. For you, and your uvula!

  • Elliot Gould makes his second hosting appearance along with musical talent Leon Redbone (his second time as well) and Harlan Collins & Joyce Everson!

    Saturday Night Live was quickly learning that a second-time hoster wouldn't be a bad idea at all as they were quick to get Candice Bergen back for her second time, followed by Buck Henry and now Elliot Gould. And not a bad choice at all. After all, Elliot was the host in the episode that won the show all the Emmys in their first year. This was supposed to be the season finale as well, but because of the success of the show, the network persuaded Michaels to put the show back on for two more episodes during the summer following this. Meanwhile, the great Leon Redbone was making his second well-deserved appearance as musical guest, but this time shared that duty with Harlan Collins and Joyce Everson, two talented musicians in their own right.

    Host: Elliot Gould
    Musical Guests: Leon Redbone and Harlan Collins & Joyce Everson

    Cold Open: Wax Museum (Chase, Curtin, Newman, Radner)

    --A creeper (Chase) lurks around a wax museum and prepares to get off on the female wax sculptures, but soon gets whacked by one of them (Radner) right off the stage. Quick and harmless opening, but thank God the fall didn't last. Can you imagine FIVE seasons with every show starting with an opening fall?

    Monologue: "Anything Goes" (Gould)

    --Elliot sings an old classic much like he did the first time he hosted but not before he gives a banana to an audience member. Good ditty from Gould.

    Commercial: Academy of Better Careers (Aykroyd, Chase, Curtin, Morris, Newman, Radner)

    --Repeat from the first episode.

    Foreign Card Playing (Gould, Aykroyd, Chase, Morris)

    --Mr. Russo (Aykroyd) welcomes a foreign visitor, Ramone Diarga (Chase), to play cards with him as his assistant Moe Greenstein (Gould) informs Russo of the various strange rules that they allow in Europe with playing poker. Johnny Sagpants (Morris), Russo's assistant, continues to tell him that he's getting shafted, but Russo is quite clueless. Funny enough for Chase's hilarious "foreign language", Gould's deadpan delivery, Aykroyd's naiive manner, and Garrett's character being the only one with any reason. Chase's last comment is gold too. Great start.

    Commercial: National Uvula Association (Chase, Newman, Radner)

    --Basically the same thing as that "Pancreas" sketch from the Reiner episode but with Chevy as the doctor and Radner as the woman whose uvula is on the fritz. Still amusing.

    Leon Redbone sings "Shine On Harvest Moon"

    --That very distinctive voice dominates this song again as Leon churns a great one out.

    The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise (Gould, Aykroyd, Belushi, Chase, Morris)

    --One of the great ensemble sketches. Captain Kirk (Belushi), Spock (Chase), and Dr. McCoy (Aykroyd) notice that a flying car is on the way to entering the ship. It turns out to be Herb Goodman (Gould), NBC Head of Programming, along with his assistant, Curtis (Morris) who quickly tear down the Star Trek set because they're being cancelled. One of the more terrific breaking-the-fourth-wall sketches and even though it lasts longer than 10 minutes, it is hilarious and clever throughout. I love the last crack at NBC.

    Muppets Postcard (Radner)

    --The Muppets are not there this week, so Gilda reads a postcard that they sent. Total filler.

    Weekend Update with Chevy Chase

    --Whoa, a naked breast! Chevy hides it but he's a little late and we do see it. Some good stuff this week including a bit on Air Bulgaria's new plane, a good crack at Spiro Agnew, and one of those fake reports on Latvia's training for the 1976 Olympics. Audrey Peart Dickman (Curtin) then delivers an editorial while Chevy makes faces in a bit not seen since much earlier in the first season. Chase's timing is great. Emily Litella (Radner) then repeats the "flop story tonight." Fun Update.

    Commercial: Vibramatic (Gould, Aykroyd, Newman)

    --Introducing...the Vibramatic, which slices, dices, massages, tingles, etc. Finally, something that can cut food AND used as a massager. Weak.

    Ambassador Black (Gould, Morris, Newman)

    --Shirley Temple (Newman) acts as ambassador between Mobutu (Morris) and President Hinch (Gould) to try and settle the war between the two men's armies. The premise is ridiculous, but pretty damn funny especially when they go all the way with Shirley singing to the both of them.

    Weis Film #15: Uncle Charlie's School (Gould)

    --Elliot visits his old mentor, Uncle Charlie, who teaches young children how to sing and dance. Some of the kids are amusing in the talent that they have but it's a little too cutesy for this show.

    The Honeymooners (Aykroyd, Belushi, Curtin, Radner)

    --The Honeymooners is redone as an all-bee show with Ed (Aykroyd), Ralph (Belushi), Alice (Radner), and Trixie (Curtin). Some good impressions from the cast, especially Belushi as the sexist Ralph and Aykroyd as Ed Norton. Decent sketch overall.

    Leon Redbone sings "Walking Stick" (with some help from Jonathan Dorn on sax)

    --Another good song from Leon. The sax also helps out in making the song have a nice feel to it.

    Commercial: People Movers

    --A repeat from the Reiner episode.

    Harlan Collins & Joyce Everson sing "Heaven Only Knows"

    --Not a bad duet here with a decent tune.

    Happy Trails (Gould, Aykroyd, Belushi, Chase, Curtin, Morris, Newman, Radner)

    --Elliot and the cast, dressed as cowboys and cowgirls, sing "Happy Trails" to the audience and announce that they're gonna take some vacation time and be back on July 24th.

    Best segment: The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise
    Worst segment: Muppets Postcard

    Host: Elliot Gould - 8/10
    Musical Guests: Leon Redbone - 8/10
    Harlan Collins & Joyce Everson - 6.5/10

    Elliot proves again that he was one of the most capable hosts early on in the show's history as he is able to play deadpan quite brilliantly and he can also just be his big and goofy self. Elliot matched his effort that he put into his previous great hosting gig and the cast was more than ready for him. Leon Redbone once again showed that he was a great musical talent and coasted on two very good performances. Harlan Collins and Joyce Everson were good, but they really only got one song and I don't think that was their strongest one. Cast-wise, Aykroyd and Belushi stand out here as they both got to portray a few good characters in some good sketches. As soon as Chevy would leave, Danny and John were quick to grab the spotlight. All in all, a splendid way to almost end the season.

    Rating: 7.75/10

    *Also, as a post-script, I will be going to New York tomorrow afternoon until May 18 (and am attempting to get into the two SNL shows that will be on when I'm there), so further SNL reviews will be held off until after that time. But it's been fun so far and I certainly can't wait to continue when I return! Farewell, friends.