Saturday Night Live

Season 4 Episode 9

Elliott Gould/Peter Tosh with Mick Jagger

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 16, 1978 on NBC

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  • "I'm not from Zippy's Instapress"

    Elliot Gould appears for his fourth time as host and Peter Tosh brings Reggae beats and a famous Stone.

    Cold Opening- Carter Tree Lighting- President Carter (Aykroyd) asks Americans to conserve energy by turning off Christmas decorations; he and daughter Amy (Laraine) demonstrate by powering down the White House tree. Good opening and great take on one aspect of Carter’s energy conservation policy. Monologue- Elliot and Garrett sing “Christmas Night in Harlem�. Continuing Gould’s song-and-dance monologue theme and quite nicely. Rovco Flammable Christmas Tree- Rovco’s flammable trees are as nice as a yule log and twice as dangerous. I loved at the end how the crew had to come in to put out the trees.

    Widettes- The first installment of the lives of the large rumped family brings by a similarly shaped relative (Elliot) for dinner and a frantic escape during a fire drill. This was just okay.

    Peter Tosh featuring Mick Jagger perform “Don’t Look Back� Nice pop tune.

    Mommie Dearest- In a spoof of the novel of the same name (which would later become a movie in 1981), abusive, erratic Joan Crawford (Curtin) mistreats her daughter Christina (Gilda) unbeknownst to a Hollywood reporter (Elliot), Clark Gable (Aykroyd) and Cary Grant (Bill); and much to the delight of Katherine Hepburn (Laraine), Crawford’s enemy. This was really well-written as was Gilda’s bizarre speaking voice and portrayal in Collette Reardon fashion, Curtin’s portrayal of Crawford and the impressions by Aykroyd, Laraine and Bill.

    Weekend Update- Laraine profiles the raid of Studio 54 and its white powder-mustached owner (Belushi), gag at the end with Belushi is a good topper; Bill sings happy birthday to Beethoven; Aykroyd and Curtin do Point-Counterpoint on US-China relations; and Roseanne Roseannadanna discusses depression at the holidays and offers Curtin some fruitcake. Update is great as usual.

    On Christmas Eve, the “spirit� of Scottish liquor (Aykroyd), as well as the “spirit� of Christmas gin (Belushi) and Whiskey (Garrett) help a homeless man (Elliot) get drunk. Starts off slow but gets slightly funnier especially after Aykroyd’s Scottish song.

    Bob and Ray- The radio comedians perform a skit where Bob is a talk show host who interviews Ray who is a down on his luck that goes across country with a Christmas tree and expensive ornaments to sell it to executives. This was okay, nothing spectacular.

    St. Mickey’s Knights of Columbus- The organization holds another dinner, this time during the Christmas holidays, where the members forget more songs and eat another nice dinner. I enjoy these slice of life sketches.

    Peter Tosh- “Bush Doctorâ€� â€" Blunt lyrics and political undertone, as well as great instrumentation. Honker at Christmas- Homeless man Honker (Bill) fills in at a tree farm while the owner (Elliot) makes it with a prostitute (Laraine). Honker is definitely growing on me as a character that gets better with each incarnation.

    Overall, while there were many good sketches (Mommie Dearest, St Mickey’s, Honker), there were some that didn’t work (Bob and Ray, “Spirits� of Christmas, Widettes). 6/10