Saturday Night Live

Season 2 Episode 20

Elliott Gould/The McGarrigle Sisters, Roslyn Kind

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 16, 1977 on NBC

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  • "Now you're doin' the Castration Walk."

    Good ol' Elliot Gould makes his way back to SNL to host for the third time. Elliot was a very reliable host in the first five years and in his first episode, was so good that the thing won an Emmy. His second appearance was a very fun episode as well, so would the third time be a charm? This time, he brings along the McGarrigle Sisters and Roslyn Kind as his musical guests. Again, two musical guests who I've never heard of and thus, I have no way of telling you what kind of background they came from, if I had enjoyed them beforehand, etc. Nevertheless, Elliot and his guests would attempt to make this another stellar show. Would they succeed?

    Host: Elliot Gould
    Musical Guests: The McGarrigle Sisters and Roslyn Kind

    Cold Open: Brezhnev's NBC Deal (Gould, Aykroyd, Belushi, Murray, Radner) (3:40)

    --Herb Goodman (Gould) makes negotiations with Leonid Brezhnev (Belushi), who threatens explosions if he is not allowed to be on the Tonight Show. I liked it as it had another good characterization from Belushi.

    Monologue: "The Castration Walk" (Gould, Belushi, Murray) (3:08)

    --Continuing with his tradition of doing a monologue involving a song-and-dance number, this time he performs "The Castration Walk" with John and Bill. Great lyrics.

    The Coneheads At Home (Gould, Aykroyd, Curtin, Morris, Newman) (7:08)

    --The Coneheads (Aykroyd, Curtin, Newman) take a visit from a phone repairman (Gould) and ask to have 35 phones installed. This time, Merkon (Morris) pays them a visit as well and the sketch takes a bit of a different turn. Another great Coneheads installment.

    The McGarrigle Sisters sing "Kiss & Say Goodbye" (2:37)

    --Kate and Anna sing a quick song that is rather fast-moving and enjoyable.

    You've Come A Long Way, Buddy (Gould, Aykroyd, Belushi, Morris, Murray) (6:51)

    --Craig (Elliot Gould) hosts a talk show for men and by men with Ted Meyers (Aykroyd), who presents a number of paintings by men. Also, Bob Lewis (Morris) works with black peoples' problems in Harlem, Roy Matthews (Murray), who owns the 'Not Just A Meat Rack' bar, and in the highlight of the sketch, Sam Montgomery (Belushi) has a rape hotline to reach out to rapists rather than the victims. Another entertaining sketch with a clever twist on male-female equality.

    Weekend Update with Jane Curtin (also: John Belushi, Bill Murray, Laraine Newman, and Gilda Radner) (10:40)

    --Starting off with a great zinger about the death of Philip K. Wrigley, Jane is on her game in this episode. Laraine Newman reports from Howdy Doody's funeral and interviews Howdy's wife, Debbie (Radner), John Belushi does a report on the weather and gets into one of his rants again, and then Bill Murray does a great editorial on the rallies against pornography while delivering many sexual innuendos and then sticks around to read a few stories when he "can't leave." The editorials were great and Jane had some good stuff too, making this one of the stronger Updates of the season.

    Nick at Breezy Point Lodge (Gould, Aykroyd, Belushi, Murray, Newman, Radner) (5:41)

    --Nick the Lounge Singer (Murray) makes his debut and entertains the folks at the Breezy Point Lodge, including the Alquist couple (Belushi, Radner) begrudgingly celebrating their anniversary, Skeeter Miller (Gould) and his female pal (Newman), and then Jimmy Joe Red Sky (Aykroyd) showing off his fish. There's some great lines by Murray here and Shaffer is a nice addition as well.

    Commercial: United Face Bank (Curtin, Morris) (2:15)

    --Joan Crawford (Curtin) presents Eldo Johnson (Morris), a man born without a face and was given a transplant from a young girl. Interesting concept, the execution was alright.

    Weis Film #31: Sports Fights (1:14)

    --A film showing many different sports fights while "America the Beautiful" by Ray Charles plays over it. It's filler, but man fights were so much better back then.

    The McGarrigle Sisters sing "Heart Like A Wheel" (2:46)

    --This time, the sisters sing a slower melody and it's not too bad.

    ATM Security Tests (Morris, Murray)

    --The ATM requires one man (Murray) to answer several skill-testing questions and then he has to pay another man (Morris) in headcheese.

    Natural Causes Restaurant (Gould, Aykroyd, Newman, Radner) (4:36)

    --Jason (Aykroyd) and Chloe (Newman) make their second appearance but this time, they only serve meat from animals that have died from natural causes. Some of the dishes are humourous and the ending is good.

    Roslyn Kind sings "I'm Not Anyone" (3:26)

    --This performance, however, I wasn't too big a fan of but at least Roslyn was pretty attractive to look at.

    Home Movie: Puppet Affair (1:26)

    --A woman has an affair with a puppet until her husband comes in and catches them in the act. A fight ensues. It felt kind of pointless.

    Commercial: Pilson Feedbag Dinners (Chevy Chase) (1:05)

    --A repeat from Foster/Wilson.

    Elliot needs to kill 60 seconds, so the cast helps out as Aykroyd announces that he needs tanks for a 1971 Harley Davidson and Belushi wears funky eye props. Elliot and the cast then do their usual hug and wave goodnight.

    Best segment: The Coneheads At Home
    Worst segment: Puppet Affair

    Host: Elliot Gould - 8.25/10
    Musical Guests: The McGarrigle Sisters - 7/10
    Roslyn Kind - 5/10

    Elliot once again hosted to the best of his ability and was able to blend in well with the cast again with his goofy persona and great chemistry. He also has that 'everyman' look about him and thus it is one of the reasons why it makes him such a great host. The musical guests were okay for the most part as the McGarrigle Sisters did two pretty decent songs, but Kind hardly impressed me at all. For castmembers, I will go with two stand-outs, that of John Belushi and Bill Murray for their respective performances being quite good throughout the night. Overall, a very admirable effort and good show.

    Rating: 8/10
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