Saturday Night Live

Season 2 Episode 3

Eric Idle/Joe Cocker and Stuff

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 02, 1976 on NBC



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    • Doctor: Alright, Mrs. Stolwry, we've put your scrapings through a high-speed cell sorter, and we're ready to choose what sort of a baby you want. Now, you want your baby to be.. a baby?
      Mrs. Stolwry: ..Yes.

  • Notes

    • The clip of The Rutles performing "I Must Be In Love" previously appeared on the ninth episode of the BBC series Rutland Weekend Television. This episode also marks the first US appearance of The Rutles.

    • For this episode's edition of "Weekend Update," substitute anchor Jane Curtin opens with the introduction "Here now the news." This phrase had originated with Roger Grimsby (1928-1995), an anchor on WABC-TV's (Channel 7) "Eyewitness News" from 1968 to 1986, and had been lampooned by Chevy Chase for his own "Update" catchphrase, "Good evening, I'm Chevy Chase and you're not." This was the first time Jane used Grimsby's original opening, with which she would eventually open every "Update" from 1978 until the remainder of the original "SNL" cast left in 1980.

    • When this show reran on 2/19/77, the cold opening with Belzer as the new Chevy Chase was replaced with a newly shot one where Idle finds Lorne, Buck Henry, and the cast at Cafe Maison in New Orleans. Idle thinks that he's going to do the show again until Lorne points out the "repeat" beside the TV listing. Laraine Newman says "Live from New York, it's a rerun of Saturday Night!"

    • Contrary to popular belief, the doctor in the Nazi sketch is not comedian Richard Lewis, but rather SNL writer (and frequent bit player) Alan Zweibel.

    • Sketches/segments removed from the 60-minute edit: the Rutles' first American appearance, with Lorne Michael's introduction, the second and third "Eric's Song" segments, "The Fake Chevy," "Baba Wawa's Farewell," "Nazi Spies," and Stuff's performance of "Foots."

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