Saturday Night Live

Season 4 Episode 8

Eric Idle/Kate Bush

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 09, 1978 on NBC

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  • “Autoerotism for horny cars"

    Eric Idle hosts for his third time, nearly two year since his last and Kate Bush makes her US television debut.

    Cold Open- Telepsychic Ray- Ray (Aykroyd) hosts a talk-call in show for his often terrible psychic advice. I really like when Aykroyd does these types of characters--with the creepy look and wise-guy voice; this was great.

    Monologue- Idle stands around stage waiting for his monologue to be written. Anxious, he wanders backstage and findsâ€"Lorne getting interviewed (Tom Schiller as the interviewer), Belushi getting a massage, the writers smoking a huge bong and Bill coaching him to be funny without a written monologue- which he does-- about a trip to Tunisia and the music played there. Great monologue with a lot funny sight gags, Idle’s Tunisian music interpretation and the backstage area with the running gagsâ€"animals and Abe Lincoln.

    The French Chef- While preparing a chicken, Julia Child (Aykroyd) cuts part of her finger and proceeds to bleed profusely while waiting for help to arrive. Sketch classic, well executed, performed and written.

    A Madrigal- After his classical music performance the previous week, Garrett introduces a Choir (Idle, Laraine, Curtin, Bill) who sing a piece entitled “A Madrigal�. Nice voices.

    The Woman He Loved- Prince Charles (Idle) must choose his new life with his child-bride (Laraine) and the various characters (Aykroyd, Belushi) in Mississippi or the life he left behind in England. I loved the fast cutaways to the plane and bus traveling back and forth in this sketch, Belushi and Aykroyd’s character, but other than that, it sort of blah.

    Kate Bush- The quirky British vocalist performs “The Man with the Child in His Eyes�, delightful, and ironic, considering the previous sketch.

    What Do You- a game show host (Idle) explains the various sound effects for each section of a game, leaving no time for actual play. Great sketch and it looks like something Monty Python would do. Weekend Update- on Bill Murray’s Celebrity Corner- Valerie Harper (Gilda) talks about “Rhoda� being cancelled and also realizes she isn’t actually Jewish; Chico Escuela (Garrett) reports sports news, but only knows baseball; Jane Curtin calls for a moratorium on fellatio until ERA is ratified in all states, countering Bill Murray calls for a moratorium on cunnilingus; and Father Guido Sarducci (Don Novello) gives commentary about nude wrestling on 42ND St. Jam-packed Update, but everything worked. Candy Slice- Rock maven Candy Slice (Gilda) stumbles drunkenly about in a recording studio and insult admirers (Curtin, Laraine) and then gives it her all when time to perform. I liked this character from Gilda; I’m assuming it was a take-off on Patti Smith.

    Consumer Probe- Joan Face (Jane Curtin) once again confronts sleazy Irwin Mainway (Aykroyd) who showcases his fashion show of endangered species clothing. I liked that they showed the real animal in a picture at the bottom of the screen and the dialogue from Joan Face and Irwin Mainway about the fashions.

    Dog Choir (film) â€" Dogs are featured in a musical procession under the tutelage of hot shot producer (Bill). That was ruff.

    Cochise at Oxford- A Native American (Bill) joins a class where an unusual professor (Idle) asks students a series of questions that expand the philosophic mind; conceptual sketch that I didn’t quite get.

    Kate Bush performs “Them Heavy People� Caps two great songs by the intriguing Brit.

    Overall, this was an interesting episode with many conceptual sketches. It lost me in some instances (Cochise) but overall I think most of the sketches worked. 8/10