Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 13

Forest Whitaker/Keith Urban

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 10, 2007 on NBC

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  • Roses are red, and flowers float like a duck; this my surprise you, but this episode didn't suck.

    A Review by “HelloStuart,” Amateur Critic and Bloodthirsty Despot

    Tonight’s host is Forest Whitaker, the noted actor-director who recently scored an Academy Award nomination for his tour de force performance in “The Last King of Scotland,” a biopic of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. I remember reading somewhere that he has a lazy eye, and even though that is a serious condition, at least we can count on a host that won’t read cue cards all night.

    This week’s musical guest is a song of a different tune; country superstar Keith Urban is the first representative of his genre on the show since 2003. A decent songwriter and performer, he’s probably better known to the general public as being the main squeeze of fellow Australian Nicole Kidman, as well as being the one-zillionth country singer to admit to having a drinking problem.

    And now, the sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: A Valentine’s Day card-reading with Dick (DH) and Lynne (KW) Cheney serves as another feeble endeavor to list off everything that’s dogging the administration. I’d probably be enjoying these political sketches more if they didn’t beat the same two or three topics into the ground.

    MONOLOGUE: Several flattering comments by Maya leads to a duet of the Rare Earth hit “Get Ready.” Forest has a really sweet, soulful singing voice… I guess.

    “Bronx Beat”: In the second installment of this implausible recurring sketch, Betty and Jodi (AP, MR) kvetch about the flu, then try and force two doctors (Forest, KW) to hook up simply because they look cute together. This didn’t work for me the first time around, but now I’m starting to see a certain rhythm; of course, the only way this is going to last if the writers can avoid being repetitious.

    DIGITAL SHORT: “Andy Everywhere” finds our most technologically-knowledgeable cast member hiding around various locales Waldo-style. Forte butts in to spice things up, but it only enhances the goofy, simplistic charm of this particular bit.

    “Assagio’s”: Am I imagining things, or is the “dining experience from hell” sketch growing just as tired and clichéd as the “date from hell” skits that we frequently see on the show? This time around, busboy Benjamin Tellurine (Forest) performs a twenty-minute rendition of an old Elton John tune, during which he alters his pitch so that only stray dogs can hear him.

    “Urigro”: An ad spoof repeated from last month. “Make ‘um proud, pee out loud” indeed.

    “Man Versus Beast”: I don’t watch a lot of Animal Planet, but with the way thing are going nowadays I wouldn’t be surprised if they had programming like this. Basically, Greg Gumbel (Forest) and some PETA whackjob (AP) do the play by play when some moron (JS) attempts to take on a mountain lion, ultimate fighting-style. This didn’t look promising until the post-match interview, which was a quasi-masterpiece of blood hemorrhages, dumb ESPN-type questions, and awkward silences; it was like a Bob and Ray routine, but with suggested animal cruelty.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Though I’m not the biggest country fan, (any of my closest friends will tell you that I have a personal vendetta against Rascal Flatts), I actually liked the mellow twang of his current single “Stupid Boy.”

    WEEKEND UPDATE: I’m starting to wonder if Amy writes her own one-liners; it seems that way, since Seth is obviously getting the better jokes. For once, a commentary featuring Kenan was actually funny; his Al Sharpton’s assistance with a faux-moustache wearing Jesse Jackson (DH) in relation to Senator Obama’s ranking on a “blackness” scale was just the type of witty racial commentary even Joe Biden could love. If anything didn’t work, it was Amy’s flirting with Cmdr. Bill Oefelein (JS), who came off acting like a cross between Flash Gordon and Steve Dallas from “Bloom County,” but nowhere near as amusing.

    “Love Whitney: Whitney Houston’s Valentine Day Special”: There was a time when I thought Maya’s Whitney impression was a riot; a good example of this would be the Geico commercial spoof from the season premiere. Now, it’s as annoying as hell; how many times does she have to make hollow vilifications of Bobby Brown before she thinks we get the point? Anyway, tonight she hosts a TV special and sings with Chaka Khan (KT) and her ex-brother in law Tommy (Forest).

    “Am I a Crazy Street Person?”: A game show send-up where two contestants must separate eccentric genius from deluded homeless guy, which proves easy for the one participant (KW) that has her marbles together. Even though she plays more straight-men characters than anything, Kristen does a good job of being mildly perplexed, and Forest was just as convincing as an eager, childlike mental asylum escapee.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Keith chugs through his rocking, Bob Seger-esque hit from six months ago, “Once in a Lifetime.”

    “A Message from the Staten Island Zoo”: A zookeeper (KW) introduces a short film about the sloth species that resembles a typical low-resolution clip from Holy crap, I think I might’ve actually laughed at this one.

    This broadcast may not have been anywhere near perfect, but I sighed with relief when I realized that this broadcast was more funny than unfunny, albeit just barely. This was a show that clicked because it acknowledged its own silliness, and it didn’t hurt that the writers stayed clear of the bad puns that had been their crutch for much of the past year. Forest was a diligent host, and Keith wasn’t as bad a musical guest as I’d feared.

    Sketches/segments that will probably be removed in repeats: “Valentine’s Day with the Cheneys,” “Urigro,” and “Love Whitney.”

    Next Week: A repeat of the uneven Justin Timberlake broadcast.

    In Two Weeks: Rainn Wilson from “The Office” is rumored to host, but I don’t think anything’s set in stone yet.

    Contact Stuart at He responds to all queries.
  • Get ready, cuz here they come.

    Forest Whitaker was our host this evening with musical guest Keith Urban. Not a big Urban fan, but I'll try to stay with an open mind.

    Valentine with the Cheneys: A pretty funny political opening, compared to other ones we've gotten this season. My favorite card was the card from the men in Iraq.

    Whitaker's Monologue: The performance was really good, since I like those two songs. Did Maya look pregnant again or is it just me?

    Bronx Beat: Bette and Jodi are back already! The sketch was pretty funny, but Kristen and Forest made this sketch with the awkward couple who doesn't know they're a couple until the end.

    SNL digital short: Andy Popping into frame: Another awesome Lonely Island short, that's not necessarily funny, but entertaining.

    Assagios: This was hilarious. Forest is actually proving him on being a great character actor for SNL.

    Urigro: Repeat. If we're going to do a commercial repeat, Sale-Mart or EZDate would be more appropiate.

    The Road to the Semi Finals: It was a weaker sketch of the night. I laughed a little at the amount of blood being lost.

    Musical Performance: Keith Urban performs "Stupid Boy". I guess it's a good song, but I didn't enjoy it all too much.

    Weekend Update: Very very slow Update this week. The blackness scale was a hoot, while the astronaut commentary by Jason was just boring. Jokes were either hit or miss. 50/50 on the hit/miss.

    Love Whitney: Eh. I'm really sick of Maya's Whitney Houston. It feels like Maya has overdone the impression this season already. It was alright, I guess, but, nothing special.

    Am I a crazy Street Person?: Very funny gameshow parody. Forest was really good in this, and so were Will, Fred, and Kenan.

    Musical Performance: Keith performs "Once in a Lifetime" which is a sort-of boring song, for me atleast.

    A Message from the Staten Island Zoo: While the rap wasn't really that funny, Kristen was really funny at the end with her reaction. Hey, it's a 5 to 1 sketch.

    Tonight's episode was a tad above average, and Forest proved himself as a really good host. I wasn't sure on how he would do, but he did great. Keith Urban was one of my lesser favorite musical guests this season.
  • It was a pretty good show tonight. The only real clinkers were the monologue and the Whitney show. I absolutely love the fact that the only recurring sketch we saw tonight was Bronx Beat.

    Cheney Valentines - One of the best political openings of the year. Placed in a different setting with lots of good jokes. It also wasn't overly long. Grade B+

    Monologue - Another lame monologue with lots of singing. Not funny in the least bit and not particularly entertaining. Forest's vanity segment. Grade D

    Bronx Beat - Much better than it was the first time around, but it still didn't make much of an impression on me. I actually thought the guests were funnier than the hosts. It also went on a bit too long. Grade C

    Andy Popping into Frame digital short - Not one of the better shorts as there wasn't much to it. It definitely would have benefitted from some more clever entrances.

    Singing Waiter - A one-joke premise that would have failed had it not been for Forest's hilarious over-the-top performance. He turned a potential DOA sketch into a winner. Nice job Forest. Grade A-

    Man vs Beast - This one wasn't going anywhere until a mauled and heavily bleeding Sudeikis appeared speaking in a calm voice despite his injuries. I don't think we've seen this much blood on SNL since Clooney's monologue and Danny's impression of Julia Childs. Grade B+

    Weekend Update - There were some good jokes, especially the Pelosi joke and Mickey Mouse. The funniest line of the night was delivered by Sudeikis when as the love-triangle male astronaut, he said "The best tang in the galaxy need not be mixed with water" to Amy. That was a good bit. It didn't quite compensate for the weakness of yet another Jesse and Al commentary. I think Darrell may have earned a new nickname tonight: Darrell "ham it up" Hammond after he proceeded to mug for the camera for about 30 seconds for no apparent reason. Grade B

    Whitney's Valentine's Day Special - As if the WU appearances weren't bad enough, now Maya has turned her Whitney impersonation into a full sketch. I didn't think it was possible, but Maya actually has a sketch that is more irritating than Donatella. That must have taken a lot of effort on her part. And surprise, surprise, Kenan came out in a wig yet again. What a great idea. "Bobby Beeeeee!" Yech! Grade F

    Am I A Crazy Street Person - Very reminiscent of Geek, Dweeb or Spaz without as many options for the contestants. The characters were very funny though. Forte, in particular, makes a highly believable nutjob. The sketch could have had a better resolution, but still it was very good. Grade B+

    Staten Island Zoo - This short about Sloths looks very much like the work of the Lonely Island crew. One of the funniest bits of the night. Too bad it was saved for the end. Grade A-
  • Kinda got lost in the Forrest

    You would think that with a great (and academy award winning) actor like Forrest Whittaker, the show would have been a classic. I mean this guy received a scholorship to sing opera when he was a youngster. And yes, they showcased his talent in the opening and in the restaurant sketch, but he's Forrest F'ing Whittaker man! maybe he was nervous. maybe he isn't made for imrov-like sketch comedy. Maybe it was an off week...
  • A 7 on the Blackness Meter...

    What do you know, this episode did not suck for once. The sketches were funny, the Music was good and Forest was a good host. I laughed and mabye SNL is back on track.

    COLD OPENING: Dick and Lynne Cheney read V-Day cards, but it tries to pin down EVERYTHING bad that Dubya is doing. The cards were alright but please god stop running these things so hard.


    MONOLOGUE: Oh dear god Maya is singing again! Well at least Forest has a nice voice, and since I saw this as just a Musical Preformance, I will grade it as that.


    “Bronx Beat”: These ******* are back again! Betty and Jodi try to hook up two people because they look cute together, if I ever go to the Bronx please shoot me because I will not be able to stand people like this, but I do know someone from the Bronx and they captured the "P****-ness" of Bronxites quite well.


    DIGITAL SHORT,“Andy Everywhere”: We just see Ardy popping into frame with his goofy grin, and Forte was desperate to get some Scene time so he horned in, I enjoyed this gofy little thing just for how weired it was.


    “Assagio’s”: God this was painfull, sure Forest sang quite well but this went on for too damn long. But a few points for Forest having a nice voice [I feel kinder today]


    “Urigro”: Not this again... I wont even bother grading this.

    “Man Versus Beast”: Greg Gumbel and some PETA maniac are hosting a Man versus Animal comabt show, crappy at first but the end just garnered a few extra points, it was nice to see good makeup on SNL.


    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE,”Stupid Boy”: I liked this song, and Keith is less Country than I thought he was.


    WEEKEND UPDATE: I am so sick of Amy's one-liners, at least Seth is funny. The Blackness Meter was funny and Kenan did not drag something down for once. And Bill Oefelein's attitude was annoying, but seeing Amy getting turned on was entertaining.

    7 “Love Whitney”: Dear god Whitney Houston again! We get the ******* point Bobby B now shut up for once!


    “Am I a Crazy Street Person?”: A Game show where you need to guess if someone is off their gourd. and Forest's character was a child like dimwit while Kristen was the normal one. Mildly entertaining but the acting was good.


    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE “Once in a Lifetime”: A good song as well, I enjoyed it.


    “A Message from the Staten Island Zoo”: A Zookeeper introduces a little Low-Budget metal Sloth video, and is perplexed by it. My god I laughed at how stupid this was, not bad for a "10 to 1".

    Overall SNL may be back on track, this was a good episode, and I hope next week's Dwight-fest is entertaining.
  • Terrible, just terrible

    Forrest Whittaker makes a big mistake going on SNL when their entire writing staff is on crack.
    The opening skit was alright with a few laughs. The monologue was typical, not funny and boring. The Bronx beat bit was just pitiful. Both Amy and Maya do a fantastic job impersonating Bronx accents and mannerisms but the skti was poorly written and not much to laugh at other than the funny accents of Bronx Women. The sad part is that this was the best sketch of the night. EVERYTHING else was just pure tripe, it was not worth watching. Andy Samberg's short video was cute if it was a web bit on youtube but was not good enough for SNL. Weekend Update was OK, Amy did great as alwaysl, Seth had some good lines but he is still ruining it because of his smarmy delivery, he needs to be replaced now. Overall I cannot believe how bad this show was with Forrest Whittaker, he's a great actor but he cannot be funny when the skits and lines are just that terrible.
  • It hurts so bad

    Maybe Saturday Night Live really is funny, but I just don't get it. For example, maybe the show is funny because it's suppose to be a comedy, but it's not funny....maybe, somehow that is funny. The only redeeming quality of this episode was the Digital Short. Andy can take something so simple and make it great. I'm not sure why he's not featured more. Once again, the opening failed to make me laugh. How many times can you do the same joke? I mean come on people, the horse has been dead for almost a year now. Also, once again, weekend update fell short of laughs. How in the world can someone be married to a comedic genius, Will Arnett, and be so unfunny? This is one of life's many mysteries.

    If this show did not have all of the history that is SNL behind it, there is no way it wouldn't be cancelled. It's really sad that these people have taken a great show and let it fall flat on it's face. Bring back Eddie. Bring back Murray. Bring back Aykroyd. Bring back Chase.
  • Don't mess with the guy popping in every frame, or else you'll get a gun to the head . . .

    Here we have a show hosted by two award winners. One I am not too familiar with; the other is husband to my favorite actress. I was hoping his wife would make an appearance, though, I do believe I saw someone who looked similar to her from behind while sitting down in the audience. I wasn’t actually excited about this show, and forgot about it until I saw the promo. Sad, I know. But I will start going over it all.

    HOST: This week’s host is the obvious 2007 Oscar winner for Best Actor, Forest Whitaker. I learned something about him from this broadcast – he has a great singing voice. And his monologue was Maya trying to show everyone that. Yes, he sang in the monologue. I thought that was actually a dumb concept, but whatever. I thought there could be some Oscar or “Last King Of Scotland” vibe, but no. That was pointless, but he was a good host. B+

    This week’s musical guest is country star Keith Urban, known, by me at least, for being husband to actress Nicole Kidman. During his performances, the musical didn’t sound all that country. It had more of a rock vibe to it with a little country. He performed “Stupid Boy” and “Once In A Lifetime.” He did well, though I don’t like country. It did sound more rock to me though. And I swear, when the moved the camera towards the stage in the beginning, there was a slender woman with long blonde hair who I swear resembled Nicole. I wonder if it was her. No idea. But Keith wasn’t bad. B+

    THE SKITS: Cold Opening: Valentine’s Day With The Cheneys – Here we see the Vice President and his wife reading Valentines they have got. Some were really funny, especially the first one from Scooter Libby, where he said that if he goes to jail, he’s taking Cheney too. I liked the comical cards for some reason, especially the ones from the troops. Pretty funny skit. B+

    Bronx Beat – Again?! The two Bronx women who cannot stand their husbands that they love are back and interviewing two people from the blood clinic, who they keep saying are in love, and it doesn’t matter that he is black and she is white. One of the women though, also brought up that saying “Blood” makes her faint. Really? She could never be near me than. The two hosts head into their own conversations, than pressure the two guests to kiss, which made me think, “Said what are you waitin’ for? Kiss her! Kiss her!” This skit was not funny, but I have this awful feeling it shall be back. C-

    Digital Short: Andy Everywhere – Yay! This was All-Andy! And he popped into every frame, that is, until Will started popping into frames, causing Andy to put a gun to his head. This concept, I will admit, was rather stupid now that I think about it, but it was the only time I saw Andy in the whole show, cept at the end when I recognized him from behind. I, uh, know what his butt looks like now. I’ve looked at it enough. But it was funny I guess, with my eye candy. A+

    Assagrio’s – My mom saw this coming – the waiter keeps singing and won’t stop. I liked when he sang at that high tone that broke the glasses at made the dogs all bark. This skit was really funny. A

    Urigro – Again? They really thought this was good enough to show a second time? Oddly enough, my mom found it hilarious, dumb, but hilarious. And she generally doesn’t like this kind of humor. This is the medicine that makes your pee thick and um, impressive? I guess. I never knew thick urine mattered. Guys are weird. C+

    Man Vs. Best: The Road To The Final Four – Dumb skit. I have no comments, except this: if you were attacked by a mountain lion, you’d pry be dead, a lot bloodier, and may not be able to talk. I must have laughed, cause I did give it a higher grade. B-

    Love Whitney – This is Whitney Houston’s Valentine’s Day Special, where she shows us that she cannot get over Bobby Brown. That was the focus of the whole skit. C

    Am I A Crazy Street Person – Here is the game show where you have to decide if the people before you are crazy street people. And Forest’s character can’t figure them out, but it turns out he is crazy himself. This was kind of funny. Not bad. B-

    A Message From The Staten Island Zoo – This was an advertisement for sloths made by two students, Andy being one of them. And these sloths were hard core. Dumb, but funny-ish. B-

    That digital short. It was the only thing Andy was in. I saw him from behind at the end, and that was okay I guess, but if he actually had a butt, it’d have been better for me. Digital short was the best though. That Assagrio’s skit was funny too.

    Andy didn’t appear in the live broadcast at all. That screams horrible to me. And Bronx Beat was bad too.

    Nothing took me by surprise. I didn’t see that hard core sloths thing was unexpected though. Nothing made me go, “Wow! Didn’t expect that.” I was surprised that there weren’t many skits though, only nine.

    SKIT AVERAGE: 2.9/4 B-

    SHOW RATING: 6/10 Sparkling Diamonds

    In two weeks, it is said to be Rainn Wilson and Ciara, but the show didn’t confirm anything. Next week we see JT rerun, meaning ya get to see the phenomenon that is “D*** In A Box” again. See ya in 2 weeks . . .
  • An academy award nominated actor and a fresh out of rehab country music superstar. What more can you ask for?

    Cold Open: Great start. Upon first hearing "Valentine's Day" and "Cheney," I expected a barrage of lesbian daughter jokes, but the writers took the high road. What really made the sketch, though, was the simple idea of having the extremely wooden Dick and Lynne Cheney reading such goofy greeting cards.

    Monologue: This was fine. Maya did what she loves most (upstaging the host), but at least Forest can really sing. Far from the best monologue of the season, but there have been worse.

    Bronx Beat: I mentioned that I was nervous about the effectiveness of the sketch if they brought it back. All in all it was pretty good, holding its own while not entirely copying what was done on the Jake Gyllenhaal show. Forest and Kristen's performances certainly helped.

    Digital Short: I think this one will hold up. It was such a novel idea, and they were especially successful in making the audience try to guess exactly who will show up in the frame (and where, of course). I loved it.

    Assagio's: A restaurant sketch frequently has the patrons act as comic foils to the staff, especially when they act like average human beings (which is how the sketch started out). But things really got rolling once they started to act with such incredible disrespect to the singer. Yes, he prolonged for an obscene amount of time, but the inconsiderate shouting of the customers turned this from a blah sketch into something pretty good.

    Man Vs. Beast: Another great idea. Ultimately the pregame comments from Amy and Forest (who did a terrible Greg Gumbel), as well as the postgame interview, could've been trimmed a little. But the intent was there, and the afterthought line about possible cable TV censorship was one of its better moments.

    "Stupid Boy": Our favorite out-of-rehab Australian turns in a middle-of-the-road performance to start out. He wasn't terrible, but you can't expect anyone great on SNL when everybody in music is about to stroll the red carpet at the Grammys.

    Update: This was definitely improved from last week. I loved Amy's unexplained fascination with Jason as a Top Gun astronaut, and the Jackson/Sharpton duo was better than they have been. Jokes from Seth and Amy were better this time around as well.

    Love Whitney: Obviously the worst sketch of the night, this one particularly reeked. Most of all, I can't imagine the writers being able to justify why the two most frequent impressions seen this season, with 4 apiece, are Sudeikis' Bush... and Whitney Houston. She popped up in the tabloids, like, twice.

    Am I a Crazy Street Person?: Not too bad, things really got rolling once Forte claimed to be a spaceman. Liked Kristen's conversation with Sudeikis near the end, as well. But I wanted something more interesting from Forest.

    "Once in a Lifetime": Some good guitar work here, too (I counted five guitars on stage). So despite this not being groundbreaking material, Keith did well with what he had.

    Sloth: Yes! What a way to end the show. Everything about this was near-perfect, from the on-screen lyrics to Kristen's post-video reaction. This ranks among the best sketches of the season, for sure.

    Forest was pretty weak as a host when he wasn't singing, and Maya brought down a few of her sketches (not Bronx Beat or Assagio's, though). But there were several great moments amidst the clutter, and a better-than-expected musical guest to go with that.
  • "He`s right on top of Bill Clinton"

    I`m really looking forward to today`s Grammy Awards, to see all the performances and stuff like that, but anyway...

    Host: This week GG-winner, and Oscar nominee Forest Whitaker s in the house. I gotta say that for being a serious actor, he did a marginal performance, I would say better than Jake G. I could see in the future maybe one or two more stints. 6/10

    MG: Country star Keith Urban comes by to perform. I`m surprised SNL hasn`t had a country star in at least five years.Hmm. 7/10

    And now, sketch-by-sketch review:

    Cold Opening: Vice President Dick Cheney and wife, decided to read off the Valentines they recieved, such from the UN, Halliburton, etc. I laughed a couple of times at the corny polittical jokes, and the $500,000 gift card to Barnes and Noble. Nothing memorable, though.

    Monologue: Our host rambles about his nominations for the GGs and Oscars, until Maya storms the stage to sing a duet (yes he sings, too). I`m not sure, but was there a JOKE in this monologue? Definately praise the miniscule writing staff for this one.

    Bronx Beat: The annoying, irritating, double trouble couple, who you all know Betty and Jodi, are back to reek havoc in Studio 8H, and rain on their guests. Figuratively , of course, on two guests(KW, Forest) This was actually better than the one with Jake, as they probably had more guests to ramble on top of, but I wish they didn`t make this a recurring sketch.

    Digital Short: Andy Popping Into Frame: Samberg has another short from TLI, this time he along with Will Forte pop into several different frames. I don`t know why, but I found this hilarious. I laughed for some strange reason, but I`m not sure why. It`s these skits that keep the show alive.

    Asaigo`s: Four retserunt guests (BH, FA, MR, KW), have the pleasure of listening to the nightly entertainment of a singing patron(Forest), who eventually goes so high up, all the glass breaks. I could summarize this as a one-joke sketch, which it mainly was, but Forest kept it alive. 6.5/10

    Commerical Rerun: Urigro: The commerical rerun from the Jeremy Piven/AFI epsiode about improving your urine stream. Still as funny as before.

    Man Vs. Beast: As crazy as some of these show spoofs are, the craziest has come with Animal Planet, leading with your anchors, (Forest, KW), and a mountain-lion fight with Suds. Extremely silly, this reached into Monty Python-depth. Well, maybe not, but you get the idea. It would`ve been funnier if they showed them fighting, but the mountain-lion should`ve been someone in costume.

    Musical Performance: 7/10

    Weekend Update: Jokes about Obama`s running,the astronaut-kidnapper, and others, but thankfully none about Anna Nicole. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al comment on Obama(KT, DH) with the Black-o-meter, and the NASA Astronaut(JS) flirts on Amy. Probably one of the more memeorable WUs, I wish I could put in more one-liners, but I forgot them.

    Whitney Hoston`s Valentines Day Special: Whitney Hoston singing and raving. Need I say more? She`s just asking to get off the show. Terrible writing and premise, should`ve been cut at dress.

    Am I A Crazy Street Person?: Sorry, I`m really starting to forget the names of the sketches. This game show, hosted by Suds, brings on people from the streets to try to stump two contestants, one being Wiigy, and another a recently released mentally retarded institute patient(Forest), and only the host and Wiigy know. I like the premise, but you shouldn`t make fun of retards.

    Musical Performance: 6/10

    Staten Island Zoo: A zookeeper from the Staten Island Zoo announces the arrival of two new sloths, and a video rap monatge to end the show. Actually, pretty good since the last end sketches.

    Overall: An okay performance from Forest and the cast, but some sketches dissapointed me. The cast needs some good writing and that will trigger everything. I wish Tina could come back, though, to save our writing staff. This season is actually starting to become bearable.

    Best Moment: Probably the Digital Short for me, or WU.
    Worst Moment: Whitney Hosuton`s Valentine`s Day Special.

    Host: 6.5/10
    MG: 7/10
    Sketches: 6/10

    Final Grade: 6.5/10: FAIR SHOW

    Next show: Actually, is undetermined but on tvguide it says Rainn Wilson from "The Office", who plays a great Dwight K. Shrute
    which is my favorite show. No musical guest is said though, so enjoy JT
    on 2/17/07. Peace!
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