Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 13

Forest Whitaker/Keith Urban

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 10, 2007 on NBC

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  • A 7 on the Blackness Meter...

    What do you know, this episode did not suck for once. The sketches were funny, the Music was good and Forest was a good host. I laughed and mabye SNL is back on track.

    COLD OPENING: Dick and Lynne Cheney read V-Day cards, but it tries to pin down EVERYTHING bad that Dubya is doing. The cards were alright but please god stop running these things so hard.


    MONOLOGUE: Oh dear god Maya is singing again! Well at least Forest has a nice voice, and since I saw this as just a Musical Preformance, I will grade it as that.


    “Bronx Beat”: These ******* are back again! Betty and Jodi try to hook up two people because they look cute together, if I ever go to the Bronx please shoot me because I will not be able to stand people like this, but I do know someone from the Bronx and they captured the "P****-ness" of Bronxites quite well.


    DIGITAL SHORT,“Andy Everywhere”: We just see Ardy popping into frame with his goofy grin, and Forte was desperate to get some Scene time so he horned in, I enjoyed this gofy little thing just for how weired it was.


    “Assagio’s”: God this was painfull, sure Forest sang quite well but this went on for too damn long. But a few points for Forest having a nice voice [I feel kinder today]


    “Urigro”: Not this again... I wont even bother grading this.

    “Man Versus Beast”: Greg Gumbel and some PETA maniac are hosting a Man versus Animal comabt show, crappy at first but the end just garnered a few extra points, it was nice to see good makeup on SNL.


    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE,”Stupid Boy”: I liked this song, and Keith is less Country than I thought he was.


    WEEKEND UPDATE: I am so sick of Amy's one-liners, at least Seth is funny. The Blackness Meter was funny and Kenan did not drag something down for once. And Bill Oefelein's attitude was annoying, but seeing Amy getting turned on was entertaining.

    7 “Love Whitney”: Dear god Whitney Houston again! We get the ******* point Bobby B now shut up for once!


    “Am I a Crazy Street Person?”: A Game show where you need to guess if someone is off their gourd. and Forest's character was a child like dimwit while Kristen was the normal one. Mildly entertaining but the acting was good.


    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE “Once in a Lifetime”: A good song as well, I enjoyed it.


    “A Message from the Staten Island Zoo”: A Zookeeper introduces a little Low-Budget metal Sloth video, and is perplexed by it. My god I laughed at how stupid this was, not bad for a "10 to 1".

    Overall SNL may be back on track, this was a good episode, and I hope next week's Dwight-fest is entertaining.