Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 13

Forest Whitaker/Keith Urban

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 10, 2007 on NBC

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  • Get ready, cuz here they come.

    Forest Whitaker was our host this evening with musical guest Keith Urban. Not a big Urban fan, but I'll try to stay with an open mind.

    Valentine with the Cheneys: A pretty funny political opening, compared to other ones we've gotten this season. My favorite card was the card from the men in Iraq.

    Whitaker's Monologue: The performance was really good, since I like those two songs. Did Maya look pregnant again or is it just me?

    Bronx Beat: Bette and Jodi are back already! The sketch was pretty funny, but Kristen and Forest made this sketch with the awkward couple who doesn't know they're a couple until the end.

    SNL digital short: Andy Popping into frame: Another awesome Lonely Island short, that's not necessarily funny, but entertaining.

    Assagios: This was hilarious. Forest is actually proving him on being a great character actor for SNL.

    Urigro: Repeat. If we're going to do a commercial repeat, Sale-Mart or EZDate would be more appropiate.

    The Road to the Semi Finals: It was a weaker sketch of the night. I laughed a little at the amount of blood being lost.

    Musical Performance: Keith Urban performs "Stupid Boy". I guess it's a good song, but I didn't enjoy it all too much.

    Weekend Update: Very very slow Update this week. The blackness scale was a hoot, while the astronaut commentary by Jason was just boring. Jokes were either hit or miss. 50/50 on the hit/miss.

    Love Whitney: Eh. I'm really sick of Maya's Whitney Houston. It feels like Maya has overdone the impression this season already. It was alright, I guess, but, nothing special.

    Am I a crazy Street Person?: Very funny gameshow parody. Forest was really good in this, and so were Will, Fred, and Kenan.

    Musical Performance: Keith performs "Once in a Lifetime" which is a sort-of boring song, for me atleast.

    A Message from the Staten Island Zoo: While the rap wasn't really that funny, Kristen was really funny at the end with her reaction. Hey, it's a 5 to 1 sketch.

    Tonight's episode was a tad above average, and Forest proved himself as a really good host. I wasn't sure on how he would do, but he did great. Keith Urban was one of my lesser favorite musical guests this season.
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