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Episode Discussion Thread: Ashton Kutcher/Them Crooked Vultures (2/6/10)

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    HelloStuart wrote:
    warqueen wrote:

    Hello Stuart, given your surprise appearance on another certain thread a few days ago, I got a great ideal for a game show skit similiar to the one on the show tonight you could write. It is called : "What? You Mean Smallville Is Still On??".

    Yes Stu. It is still on, in its 9th season, more than likely going to be given a 10th season by the CW, just had its first 2 hour movie Friday night in which about 9 out 10 people who watched it were stunned and blown away the movie. And Tom Welling (Clark Kent) is in the top 20 most paid actors per episode in TV right now (a six-figure deal an episode). By the way Ashton Kutcher & Tom Welling have benn good friends since their modeling days in L.A. in the mid 1990s as well as both Cheaper by the Dozen movies. I like how synchronicity works.

    But i digress, I hate to make fun of my favorite show in this way; So I got even another idea for a game-show skit. It's called: "Why in the hell is Jennifer Lopez the host AND musical guest on SNL for February 27, 2010?!?!"

    Personally, I don't understand why "Smallville" is still on. Shouldn't Clark Kent be in Metropolis by now? Besides, you can only do so much in a small-town setting. The more third-tier comic book characters they add to the mix, the more "Smallville" is augmenting their borrowed time and therefore losing touch with the original premise of the series.

    As for J.Lo, I'm no fan but her musical career still has legs. I think she released a new disc about two months ago.
    Most of the action is actually in the city of the Daily Planet. Only occasionally do they return to the Kent farm...
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    My favorite sketches were probably the "Access Hollywood" spoof and the Roman-style sketch with the grapes.
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