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Ideas for new hosts

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    Kenant00 wrote:
    Actually I think they should try and see if they can get
    the Fab Five from queer eye for the straight guy host the show. I think it'd be a hoot if they did that or if they're running out of people to have host it then they should just pull the plug on SNL because it's had it's time in the spotlight and now in my opinion it just isn't funny anymore.
    Maybe NBC should pull the plug on it and then run the reruns from the show from as early as the 70's in it's time slot.

    I know someone said it'd be like The Tonight Show going off the air but that's not the case with this. Variety shows come on the air and have there time in the spotlight then after awhile the spotlight fades away goes else where. Take a look at other variety shows like the Jackie Gleason Show,
    Laugh-In, Carol Burnett show for example they were on the air and had time in the spotlight then eventually it went off the air that's the case with this as well SNL's time in the spotlight was in the 70's, 80's and early 90's and now it's time in the spotlight is up and should be taken off the air.

    The Fab Five? That's so 2003. They're ripe for parody (as they have been a couple of times) but not hosting material.

    Whether you like it or not, SNL is not going anywhere. The variety programs you speak of were star vehicles, whereas SNL has always enphasized an ensamble cast that can be shuffled in and out without much hassle. "MADtv" aside, SNL will continue to be a showcase for developing comedic talent, and its generally agreed that the show would be impossible to replace. Though you might think the show is in a slump right now (it's a pretty devisive topic at this forum), be confident in knowing that the show will ultimately rebound or somehow improve upon its current standing.
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    I think the show has improved from last season. I mean with the exception of Jason Lee/Foo FIghters, I laughed at at least 1 skit per show.

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