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Seth Meyers gives opening presentation at NBC Fall Upfronts

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    Seth Meyers jokes about 'The Voice,' 'Wonder Woman, CBS

    Seth Meyers opened up NBC's fall presentation in New York today with a special edition of Weekend Update – and as usual, the jabs at his home network came fast and furious. The comedian had this to say about the net's promising new hit The Voice: "Some critics say were ripping off American Idol, to which I say, if you have a better idea we'd love to hear it."

    And then he said added this about the network's new musical drama Smash: "Gwyneth Paltrow, if you're listening, they'll call you." As for the network's new owner, "I have to say things are better already," Meyers quipped, before adding. "I literally have to say that."

    He also joked about how NBC's IT guys are now grouchy after entertainment topper Robert Greenblatt passed on Wonder Woman, and he took a swipe at the recent departures of Regis Philbin, Larry King and Jim Lehrer: "On the upside, CBS gains three more viewers."

    Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt came out to say "today is the start of our road to recovery" and "thank you God for The Voice." NBC Broadcasting Chairman Ted Harbert then promised "a little less reinvention of the wheel and more broadcast 101." (Hmm, indirect swipe at former NBC-Universal suit Jeff Zucker?)

    Some highlights for fall: Greenblatt said The Playboy Club is "tame compared to what you'd see on Jersey Shore." (And yet the trailer for the drama didn't play nearly as well as the one for Prime Suspect, the network's reboot of the UK hit.) The latest edition of The Biggest Loser will feature a young versus old theme this fall, and a new trainer for the show will be announced in this season's finale.

    The suits also announced 4,000 hours of Olympic coverage across all of the NBC-Universal networks (yippee?)




    Jimmy Kimmel mocks ABC, Kutcher, 'X Factor'

    Jimmy Kimmel took the stage at ABC's upfront presentation to advertisers Tuesday and once again skewered his network and rivals in a segment that ad buyers in the audience always enjoy:

    ABC's lineup: "Remember those shows we were so exited about last fall? We cancelled all of them. And yet here you are again. You might have a gambling problem."

    Fox: "Fox is getting ready to debut The X Factor. I think this is the best idea of 2002. It's like American Idol meets a mirror."

    NBC: "It's cute they're trying. [NBC entertainment president Bob Greenblatt] is asking for patience. You should be patient — holding onto your ad money for as long as possible until they get their s— together…. Greenblatt also thanked God for The Voice… God stopped watching NBC after Friends."

    CBS' older-skewing audience: "We're all losing viewers to DVR and cable. CBS is losing them to natural causes…. They have a lot of viewers because they can't remember where they put the remote."

    How Ashton Kutcher will make a great replacement for Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men: "After all, he did a very good job of replacing Bruce Willis."

    Shark Tank: "You know what somebody should invent on Shark Tank? A replacement for Shark Tank."

    Hey, now that's over the line! We like Shark Tank. -- EW

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    Thank you for posting this WarQueen, but a) you don't have to cut and paste the entire article if you also have a URL link, because that's redundant and b) I don't understand why I have to tell you one hundred times to post articles and links like this in the "General News & Media Mentions" thread. There's no need to start a new thread every time because hardly anyone comments on them. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings, but we've repeatedly gone over this.
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