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Thoughts on Kenan

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    HelloStuart wrote:
    evildevil97 wrote:
    Psy4potato wrote:

    Random FYI That I Want to Share:He should pull out some All That characters.....90's kids would love that...

    I'd assume there'd be intellectual property issues. But impressions are fair game. But what impersonations did Kenan do on All-That besides Cosby? Depressing fact: Kenan spent more time on SNL than All-That.
    Nearly twice as long.

    It so strange to think about how long he's been on considering allof the great moments in the late 90s when former cast members would come back to host an go "Oh Tim Meadows you came by to support me, thank you." Embarrased, Tim wouldslowly mutter "No, I'm still part of the cast". "Oh, I'm sorry Tim." They constantly made fun of how long he was on the show. But that kind of attitude towards long tenures has disappeared and seemingly encouraged now.

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