Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 21

Gabourey Sidibe/MGMT

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 24, 2010 on NBC

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  • Go Gabby..... Go Gabby.....

    Tonight's broadcast brings us Gaborey Sidibe as host. She starred in the movie, "Precious", so I'm pretty excited to see how she does tonight. Our musical guest is MGMT. MGMT is a really good band, and I already know that many will not like their new album compared to their old album, since it doesn't have any psychedelic singles, like "Time to Pretend" or "Kids". But, this new album does offer some great choices, such as "Flash Delerium" or "Siberian Breaks" (which will never be performed on a television show due to the length and the contrast in parts of the song. I'm very excited to see them make their SNL debut.

    Wall Street Lunch: This was a pretty boring Obama opening. I even tried to keep an opened mind, since the last Obama opening, 2 weeks ago, with the census report, was actually pretty funny. But, unfortunately I was let down.

    Monologue: I actually didn't mind this monologue. I thought it was an energetic performance. I can tell Gaborey is excited to host.

    The Suze Orman Show: Yes, she's back. It's been about a year and a half since we've seen the last broadcast of the financial genius. This sketch was decently written, and there were a few good lines here and there.

    Who Wants To Be a Millionaire: I'm not too familiar with Steve Harvey's appearance on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, but this was a pretty funny commercial parody.

    Crazy Lady From The Window: This sketch wasn't anything too special. This reminds me of this Bing commercials, where they give off random knowledge sparked by a word, but, this wasn't too funny.

    Cherry Battle: This digital short was probably in the weaker column of the digital shorts this season. There wasn't much to get.

    Frank Sinatra: This is one of those ideas that was good, but when it was written out, it was far from that. This sketch had the right concept, but it was really poorly written.

    Musical Performance: MGMT performs "Flash Delirium" which is a great song. Great performance, overall.

    Weekend Update: This was definitely a weak Update tonight. The jokes weren't too good, and the highlight went to John Mulaney, for the girl scout commentary. It was a pretty funny, realistic rant. Kristen Wiigs as Judy Grimes was really not necessary, and Bill as Stefon was okay, just because of the screwed up stuff he says, but, otherwise, Update wasn't any sort of gem.

    2010 Public Employee Of The Month Awards: This was another idea thats great, but the writing had to improve. The writing wasn't bad for this though. It was just average. The "talents" they performed were pretty funny.

    Alarm Clocks: Jenny brings back her big debut season character. I'm not too much of a fan of this, anymore. This was funny the first time, alright the second time, and now, I think they should put a rest to it. Unfortunately, this is the only time I ever see Jenny solely perform.

    Musical Performance: MGMT rocks out "Brian Eno"! Big surprise, as its an album cut. I was expecting "It's Working". Good job, once again, though.

    Press Conference: Another copy-and-paste sketch. This was actually a sign of creativity in the more-than-not tired Drew Barrymore episode back in October, but tonight, it's just another burn-out lazily copied and adjusted sketch.

    Tonight's show wasn't too good. The musical guest, MGMT, and shots of creativity, such as John Mulaney's commentary, and the 2010 Public Employee of the Month Awards, saved this show from being a complete dud. But, otherwise, the episode was not too impressive. Gaborey did not phone tonight in, but she was way too nervous. She's probably one of the worst hosts of the season, which I feel bad for saying, since she wasn't like January Jones, where she didn't even seem like she wanted to be there. You could tell Gaborey definitely wanted to be hosting, it was just her nervous presence, and such.

    In 2 weeks, Facebook gets its wish. Betty White hosts with musical guest, Jay-Z. I already saw promos for this episode, during this CURRENT broadcast. It is going to be crazy. I'm excited though.
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