Saturday Night Live

Season 4 Episode 14

Gary Busey/Rick Danko and Paul Butterfield, Eubie Blake and Gregory Hines

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 10, 1979 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Live from New York, it's...John Belushi!

Sketches include: "Breaking the Ice with Belushi," "The Carter Brothers," "Women's Problems," "The Unsung Heroes of Rock n Roll," "The Slopjockey," and "Perchance To Dream."

Gregory Hines joins Eubie Blake in singing "Low-down Blues," "I'm Just Simply Full Of Jazz," and "I'm Just Wild About Harry." Busey, Rick Danko and Paul Butterfield perform "Stay All Night."moreless

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  • I'm just wild about Gary

    "The Buddy Holly Story" star Gary Busey hosts and piano legend Eubie Blake and tap dance aficionado Gregory Hines perform.

    Cold Open- Belushi upset at Gary: Belushi is upset at Gary for being nominated for an Oscar and he wasn't, then they discuss their issues. A very tacked on "Live From New York…" follows. Eh

    Monologue- Gary gets pumped for the show by slapping his thighs and weird vocalizing. I guess this better then a run-of-the-mill monologue. The Carters in Israel- President Carter (Aykroyd) is pushed into taking his hard drinking, hard partying brother Billy (Gary) with him to Israel by his mother (Gilda); Loved the ad-lib to Busey's late entrance into the room and his hooting at the dinner.

    Gregory Hines and Eubie Blake "chat" and perform a series of Jazz standards "Lowdown Blues", "Simply Full of Jazz" (with Hines performing a tap dancing routine) and "I'm Just Wild about Harry." I like the fact that Hines didn't change the lyrics to "…Harry."

    Women's Problem- Men (Aykroyd, Murray, Gary) discuss their issues with women and take questions from the audience (Brian Doyle-Murray, Belushi). A tad boring. However, I'm glad the audience felt the need to wave at themselves on camera.

    Weekend Update with Jane Curtin and Bill Murray- Jane leaves her earrings at Bill's apartment; and the real highlight, Bill Murray's Celebrity Corner- Ms. Ed (Gilda) is interviewed on her thoughts about Mr. Ed's death. A real horse was used and the mare refused to stay still in front of the green screen causing awkward camera shots of back stage and the crew tangling with the horse. At the end of the segment, in a rare occurrence, Jane bursts into a huge laugh instead saying "Good Night and have a pleasant tomorrow." Great segment. Unsung Heroes of Rock 'n Roll- At a school dance, students chit chat about relationships, rock 'n roll and a band performance that angers the uptight administration (Aykroyd). A dramatic piece with Aykroyd showcasing his usual uptight authority figure character.

    "Perchance for a Dream" (film) – Honker (Bill) goes from sleeping in streets to performing a scene from the "Good Night, Good Night" speech from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Like "Don't Look Back" and "Dolce de Gilda", this was a great dramatic showcase for the particular actor; Sketch of the night, in my opinion.

    Kansas 1937- A slopjockey (Gary) will, for pay, jump fully-clothed into a pig sty. Uh, yeah.

    Gary along with blues harmonica legend Paul Butterfield and member of The Band, Rick Danko performs a fiery, messy blues rock rendition of "Stay All Night"

    Gary still high off his success closes the show out in down home fashion "I hope ya'll enjoyed it." Well, it was good in parts and no so in others, but Gary's energy helped a lot. 7/10moreless
  • I think he did very well. Cause it\'s such an old espoide big time

    He did very well singing and dancing in his solo It was like he told the guy excuse me wanna show something and he did. But I think he did a great job that he was the best tap dancer and for speed. When he did tap dance in america. He invited so many friends to dance with him. It was great. And haven\'t seen that show but not on tape either. But one of these times it will be out there and ready to go. So hey there won\'t be another one of him. But Savion Glover does his best to stick around with itmoreless

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    • Rosalyn Carter: Okay, Lillian. Now, Jimmy.. it's a long flight to the Mid-East, and you'll be sitting a long time. Those seats on Air Force One have a tendancy to wobble. Well, I would just like you to be prepared, if you know what I mean.
      President Jimmy Carter: Rosalyn, it's alright, don't worry about it, I'm prepared. [ opens suitcase to reveal multiple packages of Preparation H cream ]

    • Bill Murray: (seeing the misspelling on the Update clock behind him) Hello to all our viewers out there in Philadelpia.

    • Last words of Mr. Ed as said from a grieving Mrs. Ed. "A horse is a corpse, of course, of course!

  • NOTES (2)

    • Eubie Blake had just turned 96 when he appeared in this episode, making him SNL's oldest guest (host or musical) ever.

    • Notice how shaken Busey looks early in the cold opening. He had disappeared minutes before air-time and producers were unable to find him up till 30 seconds before air. He was found and literally pushed onstage.