Saturday Night Live

Season 20 Episode 14

George Clooney/The Cranberries

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 25, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Ellen Cleghorne and Tim Meadows attempt to find a decent African American figure in the last year. (Cleghorne, Farley, Meadows)

MONOLOGUE: George Clooney performs a liver transplant on an audience member. (Clooney, Shannon, Tom Davis)

LEXON PARADOX: (Cleghorne, Garofalo, MacDonald, McKean, Meadows, Nealon, Norm Hiscock, Ryan Shiraki)

SEA PARK: Unlucky spectator is soaked by bacteria-laden water at a whale show. (Clooney, Farley, Garofalo, McKean (VO))

TAXICAB CONFESSIONS: Taxicab passengers are willing to let their personal secrets be televised on HBO. (Clooney, Elliott, Farley, MacDonald, McKean(1 and VO), Meadows, Nealon, Sandler, Spade)

"ZOMBIE": (Cranberries)

WEEKEND UPDATE: O.J. Simpson juror admits that she hasn't been paying attention to the trial; George Clooney gives a brief opinion on a "Chicago Hope" episode; Kevin Nealon gives a commentary on Medicare for people with no attention span. (Clooney, Cleghorne, MacDonald, Nealon)

WR: Hospital drama has doctors ask their patients to sit tight in the waiting room. (Clooney, Cleghorne, Elliott, Farley, Garofalo (1 and VO), Kightlinger, McKean, McKinney, Meadows, Mohr, Nealon, Sandler, Shannon, Spade, Akeyla Cleghorne, Norm Hiscock, Andy Murphy)

TALES OF FRAUD AND MALFEASANCE IN RAILROAD HIRING PRACTICES: Applicant is willing to do absolutely anything to become a train conductor. (Clooney, McKinney, Nealon)

THE MACK REARDON STORY: Cross-dressing and an album cover typo lead to the demise of a country singer's career. (Clooney, Elliott, McKean, McKinney (1 and VO), Meadows, Nealon)

"ODE TO MY FAMILY": (Cranberries)

ZAGAT'S: Beverly Gelfand infuriates her husband, Hank Gelfand, by reading from the Zagat's restaurant guide out loud. (Farley, McKean (VO), Sandler)

EMORY: Mayor of a small Illinois town wants abortion protesters to seek refuge there. (McKean)

SNOWBIRD: Karaoke singer is devastated when his favorite song his chosen before he can sing it. (Bruce McCulloch)