Saturday Night Live

Season 20 Episode 9

George Foreman/Hole

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 17, 1994 on NBC

Episode Recap

GIFTS FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS: Bill and Hillary Clinton introduce several presents intended for the middle class part of the country as shots are fired outside the White House. (Garofalo, McKean, Myers)
MONOLOGUE: George Foreman talks about his heavyweight championship win and how the cast is made of sissies. (Foreman)
TIME BOXER: George Foreman travels through time and is challenged by Adolf Hitler to a boxing match. (Foreman, Michael Buffer, Elliott, Farley, McKean, Myers, Nealon, Spade)
LOOKING GOOD: George Foreman's new method of looking good is made effective by beating people up. (Foreman, Elliott, Farley, Garofalo, Sandler)
"DOLL PARTS": (Hole)
WEEKEND UPDATE: Martha Stewart's whitebread life stories don't add up with her New Jersey upbringing; Two Guys From a Religious Cult and their leader preach their kooky diatribe and review a local restaurant. (Farley, Garofalo, MacDonald, Sandler, Spade)
FOLEY TRAINS FOREMAN: Matt Foley trains George Foreman by having him do his chores for dexterity. (Foreman, Farley, Meadows)
UNCLE JOE: Unrelenting wedding singer harasses shy uncle into singing. (Foreman, Cleghorne, Garofalo, Meadows, Nealon, Sandler, Cheryl Hardwick)
THE INCREDIBLE HULK: After several running gags, The Incredible Hulk calls upon the writers as to the quality of the sketch. (Foreman, Elliott, Meadows, Wally Feresten, Norm Hiscock, Fred Wolf)
"VIOLET": (Hole)
CHRIS' BEDTIME STORY: Chris Elliott says he cannot go to sleep until someone, George Foreman, reads to him. (Foreman, Elliott, Farley, Lorne Michaels)
STALKING: Victim has pleasant conversation with her stalker in an antique shop. (Garofalo, Bruce McCulloch)
JACKIE STALLONE'S PSYCHIC CIRCLE: Jackie Stallone can tell if you will become famous like Sylvester Stallone or hit rock bottom like Frank Stallone. (Garofalo, McKean (VO), Sandler, Spade)
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