Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 4

Gerard Butler/Shakira

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 17, 2009 on NBC
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Live from New York, it's... Dwayne Johnson!

Sketches include "The Return of 'The Rock' Obama," "Fuquay Satin's Grand Hoochie Skank Rose," "Game Time with Randy and Greg," "Beauty and the Beast," "300," "What's Up With That?," "Trina at the Ad Agency," and "Daveheart."

Shakira performed "She Wolf" and "Did It Again."moreless
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  • Just Like alot of SNL Episodes with a 1st time host, Good not Great.

    The Gerard Butler Episode was OK however it contained alot of Predictable or Bad Overused Sketches. The Rock Obama and Game Time were both on The Dwayne Johnson Episode about 7 months ago. The 300 Parody with all of the fighters being gay was not only Obvious but was also unfunny. They did the 1st Installment of What Up With That and hasn't gotten much better since. They did another 2 Gay Guys from New Jersey which nobody outside of New York cares about or Thinks is Funny. As if the show wasn't bad enough, they did a Truna Sketch again and Parodied the Movie "Braveheart" which is over 10 years old and wasn't really funny.moreless
  • The best of the season thus far, but that really isn't saying much.

    Cold Open The Rock Obama - It was funny the first time, but outside of Biden's self flagellation, this added nothing new to the character. Grade: C-

    Monologue - Singing monologues are usually the worst. This one was slightly rescued by the appearance of the cast members as warriors trying to kill our host. He ably deflects each challenge and continues with his sorry rendition of "The Music of the Night" from Phantom. A kill or at least a debilitating wound would have been greatly appreciated. Grade: C

    Fuquay Satin's Grand Hoochie Skank Rose - Kenan typically plays a pimp/player, thug, or a woman. He's in the full-on player mode here with a modestly funny commercial for a$$ champagne. Grade: C

    Game Time with Randy and Greg - Recurring sketches only work when they evolve over time. This is almost the exact same sketch as before with the addition of the tail. De-evolution? Grade: B-

    Beauty and the Beast - Nice to see an original sketch. Once the a$$ joke was revealed, the sketch was pretty much over. More and more a$$ jokes. Kind of amusing, but also wears out of steam quickly. Everybody did a good job and the costumes were nice, but the writing fizzled. This is the second sketch to feature a$$ jokes. Looks like we have a theme. Grade: B-

    Weekend Update - An enjoyable WU and one of the highlights of the night. Unlike some WUs, this one avoided the frequent leaden jokes and interminably bad guests. The cameo by the balloon was a nice touch. Bill and Fred reprise their gay guys from NJ with some suggestive and woefully inappropriate jokes. Ha! Wiig's character, Tamara, who suffers from spontaneous orgasms kept the craziness going. Grade: A-

    300 - Political commentary disguised as silly gay humor. The "Don't ask, don't tell" policy is getting some attention again and this sketch astutely pointed out that sexual preference is irrelevant when that soldier is willing to die to protect you and me. The only problem is that 40% of Sparta is still uncomfortable with the idea. Good job of pointing out the tragic irony of narrow-minded citizens wishing to restrict the freedoms of those who make THEIR free lifestyle possible. Loved the costumes and the acting too. Grade: A (P.S. - Another theme emerges: gay with this episode turning out to be the gayest since Paul Rudd). What's Up With That? - Very reminiscent of the High IQ sketch from last season's Tracy Morgan episode. This sketch was nothing more than an excuse to give Kenan (in player mode) a chance to sing and the cast a chance to bust out some dance moves. Sudeikis had some nice moves, but not enough to carry this sketch. Grade: C- (P.S. - This sketch carried on the a$$ theme with Butler's remark to Abby).

    Trina at the Ad Agency - The horrible character from last season's Steve Martin episode makes an unwelcome reappearance. Not much to say about it, other than, like Gilly, this sketch/character relies on annoying repetition to generate laughs. Unfortunately, this doesn't work well in either sketch. One for the trash bins. Grade: F

    Daveheart - Another episodic theme emerges: Butler as the leader of an army. Unlike the 300 sketch, this one had nothing relevant or even particularly funny to say. A weak parody of Braveheart thrown together only because Butler is Scottish. Unlike his brother William, Dave is a complete coward who recoils at the mere sight of a goat. OK sketch for the time slot. The best line was the last when the announcer said in a hesitating and questioning manner: "Buy it now?" Grade: Cmoreless
  • Unlike 300, Gerard Butler does not die out there.

    Very enjoyable installment of SNL. I apologize for not being able to write up a scene by scene analysis, but time is not on my side.

    Gerard Butler was funny as himself, and when he played the straight man and as the clown. He succeeded in just about every sketch out there, as opposed to Megan Fox or Drew Barrymore.

    Kenan Thompson got a lot of time tonight and was funny, and Bill Hader continues to be great. He just might be the best cast member on the show right now, something I did not expect to say a year ago.moreless
  • Actually pretty good. Lots of Kenan and Bill in this one. Gerard does well as host.

    Just a quickie. Long-time fan, first time reviewer. But I just had to comment, because I really thought it was actually a pretty good episode yesterday. Strong Weekend Update!

    The Rock Obama: almost an exact copy of the last segment, but it was still pretty good. I actually thought this was a repeat at first, but then I got the hint that it was a new segment. Doesn't look like it was performed live (looks like it was taped in advance) which I didn't like, so wondering why they used this first. C+

    Monologue: Actually pretty good! Nice duet with Kristin. A-

    Game Time with Randy and Greg: Felt a bit short? And although it was okay, I didn't find it that funny. B-

    Beauty and the Beast: Definitely funniest sketch of the night. A+

    Musical Performance: Shakira - "She Wolf". Weekend Update: Totally agree with the previous post: "The jokes were much revived tonight compared to last week's bland Update. The Gay Guys weren't that funny, like usual. Gerard's translation was pretty funny, and Kristen's commentary killed. That was probably one of the funniest moments of the night." Totally loved THE BALLOON bit. Actually going to give it an A overall.

    300 Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Okay overall, not bad. B-

    What Up With That: Pretty good. Liked how Kenan kept breaking into song. Certainly pretty original. White Pete was funny (Gerard). And then Kristin also came in. I'd give it a B- Cottage Cheese: Slightly annoying. It was okay, but wow. Another one of those interrupting people sketches. C+

    Musical Performance: Shakira - "Did It Again"

    Daveheart: Again, wasn't that bad, but only somewhat amusing. B- Overall, the episode was pretty good. I mean definitely not perfect, but it was actually pretty funny. I found myself laughing a bit more than usual. Gerard has impeccable timing and really put in a lot of time/work to host this episode. I thought he was a really great host because of the way he played all his parts and how he brought a lot of enthusiasm. I guess Andy Sandberg is away? I missed not seeing another "Digital Short". Can't wait for Taylor Swift and the comedy that must ensue!moreless
  • Thank you for coming.

    Week 4 out of 4. The past two 4th consecutive episodes (Hill/Carey & Hathaway/Killers) both showed no sign of cast fatigue, so I'm wondering if we'll be alright tonight.

    Our host tonight is Gerard Butler, who is one of the first Scotsman to host, and our musical guest is Shakira.

    The Rock Obama: I kind of saw this coming, right when Fred was getting angry, but I was kind of hoping that it wouldn't be what it was. Dwayne Johnson is awesome, but I knew that this sketch would be a carbon copy, and in many ways, it was. Jenny looked almost exactly like Olympia Snowe by the way, and there was some creative new stuff, but it was mostly a copy.

    Monologue: Gerard demonstrates trying to be mellow and dramatic, but gets ruined by action cliches. This was actually really funny, but it was puzzling to me why they applauded for Kristen.

    Game Time with Randy and Greg: I find this interesting on how they used The Rock's sketch when the Rock was here, yet they didn't use him in the sketch. But, they probably didn't want to take the thunder away from Gerard. This was okay, but it was still another carbon copy, except for the end, which I laughed at.

    Beauty and the Beast: This was probably the funniest sketch of the night. Gerard's performance in this was great.

    Musical Performance: Shakira peforms "She Wolf" which was actually a good performance, with a little sexual spice, eh?

    Weekend Update: The jokes were much revived tonight compared to last week's bland Update. The Gay Guys weren't that funny, like usual. Gerard's translation was pretty funny, and Kristen's commentary killed. That was probably one of the funniest moments of the night.

    300 Don't Ask, Don't Tell: This was a pretty funny sketch, and Bobby made me laugh with him unexpectantly coming out at the end.

    What Up With That: This sketch was so simple, and so silly, that it was really enjoyable, and I don't say that about many Kenan sketches. The choke up with "biologist" was really funny.

    Cottage Cheese: Oh my god, this character again. It made me chuckle here and there, but yeah, it was annoying.

    Musical Performance: Shakira performs "Did It Again" which was an interestingly good performance.

    Daveheart: This was a decent enough sketch, but definitely a 12:55 sketch.

    Tonight's show as an improvement from last week's very average show, and Gerard was a really great host, who demonstrated a lot of versatility. Shakira was an adequate musical guest, but I'm not that into her music.

    Well, the cast can finally take a break. They deserve it. This past month of broadcasts were interesting, and the cast held up pretty well. They hit some inconsistencies on the way, but overall, this was a pretty decent run of episodes.

    In 3 weeks: Taylor Swift hosts and performs.

    Next week: A broadcast of the Megan Fox episode... yawn... and in two weeks: A broadcast of the Ryan Reynolds episode. I may rewatch it.moreless

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    • Seth Meyers: A disabled man in Georgia who had his wallet stolen at gunpoint says that all he wants back is his lucky penny that was in the wallet. I don't know if it was that lucky, man who was robbed at gunpoint.

    • Seth Meyers: Olympia Snowe's vote was hailed as a victory for bipartisanship. So now you only need one Republican to be bipartisan? Those are pretty low standards. That's like saying you're bi-lingual if you say "hola" to the nanny.

    • Seth Meyers: It was revealed this week that the cast of the upcoming Celebrity Apprentice will include Sharon Osbourne, Sinbad and Rod Blagojevich. I think we've finally reached the point in our society where "celebrity" just means "mammal."

    • Seth Meyers: A company that designs fonts is suing NBC for two million dollars for trademark infringement for using their fonts during a recent ad campaign. Joke's on them- we don't have two million dollars!

  • NOTES (4)

    • International airdates:
      -Latin America: June 5, 2010 on Sony Entertainment Television (a.k.a. Canal Sony).

    • In dress rehearsal, Will Forte appeared in place of James Franco in the "What's Up With That" sketch. The sketch that James Franco starred in was cut so they put him in the aforementioned sketch in the live show.

    • Sketches cut after dress rehearsal: in a Digital Short, a girl (Kristin Wiig) is awed by New York at first, then becomes upset with what she sees and becomes homesick; a funeral home spokesman (Bobby Moynihan) profiles headstones for a sickly woman (Jenny Slate); Gerard Butler is visited by his sister Claire (Fred Armisen); Jeff Montgomery (Will Forte) creeps out a man (Jason Sudeikis) and his son (James Franco), while trick-or-treating two weeks early; and on Weekend Update, a woman (Jenny Slate) rambles incessantly, and Jason Sudiekis gives a commentary.

    • Andy Samberg did not appear in this broadcast.


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