Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 4

Gerard Butler/Shakira

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 17, 2009 on NBC

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  • Thank you for coming.

    Week 4 out of 4. The past two 4th consecutive episodes (Hill/Carey & Hathaway/Killers) both showed no sign of cast fatigue, so I'm wondering if we'll be alright tonight.

    Our host tonight is Gerard Butler, who is one of the first Scotsman to host, and our musical guest is Shakira.

    The Rock Obama: I kind of saw this coming, right when Fred was getting angry, but I was kind of hoping that it wouldn't be what it was. Dwayne Johnson is awesome, but I knew that this sketch would be a carbon copy, and in many ways, it was. Jenny looked almost exactly like Olympia Snowe by the way, and there was some creative new stuff, but it was mostly a copy.

    Monologue: Gerard demonstrates trying to be mellow and dramatic, but gets ruined by action cliches. This was actually really funny, but it was puzzling to me why they applauded for Kristen.

    Game Time with Randy and Greg: I find this interesting on how they used The Rock's sketch when the Rock was here, yet they didn't use him in the sketch. But, they probably didn't want to take the thunder away from Gerard. This was okay, but it was still another carbon copy, except for the end, which I laughed at.

    Beauty and the Beast: This was probably the funniest sketch of the night. Gerard's performance in this was great.

    Musical Performance: Shakira peforms "She Wolf" which was actually a good performance, with a little sexual spice, eh?

    Weekend Update: The jokes were much revived tonight compared to last week's bland Update. The Gay Guys weren't that funny, like usual. Gerard's translation was pretty funny, and Kristen's commentary killed. That was probably one of the funniest moments of the night.

    300 Don't Ask, Don't Tell: This was a pretty funny sketch, and Bobby made me laugh with him unexpectantly coming out at the end.

    What Up With That: This sketch was so simple, and so silly, that it was really enjoyable, and I don't say that about many Kenan sketches. The choke up with "biologist" was really funny.

    Cottage Cheese: Oh my god, this character again. It made me chuckle here and there, but yeah, it was annoying.

    Musical Performance: Shakira performs "Did It Again" which was an interestingly good performance.

    Daveheart: This was a decent enough sketch, but definitely a 12:55 sketch.

    Tonight's show as an improvement from last week's very average show, and Gerard was a really great host, who demonstrated a lot of versatility. Shakira was an adequate musical guest, but I'm not that into her music.

    Well, the cast can finally take a break. They deserve it. This past month of broadcasts were interesting, and the cast held up pretty well. They hit some inconsistencies on the way, but overall, this was a pretty decent run of episodes.

    In 3 weeks: Taylor Swift hosts and performs.

    Next week: A broadcast of the Megan Fox episode... yawn... and in two weeks: A broadcast of the Ryan Reynolds episode. I may rewatch it.
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