Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 4

Gerard Butler/Shakira

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 17, 2009 on NBC

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  • Actually pretty good. Lots of Kenan and Bill in this one. Gerard does well as host.

    Just a quickie. Long-time fan, first time reviewer. But I just had to comment, because I really thought it was actually a pretty good episode yesterday. Strong Weekend Update!

    The Rock Obama: almost an exact copy of the last segment, but it was still pretty good. I actually thought this was a repeat at first, but then I got the hint that it was a new segment. Doesn't look like it was performed live (looks like it was taped in advance) which I didn't like, so wondering why they used this first. C+

    Monologue: Actually pretty good! Nice duet with Kristin. A-

    Game Time with Randy and Greg: Felt a bit short? And although it was okay, I didn't find it that funny. B-

    Beauty and the Beast: Definitely funniest sketch of the night. A+

    Musical Performance: Shakira - "She Wolf". Weekend Update: Totally agree with the previous post: "The jokes were much revived tonight compared to last week's bland Update. The Gay Guys weren't that funny, like usual. Gerard's translation was pretty funny, and Kristen's commentary killed. That was probably one of the funniest moments of the night." Totally loved THE BALLOON bit. Actually going to give it an A overall.

    300 Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Okay overall, not bad. B-

    What Up With That: Pretty good. Liked how Kenan kept breaking into song. Certainly pretty original. White Pete was funny (Gerard). And then Kristin also came in. I'd give it a B- Cottage Cheese: Slightly annoying. It was okay, but wow. Another one of those interrupting people sketches. C+

    Musical Performance: Shakira - "Did It Again"

    Daveheart: Again, wasn't that bad, but only somewhat amusing. B- Overall, the episode was pretty good. I mean definitely not perfect, but it was actually pretty funny. I found myself laughing a bit more than usual. Gerard has impeccable timing and really put in a lot of time/work to host this episode. I thought he was a really great host because of the way he played all his parts and how he brought a lot of enthusiasm. I guess Andy Sandberg is away? I missed not seeing another "Digital Short". Can't wait for Taylor Swift and the comedy that must ensue!
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